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Mar 2013
I'm sitting on the floor
wondering why I'm alone
Why did you leave me
I dial on the phone
This number that was yours
All I get
Is a **** dial tone
Saying this aint your number
I can't reach you here no more
how the hell
Could I been left alone
I'm sitting in this house
Quiet as a mouse
Where in the hell you can be
If I was the only one
That you loved
Why am I
So alone in the streets
every face that passes by
I stare right in the eye
Hoping its yours I'll see
But I know in my heart
Your buried in the dark
No matter what
Your dead to me
So I'm sitting on this floor
In this house
On this street
All alone
Not one piece of you
Do I see
When you passed away
You took everything
I ever thought
Could mean something
To me

Sometime 2010
Written by
Goddess Tonya Medrano  michigan
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