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Hakeem Jenkins Dec 2016
To Be Honest, I'm 18 years old and I enjoy playing hide and seek, my favorite hiding place is behind the metaphors in my poetry,  it's like hiding behind a mirror, everyone enters my poetry in search for me, buy only find something they can relate to, To Be Honest, I've had this gap between my teeth ever since I had teeth, the pediatrician said one day it would close up, I'm 18 years old and it has not closed up, like the gap between my teeth, I am ashamed of the wounds in my heart, they said that those would close up too, they said it would leave a scar, but I know it hasn't closed up, it hasn't healed, because everytime I see her, everytime I talk to her, the blood rushes from those same wounds and leaves my body, my hopes and dreams burst from my chest and I feel the pain of loving her all over again, so no they don't close up, but like the gap between my teeth I ignore these wounds until they present themselves again, To Be Honest, I'm 5ft 6, 135 lbs. And I'm a sucker for a girl with blue eyes, freckles, and a nice smile,
Hakeem Jenkins Aug 2016
happiness is not a destination,
It is the journey, happiness can only be obtained by moving to pursue it and the minute you stop it will be gone,
Because it is not a place, it is not a person,
It is the simple transitions in life and and will never last therefore you keep moving,
So if you do not experience happiness just keep pressing forward because,
happiness is not a destination.
  Sep 2015 Hakeem Jenkins
I don't wish
for myself to die,
but I wish that
I was never born.
I wouldn't die
after I'm broken,
but I'd be dead
before I'm torn.

— The End —