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I can barely watch you stand so close to me with that smile slowly sneaking away from your closed lips or your eyes taking a trip down my body,
I began to hyperventilate with you so close to my lips that the air leaving my lungs slowly enters yours,
I basically faint in front of you as I feel your heart speeding, and speeding past its limits as I kiss your lips and begin to give in to your every thought,
I have to grab your arms to keep myself from falling deeper in love with you as my body trembles under your touch,
But now I shiver at the coldness of your body not laying next to mine,
I'm blacking out at the loneliness of my bed and arms,
I can barely open my eyes without your eyes watching me,
I'm in need of an oxygen tank to restore my lungs because I have no clean air without you near.
I miss you Nate.
I looked into your soul and pulled out all the darkness I could find
You murmured that I was the only light you ever felt
We were hopeless, always being left like rocks on an old gravel road
tossed around and not thought about even once
but you weren't just a rock to me
your eyes were emeralds lost in the abyss of abandoned lovers and strong perfume
but I grabbed hold of your caverns and pulled them from your chest
creating a light that not even all of  Jupiter's moons could fathom
now you are your own world and I'm living in it,
Humans too often worry about the future than to focus on the now
If you worry about the emptiness in the future
rather than
the happiness in the present
you will never truly see what you have and you'll wish that you did
and that will be what creates the emptiness
be happy
because you are way too beautiful for sorrow faces, lovely.
Whether this is a poem or not, you needed to hear it
He had the sun in his eyes and the grass bending beneath every beautiful pound he had. The sunlight danced acrossed his skin and reflected into her eyes. From teaching her how to play bad-mitten and falling on the ground laughing and telling her how beautiful she was, he had no idea how much he meant to her. He pulled her on his lap and whispered "You are so beautiful" He would tuck her hair behind  her ears to see how her eyes changed when he looked into her soul and pulled out the girl only one other knew.
**They were falling in love
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