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glenn martin Oct 2015
a body is full of miracles
a soul even more so
yet life to divulge the possibility
that love of the living
is to be shared with  the contemptible
this is how the living is maligned
the terrorist has the right to ****
and the religious will honor the verdict
I stride away to the top of the world
let ignorance die in mass
I view the waste land of creation
as a sewer
blocking out the memories
of the divine
humanity is lost
killed by the uneducated
as if high school had a brain
the cigarettes the alcohol the drugs
the TV  the gasoline collecting all
the pervayers of dead meat
on the table of death to the righteous...
I dream
seeing out the eyes of all Earth creatures
a long time coming
the extermination of humans
a pile of severed heads stacked to the sky
heads taller then the dead buffalo herds
taller then the Muslim pyramids
what a dream
the naturalist and the Jew
set free to rule the Earth realm
with education divine consciousness
and the will to rule ETERNITY
stop eating the Earth to extinction
become a veggie tarian
breath fresh oxygen
your gas and oil has made you insane
stop making weapons
your end is at hand farewell to the losers
humanity has one
hand   gjmars10/4/15
pay up
  Sep 2015 glenn martin
You really have to watch those liberal males,
they'll spend hours and hours with you having
deep intellectual conversations.

They'll discuss deep ideas, contemplate esoteric
theory and spiritual ideas. They'll make love
for hours and write deep and meaningful poetry
about you. Sure, they will probably wear their hair
long and most likely won't own a television.

But, they'll understand art and architecture and
literature. It's true that they probably won't give two
shakes about who won what football game, but they'll
dance with you late at night under the stars and they're
always looking for new ways to please you and usually
understand your deepest thoughts, often before you
understand them yourself.

They'll be your best friend and always treat you as
an equal, in fact, it will never even enter their mind
that you're not. They're almost always physically fit, too,
because they're usually the outdoorsy type and love to hike.
They never make fun of others, or discuss small ideas.
They enjoy discussing ways to improve the world and
the lives of others.

Sure, they won't slap you on your *** and tell you to get in
the kitchen and cook them some dinner and bring them a beer
while you're at it like those macho men on the right. Instead
they'll probably tell you to relax while they whip you up a
gourmet meal and serve it to you on the best dishes.

Yeah, you really gotta watch out for those liberal males.
I wrote this in response to a derogatory comment about liberal men.
Only the stars endome the lonely camp,
Only the desert leagues encompass it;
Waterless wastes, a wilderness of wit,
Embattled Cold, Imagination's Cramp.
Now were the Desolation fain to stamp
The congealed Spirit of man into the pit,
Save that, unquenchable because unlit,
The Love of God burns steady, like a Lamp.

It burns ! beyond the sands, beyond the stars.
It burns ! beyond the bands, beyond the bars.
And so the Expanse of Mystery, veil by veil,
Burns inward, plume on plume still folding over
The dissolved heart of the amazéd lover-
The angel wings upon the Holy Grail!
glenn martin Jul 2015
a spell changes the consciousness of being
puts a spell on you manipulated by magic
of words the syntactical nature
the world made of words
would you like to let go
a light within the whole
to direct your conscious mind
the magic a real secret
to know the words
that the World is made of
an internal spiritual essence
these words to know
your strength of power
to overcome all that has blocked you
a spell to cast is within you
the words waiting
to touch the tip of your tongue
the spell your arrangement
to pass a person or thing
that has been
holding you back
rise the words above you
and let them settle in
on a piece of paper
the name of it that must submit
begone to never hold you back
doodle an image of betrayers
do what you will with your pen
tell it formally you are above them
above the things done to you
any words to use to change them
say them now
above the paper and pen rise
whisper to it
shout if you will it
vent all the negativity
they have caused you
take the paper and burn it with fire
add more burning let the flames reach higher
now let it burn out completely
in your fire safe container
it all goes add spit ***** or water
done pour on a plant
that grows and grows
to shares the struggle with you
nurture your plant
nurture your self
you are done with the spuded
black sand and glass castles
hold storm water in your hands
to a rickitglen the woods go
we shall wander like vines
our eternal spirit the eternal land
self care spells
talking tree spirits
receive some visions to share      gjmars 7/23/15
for the love nature
stand tall
and burn
glenn martin Jul 2015
the deep space surrounds my heart
in age old Star crossed charts
my being lives a little
in the vastness of life we remember each other
the living knows this life being but a few million
who believe in the importance of living being
as I travel in space on my way with the Stars
how small are we  6 quarts of blood
I arrange life all the time I want to be sir real
whether love fashion poetry all words of the divine
I look in the mirror the vast Universe is me
my dreams of living coming from the divine
starts  when I am three
I have collected much information
all leading me to be superior
to death from life love success
I am some BODY and yet the spirit owns
co Hurst me oh melancholic syndrome
my nappie head between my ears
this vision shared in paradise
is the love of of a life time its all about me
for you in the wide expanse
our Universe giving us life
this is our eternity live long and prosper
a life a grain of sand washing on the beach
blowing in the wind
Earth bound love...
                                     gjmars 7/14/15
in the depth of care
I listen
glenn martin Jul 2015
call me a witch... I heal myself
be the person
you have the courage to be
swimming in the green blue sea
like a little fish jumping
out of the Ocean a little bell tinging
I hit the ground on my feet
the smell of oxygen holding me up
breathing full deep breaths of air
the ringing in my ear my head clear
in thoughts to mind making this world
into the sought of the living air
the souls of my feet the atomic radioactive
energy of a Star the Earths center core
thru the uniting with nature a body temple
using its physical senses touching life
a swarm of bees wings the living strong faith
defeating hypocrisy nature shines
the hungry sheep looks up a witch
I heal my self on the wind and rank
the mist a seagull inland whispers the notion
that understanding of the Universe
is a responsibility to know your truth
is this life of oceans waters lands and air
your birth your being is the future growth
of life the Universe playground to be
all you can love see mature believe life
the infinite soar soar create from the core
of Star Earth planet get the inside right
the outside allows primary reality
sew little dragon-fly over come self doubt
believe you are enough of life to soar
you live in a private sanctuary no negativity
living in a life others do not understand
our mystery world of happenstance....
                                                              gjmars  7/9/15
glenn martin Jul 2015
what is it
to be human
to uphold justice and the land
to live to be   the earth  a flower bed
as in love of chivalry
to be the positive force of nature
to live to rule within a force called humanity
where does the time go oh life so busy
so full the desire for love as living
a life performed to stand up to survival
and know the nectar the pollen given for the living
a brain the will of a sixth sense
more strength then muscle to solve
the needs the meetup round a bouts chance encounters
mates family friends acquaintances of survival
to think and perform with the blessings of humanity
a survival system to live eternity in nature
We the flowers of all Earth species blooming
living and dying as their existence ritualizes    
a mona lisa smile an *****
like a turtle to a hare   to carry on
defiantly smiling holding firm
pacifist-ism awaiting
while a snake-tongue flickering **** retentive greed
waiting on the Star sun the green new deal
lets put all people shapes sizes to work now
the order of greening the economy !!!!
gives you the right to a job at a living wage
the guarantees of society
an economy that runs on flower power
on 100% wind water and sun the sustainable
energy-efficient public utilities and transportation system
all energy runs clean and renewable
it means we feed people a sustainable organic
created food system which is local plant based food
We stop pollution by greening energy
transition to green economy enormous health care
savings switching from sick-care medicine to health care
world clean energy and real food no additives
that collects and kills you    
this the evolution      gjmars 7/7/15
please support
green earth living
chivalry 21 century
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