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Jan 29
I’ve traveled
a million miles
on an open road
with memories of home
strapped to broken bones.
these dreams are heavy
against will
that’s strong as stone,
but I’ll carry these feet
across the desert ground.
With the moon above me
I’ll hear my spirit howl.
Like the wolves that run
their forest ground.
I’m meant to roam,
to let my spirit soar.
High as condors
above the mountaintops.
I know
comes at a cost,
but so does
that has to be bought.  
don’t you worry
I’ll never get lost.
I have the stars,
and a thin blue line
between the folds
of my map.
I don’t know
these strangers
or places I stop,
but my eyes are open
to the hourglass of time.
I’m not scared.
I know
where I’m going.
My destination
is everywhere.
don’t you worry
I’ll be fine.
When my cup is full,
and my heart is whole
I’ll follow the stars,
and wander back home.
I’ll be fine.
Written by
Hannah  22/F/Nomad
         ---, eF, Inkveined, ---, Halcyon and 14 others
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