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I tried.
Trust me, darling, I really did.
You were the 'whole package', as some people would say.
But the only thing missing was the most important one.
I didn't really love you.
You were perfect.
But all your perfection could never fit perfectly with my rough edges.
But darling, even if we matched, and every part of our personality meshed well with each other,
I always won the 'I love you more' game because you let me win
But we both know the painful truth
I don't love you.
Not the way you love me.
And I never will—
I'm sorry.
It may not hurt me as much as it hurts you, but hell, it hurts.
The ocean is inside of me
It is turbulent and merciless
I will drown in these waters
I will choke on my own blood
 Jan 2016 Harley Quinzel
Females and males are one in the world,
although that is not the belief that has been furled.
We are told that one gender is better than the other,
it seems it's just one stereotype; one after another.

Equality can become realised if only we believe
and take the initiative to take action and achieve.
Why shouldn't men and women be treated the same?
To have equal rights and equal pay, that should really be our aim.

Men, gender inequality is your issue too,
although you may not agree, I'm afraid it is true.
You should have the right to express your emotions and be what you please,
You should not be pulled back by stigma, but instead be who you are at ease.

Instead of fighting, we should be pulling together,
and make this journey a joint endeavor.
We are of equal value if only we open our eyes,
at the heart of change is where we become most wise.

Now or never? If not us then who?
the interest in this movement must come through.
Equality is not a privilege but a human right,
all genders on the spectrum should be able to shine bright.
 Jan 2016 Harley Quinzel
And would it be so hard to sit and boil in the truth -
To let the regret stir in the tea leaves,
To let the colors spill and rise into the eaves?

Could I let my words be candid -
Or will I be swallowed in the sky and rain
Before my petals bow to the floor in defeat?
January, 2016

— The End —