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Jul 2015
the deep space surrounds my heart
in age old Star crossed charts
my being lives a little
in the vastness of life we remember each other
the living knows this life being but a few million
who believe in the importance of living being
as I travel in space on my way with the Stars
how small are we  6 quarts of blood
I arrange life all the time I want to be sir real
whether love fashion poetry all words of the divine
I look in the mirror the vast Universe is me
my dreams of living coming from the divine
starts  when I am three
I have collected much information
all leading me to be superior
to death from life love success
I am some BODY and yet the spirit owns
co Hurst me oh melancholic syndrome
my nappie head between my ears
this vision shared in paradise
is the love of of a life time its all about me
for you in the wide expanse
our Universe giving us life
this is our eternity live long and prosper
a life a grain of sand washing on the beach
blowing in the wind
Earth bound love...
                                     gjmars 7/14/15
in the depth of care
I listen
Written by
glenn martin  tucson,az then I travel
(tucson,az then I travel)   
     s, Paul M Chafer, ---, ---, --- and 5 others
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