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dating a writer
is like guessing the weather.
you think you know what you'll get,
but you never do.

you never know

she'll create a hero
from your weaknesses

and she'll write a great character,
from every last flaw.

she'll create a thousand plots  
from your worst nightmares.

she'll take every last thing you hate
and create something you'll love.

she'll turn your anger
into confessions of adoration,

and she'll make you,
everything you're not.

but worst of all,
she'll leave you wondering-
is it you she's in love with,
or things she's created from you?

but here's the beauty of it:

if you date a writer,
you'll never die.
Screams echo through the forest in my mind
Laughter can be heard for miles above the trees
Love blooms all the flowers beneath all the shadows casted by the branches of overseen lies.
Waterfalls of emotion turn into streams of anger that flow through the mountains like the blood flows through my veins.
The lake gives everything the forest needs for survival, continuously pumping and providing the land with all the necessary motivation.
The mountain tops are cold and blue
Seeing over everything.
Observing joyfully.
The wind is my life.
Breezing by never stopping time.
night is my death
when all is put to rest
sleeping for eternity

— The End —