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Hal Loyd Denton Apr 2014
I dreamed of an unequal avenue it was splendor manifested before only winged creatures
Enjoyed this freedom tree lined lanes have and always afford peace through the wonder of
Shade and shadow a pleasant flow that is all absorbing the stillness gently pulls reflective
Moods from the soul but this was of the soaring kind it held all the aforementioned affects but
With the privileged thrill of being eighty feet high every attending thought that concerns trees
Was in play but here was profound solitude private stimulation and it stretched as far as the
Eye could see the tree tops bowed toward one another making a ceiling like no other it drew
The power of earth and heaven giving harmony taste and class burgeoning on the spiritual I
Even perceived it as a cathedral that only nature could create the line of trees were its walls
Twenty five feet from this roofed expanse was the floor each tree on both sides reached across
Such a sight of generosity and unity immovable and powerful your feet truly floated down this
Isle of admiration your thoughts wistful colossal every tree continued to give its raw power on
The ground you gave over to the thought and order of being small here you were elevated
Mentally you were this wonder this master a heady being all the confusion that once plagued is
Gone now replaced by a formable grasp your breath draws in and it is as all this oxygen is
Converted to enriched blood that explodes in the mind you instantly distil long troubling facts
Into reasonable conclusions a sweep of inspiration is used to attain the fundamental steps to
Gain new stature made possible when pretense dissolves in these skyward realms and
Imperceptibly almost the mist rises with mystery at its center at the edges it favors the spirit
Collectively it announces a new era dearest Jenn this is your new reality you are standing on the
Threshold contempt and pain behind and before you your soul feels this immense feeling of
Well being the mind bends and stretches to keep in step the very air you breathe is intoxicating
It’s not just traces of love that before was so scares it only made the heart bleed and yearn for
More now a flood carries you forth exhilarating is an understatement all desires of your heart
Are completely satisfied your spirit hangs down weighted by such fullness you have come to the
Fountain empty you leave care free with an abiding joy unforgettable this is just a small degree
Of how it feels to meet Christ just think what lies ahead bless you I’m going to share this that
others can share what’s happening to you
Hal Loyd Denton Jan 2014
We came from the forever sea then we walk the land and after certain days we are again called
To The sea as the natural sea it is vast its waves its ceiling dazzle the eternal structure pulsates
Mesopotamia encompasses the land between the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers that again
Depicts life it rests between all powerful rivers these natural rivers have their head waters in
The mountains of Armenia in modern day Turkey our head waters are in the ancient spiritual
Dwelling of all power and glory we don’t live in yesterday or tomorrow we live in the moment
These special moments when we embrace touch cheek to cheek this releases waves of love and
Emotions I live then as no other time the faraway doe’s crash on our minds as great water from
A powerful waterfall we feel delirium our knees weaken we press hard against one another
Forcing more exhilaration we draw back and look into one another’s eyes we are subdued by
The beauty we behold with abandonment we plunge into these deep waters created by the
Special and completeness of one another it contains a slow swaying an engaging wonder
Develops its boundaries are from your head to your feet I touch your hair it is finer than silk my
Fingers tremble my voice is filled with exaltation golden words flow paying you homage they
Course through a heart filled with love at that moment I am capable of feats of expression
Drawn from my lips by the truth you seek silently I am attuned to the depths of your soul
Without voice you make demands that I know only in dreams and the essence of cherished
Thoughts explode over head true riches that can’t be exploited hear my cry hear my sigh it all
Bleeds together I stand before you I put my hands to my face I speak and **** frost appears I
Kneel I ring your feet with it as a garland where your heart goes my whole being follows
Yearning to be close what is life without you in my eyes you are dressed with crest and plume
Of sea birds exotic the beauty of sun and water hold you transform you into a vision that is
Mine alone your soul is as chimes that bear the sounds of angel wings all the glory that they
Brush against music divine holy utterance makes my mind go blank you stand silent not
Disturbing this awe filled space it all leads to a kiss it’s not just the pressing of two lips its hopes
Robed in bliss you have a treasure the last steps is only to surrender let go of all fixed points
Immerse your all to one another in this act you have mastered life and all questions I thank you
And I am beholden to you with my whole heart if I see the day that your life is at its end and it is
Poured out back into the overriding sea my heart will always wonder the sea shore its
Completeness disallows total destruction I cling to those moments and they will rise like
Peaceful waters that rush into my soul they will have such realness of you I will for brief
Moments know unbroken joy you continue to hold my heart in your hands without end
Hal Loyd Denton Jan 2014
What I seek here is as a writer astutely commented “it was the pure breath of God playing on
Human heart strings” where better to start than an instrument that is played in such fashion
Solely by the wind its name is from ****** the Greek god of the wind my changeup calls for the
Wind of the one true God my line in lost friend not a person but a great black oak that grew on
A California ranch for over a hundred years in a storm it was destroyed the lines read this way
Two divergent seeds the ground did divide one of wooden grain the other flesh and blood
Their branches throughout the community do abide as charming as church bells ringing touching all the
Flesh and blood pertains to the ranch family that was so honored by this majestic guest all those years
That’s what I am speaking of bells are associated with the Aeolian harp because their sound is carried on
The wind crisp and clean without contamination this is written that we might prepare ourselves and
Have the pure spirit blow across our souls and from it have a better year ultimately a better life first in
These examples we will move closer to the Aeolian harp you will see this isn’t just living but its
Excelling in the richest spheres our lives can and must strive for this magnificence we are not
Just here just to expend time and enjoy ourselves we are to be in pursuit of a great and eternal
Reward there are many stratus of life others are in earthy terms more advanced that is only on
Social levels in the spirit we truly are equal each according to their gifts will answer on a same
Plane fair and honest judgment so that alone should birth passion in each one I want to be the
Best I can be not to out show another but to present our selves honorably and show we put in
The same effort as others first know all are not chosen to have such dramatic tunes of the harp
To drift across life’s varied landscape ours still will be unique and the highest tunes possible and
Will resound with glory we ourselves to a degree will be pleasantly surprised truly so it will be
Determined on the closeness we have with His Holy spirit when I first heard the harp was in
Hannibal Missouri I was in this rich place of American story telling the boy hood home of
Samuel Clemens better known as Mark Twain I was on the river frontage road the great
Mississippi was to my right but I wasn’t thinking of Tom Sawyer my thoughts weighed heavy on
My mind I was far away up by Chicago at a church where brother and Sister Willis was pastor
Then back in the present here in Hannibal this was their home town a beautiful blonde eight
Year old was their pride and joy life was full she had a older brother who was ten it was a
Musical joyous life and then dark ominous clouds rolled in one so filled with life small and
Gentle it was one of the cruelest and terrifying cancers sorry even her death was terrifying in
The midst of tears and anguish they prompted the Aeolian harp to play they brought her home
To this historical place that became so much more rich and sacred when they lay her in the
Cemetery it came as a rush it over powered my emotions in my mind I saw her waiting for that
Great call the dead in Christ will rise first and meet him in the clouds of glory then those still are
Living will be caught away with him this young heartbroken father and mother with
Out hesitation or actuation by faith and trust they continued and shortly thereafter they started
And completed a larger church the richness of the harp reached across the lost community
Families in peril confused and lost had their ears and hearts opened by the lives of these
Faithful Parents it’s not just about making heaven but look around you at the great and terrible
Day of Judgment the great white throne and He who sets there once the savoir now the judge
Of the world you have others standing there with you as you look at them you can’t help to
Look Beyond His great light and see out in the darkness the deadly silent crying trembling lost
That no one reached or worse they wouldn’t listen the next story of the harp is about Frank
Bartleman the great man God used to bring modern Pentecost to America through the gate of
Azusa St Los Angels he arrived in Los Angeles with his wife and two young daughters December
22 January his oldest daughter three year old Easter was seized with convulsions and passed
Away he echoed the word from Ester little Queen Ester seemed to have been born for a time such
As this Esther 4:14 “Beside that little coffin with heart bleeding I pledged my life anew for God’s
Work In the presence of death how real eternal issues become of all the music LA has produced
None comes close to the sounds made by the Aeolian harp that day all the days since and all
The Souls whose shouts resounded then and now what joy bells are ringing throughout the
Years you read this the harp cuts thorough every excuse every denial we make when His love is
Calling over pastoral fields over head white clouds azure blue sky a single white dove the son of
Man personally calls to you I love you you’re missing so much following the false and deadly
Trends of this world come let me pull you close your land a waste land of just material things in
My presence unquestioned exception hurts carried for years will be healed only as a father can
Do your guilt will be forever cast away moral purity that your soul cries for will be heaped in
Your life no longer dark shadows that haunt but real true life that satisfies to the uttermost it
Will heal bring new understanding addictions are flimsy bindings that hold only because you
Seek all things that are rooted in disfavor my favor knows no bounds and you will be free I will
Breathe my spirit and you will know the Aeolian harp tunes and breathtaking wonder will swirl
Through your mind heart and spirit Heaven will displace the black strangle hold of this world
Centered anew the rays of the cross and my love breaks every yoke true freedom is yours for
time and eternity
Hal Loyd Denton Jan 2014
From the movement of bright water dancing what surprise pleasure there is flood and white
Water rafting gentle falling rain or the more memorizing gray mist by its draping cloak normal
Surroundings become mystical but for timeless enhancement to appear in water and light and
The smallest movement to the soul it is an entry way into beauty comfort and the perfect
Amount of dazzle a mere kiss from nature that embodies sanctuary a certain amount of
Disbelief but it is the boldest statement from awareness you can shift your body and soul along
This gilded avenue we didn’t even mention ice and its hold on the imagination it stands to
Reason when the earth is covered by three quarters of its surface by water then the two
Extremes that is evident in tears that can be sorrow or joy the practical reality is that even tears
Of sorrow are curative in their nature they are the only thing that is strong enough to engage
Pain and loneliness they give it crystal clearness a lucid endowment you are given the freedom
To seek and find the answer that will turn back even a tidal wave of grief if windows can be
Rendered magical by the presence of rain upon their surface much glory will be found when
You look out at the world with your eyes filled with tears the spirit has raised from great depths
Now it is free flowing suspended behind these eyes of blessedness the greatest earthly power
Exist the human mind distillation ability to capture wonder be amazed at the sight of a butterfly
Especially when it is only the briefest spectacle that follows on to give portent and complete
Knowledge of spring itself streams waterfalls a panorama that glistens that bulges and thrills
With all matter of life blossoms flowers that are never more intriguing when they have the cast
Of moisture on them fragrance is wafting in all directions of the earth’s domain the sight and
Sounds of a new born calf its fragile state it bawls for mother and the life she provides you are
The sum total of all this were you not created as the top masterpiece with a word or a smile
And Just the tilt of your head you are splashing generating emotional waves that all humans
Crave By sunlight and moonlight you are the power that banishes heartfelt hurts when you look
In the Mirror you’re the essence of true life a new field that is budding the crowning
Achievement of a Holy contract that is established in the earth for this reason happiness is
Yours to express and invest in each life you can give at this level and not be greatly rewarded
You were not made a slave but as a fount and a treasure of purist water too continuously
Provide climate control through you life will never be a desert but a garden for all to flourish
and reach their potential
Hal Loyd Denton Dec 2013
Preponderance gifts so weighty costly in this regard the truly hard part to step forth and be
Truly you because others are so important you give beyond price achingly so their glory is
Bestowing in them the undertow real life crushing all pretense gone triviality what airiness
Weightless worthless what times when compassion diligence of thought buys unheard of
Pasture lands fields black soil you stir up the deepest regard you exhaustively search your soul
And find seeds that are worthy for the planting it will flourish golden grain that is beholding
They will lift their eyes see the swaying harvest an all knowing concentration will grip them I
Have left the common the austere will cause a shaking a piercing knowing this is an open heart
Speaking giving how we yearn for such times here is the opportunity to sink our most tender
Thoughts deep the entanglements every twisted destruction that puts on the show and claims
Such rewards that only prove to be more disappointments bow you bow inwardly hard clay like
Soil is passed and all the choking devices are over powered you feel a new surging it explodes in
All directions falsehood in all of it disguises wither under this purity of emotion commitment I
Detest the former existence I called living from now on my words my life will touch you reach
You at the hurting points you will receive health beyond what a physician can give I will speak
With fire yes divine that is never at a loss it knows everything it evokes joy peace and triumphs
In the hardest places of the heart your tears that in some cases are a history of years of sorrow
These seeds that are going to be sowed eradicate they are pure and healthy to the point they
**** the poison seeds planted by enemies whole time periods of your life will be renewed some
Will for the first time in many years see how beautiful the sun really is darkness and gloom will
Be driven from your life you fought valiantly but it was only in your power you didn’t die but
You have only survived as a wounded tormented one a golden life will replace the tarnished
One we all have even brought accusations against ourselves creating more feebleness we have
Lived in the most apprehensible circumstances there is no escape from this prison when you by
Loyalty to falsehood think you are doing right but every decision cast you deeper into the pit
The Key I found that is the seed I speak of that provides and gives all freedom is profound but
Simple as blind but now I see an antidote talk of sometime by many and by others ignored
Almost completely but open all you are to the greatest power we can and are at different
Degrees snarled over time one trouble sets it in motion wrong reaction kills our defense in this
World that is most dangerous and deadly everything about this season distils down to this fact
Every malady every life ending hope can and will be restored in this gracious copious fact He is
The embodiment of all virtue I don’t have to live a life of disappointment and failure never
Reaching the hurting the potential for glories’ living is yours and mine it all rest in just this act
You must decide I could say don’t be deceived by all the lies and misconceptions I have to give
Up all the things I love this is not true this word of truth will set you free the things I once loved
I now hate the things of God I hated now I love this is the real truth and value of Christmas
While hear enable yourself to bless and truly love others here lately I have struggled with so
Many public and private people dying I wanted an answer I wanted to see the real continuance
Of those that I love I found it this piece gives revelatory exact true expression look around we
Need a provision an escape from what’s coming I will not look at you in judgment with tears
And say you just weren’t worth it your worth everything you don’t need to know but I know I
Will continue in the fire of affliction and I will through him reach more as the word says pluck
Them from the very burning
Hal Loyd Denton Dec 2013
I was a stranger but he began to speak as we set in a shop it was with sorrowed heart he spoke
His daughter Ashley had returned from Albuquerque earlier in the year she had been there
After her father and mother divorced years before she chose to reconnect with her father it
Hadn’t taken a long time but a special someone entered her life a marriage date was set he
Asked her how did that move back here work out this was after the marriage took place in the
Beginning of May she told him I’m living the dream I always envisioned this was middle may at
The end of May he softly said we had her funeral in the same church she was married in blood
Clots moved to her lungs and suffocated her his beautiful Ashley was gone he continued to tell
Me that he visits her grave every weekend he installed lights that are always on dream felt foot
Falls evenly draw near the dark knight of death cut asunder their physical ties but her spirit is
Laden with heavenly mist she has the heavier spray of the crystal sea in her hair her face is
Grace filled she wears a bright glowing flowing gown it is hooded it has the finest texture that is
As immortal gold it embellishes her face her twenty three years are shown in startling detail
Birthdays of her family holidays every tender care that was shared is told by fetching silver
Moonlight slow motion reveals secret thoughts that were born in shadows that emerged with
Such power trees and their limbs and branches were drenched in tender reflection even the
Individual blades of grass spoke such rich history of magnificence and delight they ran up to the
Entry way of the home they shared when she skipped and ran and played when she grew tired
She would crawl up in daddy’s lap put her arms around his neck put her head against his
Shoulder and drift away listening to his assuring voice and shortly feel herself being gently laid
In her bed of dreams now the light of this world has been trimmed daddy still comes as he
Always has now more somber his voice but a whisper she too would be sad but she sees and
Hears the heavenly Fathers words and truths of a soon to be great reunion day for all who are
Separated will be united for ever in joyful peace and bliss we will be free to know each other
More than we ever could be in life she believes this passes to her father as he faithfully visits
Because she sees the beginning of a smile rise in his sad face before he leaves love never dies a
Treasure once created never diminishes only grows richer
Hal Loyd Denton Dec 2013
Engulfed encapsulated in the time and place that is extraordinary though it has its critics and
Some are true but there is no time that exists like the Christmas season in the most quiet and
Decent way it causes one to be spellbound enlightened by a peace that is all infilling its texture
Disarming with the sweetest entreaty it persists a mounting wonder of well being swirls and in
Its spell a glorious intoxication pervades every sense is engaged with grand significance your
Fellow man has become one of favorable stature with generosity each one is greeted honored
From humble mindfulness they are loved without question or without any feeling of spurious
Regard they are brothers and sisters recognized as pure defenseless humanity all in common
Pursuit of joy and safety the gifted goal all seek is tranquility in these days of honoring His birth
All these things spring into visible rich splendor they are invited called and asked to be evident
Without hesitation or reservation they become our shared reality we are drenched in love swim
In it have it in abundance all because we honor Him give ourselves to Him and others true
Utopia all that we crave and many cross and hurtful acts are from the fact we deny and reject
And push to the point in such numbers as a whole people we create a dam and we stop the
Great flood of compassion and need fulfilling answers that are sent but can’t make progress
Into an environment that is distasteful chaos brought on by unbecoming conduct we seek
Personnel pursuits that is at best abhorrent it brings nothing but waste hardness instead of soft
And gentle senses that provide a welcome that will be fed with new and gracious
Understanding it beckons instead of scoffs at divine privilege our very success that would
Continue our world throughout the year it is true there is nothing greater than love and when
Has it ever been needed more than now when our enemies are not just persons but they are
The things of horror stories and they are being guided by great evil it’s not just opposition to
Ideas it concentrated attacks by everything the very embodiment of Hell manifested it would
Be of little consequence if we called to our side our divine aid but we proceed blindly with
Arrogance alone and this assures our defeat and disaster that we willingly and carelessly bring
Upon all of our kind what would our country our world be like if we afforded God his rightful
Place in our affairs truth will set us free we are his made in His image to be not only his people
But His children the answer resides in us we could have the glory and happiness of the
Christmas season all year what exceeding joyous treasure we forfeit all because of self and
Willful pursuits that are insulting to ourselves and to our creator the biggest problem is failure is
Easy but to have a better life you have to stand up and fight for it but even harder you have to
Admit you can’t win by yourself in the beautiful act of surrender and asking for help you won’t
Recognize your life and at the deepest level you at first will wonder what is that then you will
Realize it is your own uncontrollable laughter welcome to the world as it can be and Merry
Christmas thank you Jesus for being all and all to us
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