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Apr 2013
Don't kiss me good bye
See how long that's gonna fly
don't miss me when I'm gone
I will linger along
in the corner of your eye
When you knew the whole time
all I wanted was love
Don't send be good wishes
you know you were what was missing
Don't miss me now that I'm gone
Don't call out to my name
that you didn't give me
Care or exclaim
Don't, don't reach for my hand
It's not like that old man
Don't miss me now that I'm gone
Cover your frown and wipe your tears
Those will get you no where here
I have no obligations to you
Just like you left me too
The same to you I do
So don't miss me now that I'm gone
Don't send me your announcement
I don't have time to care for any of your mess
Happy sad or just dense
And don't miss me while I'm gone
don't persist to press on
Its so obvious your beyond
I don't see how you could think
the little you did sink
Would make me miss you when you were gone
Don't say another word
there's not one thing I did to deserve
The treatment you dealt
No matter how you felt
don't you care miss me now that I'm gone
And don't try to tell me I'm wrong
I was there I was standing alone
It was I who had to hide
From a heavy handed life
Don't miss me
Don't kiss me
Don't miss me
Now that I've gone
Don't miss me now that I'm gone
Written by
Goddess Tonya Medrano  michigan
   Zac C, Oh Henry cried she and st64
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