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Oct 2015 · 656
escape ignorance
glenn martin Oct 2015
a body is full of miracles
a soul even more so
yet life to divulge the possibility
that love of the living
is to be shared with  the contemptible
this is how the living is maligned
the terrorist has the right to ****
and the religious will honor the verdict
I stride away to the top of the world
let ignorance die in mass
I view the waste land of creation
as a sewer
blocking out the memories
of the divine
humanity is lost
killed by the uneducated
as if high school had a brain
the cigarettes the alcohol the drugs
the TV  the gasoline collecting all
the pervayers of dead meat
on the table of death to the righteous...
I dream
seeing out the eyes of all Earth creatures
a long time coming
the extermination of humans
a pile of severed heads stacked to the sky
heads taller then the dead buffalo herds
taller then the Muslim pyramids
what a dream
the naturalist and the Jew
set free to rule the Earth realm
with education divine consciousness
and the will to rule ETERNITY
stop eating the Earth to extinction
become a veggie tarian
breath fresh oxygen
your gas and oil has made you insane
stop making weapons
your end is at hand farewell to the losers
humanity has one
hand   gjmars10/4/15
pay up
Jul 2015 · 855
glenn martin Jul 2015
a spell changes the consciousness of being
puts a spell on you manipulated by magic
of words the syntactical nature
the world made of words
would you like to let go
a light within the whole
to direct your conscious mind
the magic a real secret
to know the words
that the World is made of
an internal spiritual essence
these words to know
your strength of power
to overcome all that has blocked you
a spell to cast is within you
the words waiting
to touch the tip of your tongue
the spell your arrangement
to pass a person or thing
that has been
holding you back
rise the words above you
and let them settle in
on a piece of paper
the name of it that must submit
begone to never hold you back
doodle an image of betrayers
do what you will with your pen
tell it formally you are above them
above the things done to you
any words to use to change them
say them now
above the paper and pen rise
whisper to it
shout if you will it
vent all the negativity
they have caused you
take the paper and burn it with fire
add more burning let the flames reach higher
now let it burn out completely
in your fire safe container
it all goes add spit ***** or water
done pour on a plant
that grows and grows
to shares the struggle with you
nurture your plant
nurture your self
you are done with the spuded
black sand and glass castles
hold storm water in your hands
to a rickitglen the woods go
we shall wander like vines
our eternal spirit the eternal land
self care spells
talking tree spirits
receive some visions to share      gjmars 7/23/15
for the love nature
stand tall
and burn
Jul 2015 · 683
someday will come
glenn martin Jul 2015
the deep space surrounds my heart
in age old Star crossed charts
my being lives a little
in the vastness of life we remember each other
the living knows this life being but a few million
who believe in the importance of living being
as I travel in space on my way with the Stars
how small are we  6 quarts of blood
I arrange life all the time I want to be sir real
whether love fashion poetry all words of the divine
I look in the mirror the vast Universe is me
my dreams of living coming from the divine
starts  when I am three
I have collected much information
all leading me to be superior
to death from life love success
I am some BODY and yet the spirit owns
co Hurst me oh melancholic syndrome
my nappie head between my ears
this vision shared in paradise
is the love of of a life time its all about me
for you in the wide expanse
our Universe giving us life
this is our eternity live long and prosper
a life a grain of sand washing on the beach
blowing in the wind
Earth bound love...
                                     gjmars 7/14/15
in the depth of care
I listen
Jul 2015 · 602
life of happenstance
glenn martin Jul 2015
call me a witch... I heal myself
be the person
you have the courage to be
swimming in the green blue sea
like a little fish jumping
out of the Ocean a little bell tinging
I hit the ground on my feet
the smell of oxygen holding me up
breathing full deep breaths of air
the ringing in my ear my head clear
in thoughts to mind making this world
into the sought of the living air
the souls of my feet the atomic radioactive
energy of a Star the Earths center core
thru the uniting with nature a body temple
using its physical senses touching life
a swarm of bees wings the living strong faith
defeating hypocrisy nature shines
the hungry sheep looks up a witch
I heal my self on the wind and rank
the mist a seagull inland whispers the notion
that understanding of the Universe
is a responsibility to know your truth
is this life of oceans waters lands and air
your birth your being is the future growth
of life the Universe playground to be
all you can love see mature believe life
the infinite soar soar create from the core
of Star Earth planet get the inside right
the outside allows primary reality
sew little dragon-fly over come self doubt
believe you are enough of life to soar
you live in a private sanctuary no negativity
living in a life others do not understand
our mystery world of happenstance....
                                                              gjmars  7/9/15
Jul 2015 · 568
the evolution
glenn martin Jul 2015
what is it
to be human
to uphold justice and the land
to live to be   the earth  a flower bed
as in love of chivalry
to be the positive force of nature
to live to rule within a force called humanity
where does the time go oh life so busy
so full the desire for love as living
a life performed to stand up to survival
and know the nectar the pollen given for the living
a brain the will of a sixth sense
more strength then muscle to solve
the needs the meetup round a bouts chance encounters
mates family friends acquaintances of survival
to think and perform with the blessings of humanity
a survival system to live eternity in nature
We the flowers of all Earth species blooming
living and dying as their existence ritualizes    
a mona lisa smile an *****
like a turtle to a hare   to carry on
defiantly smiling holding firm
pacifist-ism awaiting
while a snake-tongue flickering **** retentive greed
waiting on the Star sun the green new deal
lets put all people shapes sizes to work now
the order of greening the economy !!!!
gives you the right to a job at a living wage
the guarantees of society
an economy that runs on flower power
on 100% wind water and sun the sustainable
energy-efficient public utilities and transportation system
all energy runs clean and renewable
it means we feed people a sustainable organic
created food system which is local plant based food
We stop pollution by greening energy
transition to green economy enormous health care
savings switching from sick-care medicine to health care
world clean energy and real food no additives
that collects and kills you    
this the evolution      gjmars 7/7/15
please support
green earth living
chivalry 21 century
Jul 2015 · 1.0k
bewildered array of life
glenn martin Jul 2015
I cup my two hands as one
the flesh meeting finger nails
distract me to wonder the feel
of life to rebound in flesh
to seek out new worlds
to digest the minds wandering
to know love or life a parody
from the escape of death
who am I to ponder the day away
such wonder is life the living
enough the diversity appealing
who am I what have I become
a holder of knowledge that comes
undone a thought a dreamer
a being for the one of living
to share to scream out I love
to look out the eyes
of all living creatures to be one
I seek water to add to this being
to nourish the love from within
to add tear drops to the living
oh life  live on share with me
what you will I am yours
living fulfillment of a gift
procreation  a son as I
who lives in bewilderment
of all life I lift these hands
into the beauty a survivor
tell me great Earth realm
tell me tell me more...
for love of life
alive alive alive
Jul 2015 · 403
time of day
glenn martin Jul 2015
never comes
the shadows hide
Starlight blazing
the polluted air crackling
a whip held high
winds rising
a bridle bride  
rotting at the core
a hiding shadow
profit tiny yea win yea
you rule you rule
eliminate the care
forget the light
live the shadow
you deserve  win
the power of life
survival is strength
the light
there are no shadows
I live in the South
Stars right kills all
alive til death
you ...
no eternity
Jun 2015 · 929
the hidden
glenn martin Jun 2015
our living love being aligned
I tell you we re-union
my dream is boss run
an image of my dad viral to come to me
atoning tall alert and correct, stought 6'6"Utahan
the all knowing blank look on the man
Daaaaaad I say all long and drawn out
something big of the future about
something big say kanye west
the time of the stars coming
a being in the house of daughters mother
the her happy and bright concerned loving
looking like her youth in memory
the web tumblr blog pleiadian-starseed hosting
you celestial being honored  kanye west
my pink quart shard from Louis' mom
a deep one full breath the sound
of 1000 honey bees buzzing
my finger tips dripping
how about you
say the Dove cooing
my eye explodes in vision of matrixs
colors designed shapes patterns
all life reflexed  is each other...
all thru the mind watching me
now about your shoe our moment over keen
with family moving in the ground and patterns
the non celestial beings losing in his shoe
his eye of greed watching me maligning me
from a half mile away all he knows
is the **** in his shoe...
neanderthal  evangelical living  dead meat
stop exploiting creatures
let them live amongst all to commune
the cooing dove far ahead of  man
mimicking the sounds of crows  
I talk given back to the Dove
without speaking
the way of the dove
Starlight insured      gjmars  6/27/15
decalcified pineal gland
Jun 2015 · 1.2k
the morning doves
glenn martin Jun 2015
birthed from the roost above the ground
cooing whoooing shuddering sounds of a flock
holding uniting all in its bold thunder
morning doves serenade awakens to day
holding out the clatter the buzz and were
of industrial chimes
my eye hiding in the shadow of night
to remain in the darkness of sleep all knowing
what awaits the losing of peace in morning time
the harsh noise of man made waste
polluting the mind abruptly canceling
the dreams of the divine...
the reach for meaning a vision that sees mystery
hears the sound held in the cooing nature of doves
living life the primeval nature verses man kind
mature maligned by the noise of industry
power and greed to over whelm
the soft strokes of nature to mature
to be to bring forth the glory of day
in natures life of humans and creatures sharing
the morning air waves my eye hidden
in darkness of soul first light glow
to abound in freedom the being reborn
the nature of time to reveal another great mystery
to remain in the darkness once more
to allow nature to dream with me
to set the motion of true love on its ear
to straddle night to  day
oh great being that is life let me lay
in your celestial comfort starlight of night
all winds cooler apree vestin  Earth
revolves to the east rising into the starlight in day
interrupting this tranquil starry night
the to day of starlight
my eyes piercing and rolling still shuttered
in the time of longing for the peace
that holds my world divine this inner light
and belief that love is a real place
that allows the birthing of joy
a serene moment giving life an up lift
resets the Earth into the starlight of day
to know my being is one in time
with living nature I hide in the darkness
awaiting my faerie tail to swish away
the cobwebs that abound in the night
on the thresh hole of first light a reason
to hold back the noise of man made creation
the serene born from darkness to know the truth
light of living life the joy alive
holding my being in the dream of first light
poetry has captured the uttering within my breast
swelling and rising into the starlight of day
the morning doves cooing bodies shuddering at will
to be heard the first light of day
honored for the love giving hope to surrender...
the old that comes before me the memories of time
starlight life rays that birthed the Earth
all these moments honored
the old comes before the rage of man
its industrial noise to heavy
for the morning light disappears squandered
by greed pushing  pulling at the sun
to conform in its man made realm
to mimic creation...   gjmars  6/25/15
Jun 2015 · 5.6k
Starlight Earth
glenn martin Jun 2015
A talking winds pure side  
Blows in a world living told
what you are  meant to be  
not a mere born  you dream
the wind  a wisp of lavender and sage
Starlight of day a lightening in the veins
a thundering heart starlight eye sparkling gold
the body seeping fingertips
at the end of a rainbow a *** of gold eyes
the nature that believes in faerie tails
Earth shine the pure side shows off
the world born from ideas thinking
a spirit created life our flesh and blood
spirit being living life   created shadows
on the edge of night   eternity of Starlight
living Pleiades Star seed temple  Poseidon
Cape SoUnion Greece   eye of the world
Starlight wills  transition from light
sustainable living evolves  a blessing concerned
the Earth tenderness  clutching the living
creatures and Earth creation in the womb
Focus the golden eye of living light
making our eye the world of living beings
all equally living  in dream  the body sustainable
life craving attention  let it live   grow
alive being wonder fulfilled  the eye open
burning the energy to live within you  
rising falling will to survive succeed
in the expansion of eternity  to be more
than we know to be the right of living life
to recreate eternity  Worlds of life creation
rely on sincerity optimism growing Earth
community with love let Starlight reign
in living peace security emanating joy
in spirit amongst all earth creations
intentions plan for the future  set the course
get a compass await the epic the 5th element
Ether a consciousness place a survivor door
a step a layer of oxygen that unites
our cosmic intelligence growth to stop bad karma
its long term death from happening to you
evolution of earth humanity the wisdom
of ancient cycles do well unto others
our brave new world the eye of Star will
yet humans hold an eye in the palm of the hand
denying the hearts thunder swelling muscles
predators ruling the land of Earth sustainable
for all creatures of Earth live the senses
alive together as one  the same glory in life
birthing  babys  a family  a home  air  food
all Earths eye seek the same life living
alive in this sustainable abundance of water
the physical world the achievable reality
the senses within spirit sharing a common life
our Earth being to perceive protect the living
a language our senses of sight and sound
in memory building a path of activity a living womb
Earth gravity    bright Starlight   grows all
the spirits reveal  share the vision of eternity
a living life  do not let the making of products
steal your destiny to live eternity...
oh great earth  and Universe of Star
your world is precious a life of intelligence
a free clean living being  love conceived in joy  
recycle the honor our elements of hope in life
the beings the living pinnacle of modern living
the astral world plain of existing
the apex of creation Earth world gravity
mobius-drift celestial spheres birthing
the souls past-life apex Ether tip of ancient pyramids
blocks of life centering the celestial spheres
birthing  recycling of death cross thru
a magician the right arm skyward gravity
feed above the head a mobius drift celestial spheres
heralding the spirits thoughts in mind
being born thru the spirits the elements joined
the recreation of Earth realm design
giving spirit a body the Higgs *****  recreates eternity
aligning the heavens celestial spheres
a magician the left hand leading the Ether
thru gravity Earth a spirit to survive to build
the living body Higgs ***** an apex mobius drift
our ancient thoughts and present too
all directed by love leading the binding of Higgs
for as to the Ether celestial spheres
the birth of spirit to form the creation of Earth realm
Being born in a body and living after death
returning to the spheres population
pure spirits immaterial beings...
as one leaves the spheres
an eye to the world of living
a wonder in Earth time born
let all life stop eating the creatures
let them live commune in family
let Earth forests grow
let the oceans thrive
live in harmony
share the sustainable diet
stop extinction for the love of life...
planet Earth of the cosmic divine
love peace the joining of life
let all creations family commune...
            gjmars 6/23/15
Jun 2015 · 850
the 1% neanderthal winnings
glenn martin Jun 2015
WE need to come to terms....
war is an occupation of neanderthals
the love of oil and flame afoul residue
hiding the crimes burying the victims
remorse the oceans depth squandered
the forest shrinking the oxygen 40%
of each breath the rest the 1% pollution
the eminent camouflage of male genitalia
the middle class you have maligned  
the human race set male fashion
holding the weapons to our head
Our bodys soar the living of life
yet you have grounded us to the life
of a caveman not a human .....
You makers of government that have concealed
democracy within your paychecks big smiles
developing the 1% riches wealth in Senate
and House of Representative to ensure
the millennium of status quo for you 1%
Earth the planet reaction will **** you
your crimes of treason not be hidden here
WE the people slaughtered with in the crimes
the ****** the 1% henchmen ruling feudalistic
regime waging war against the beloved humanity
open borders to weaken democracy
stifle  education allow cheap labor cave men
the Evangelical consortium world wide
man made 6th extinction of Earth under way
WHO will ride out the apostolic  2100 century
all humanity's taxes  to rule the Earth with weapons
no survivors to further education humanity
a forgotten dream the 1% the survivor
using out dated technologies to keep the profits
will the people  rise again to defend
my voice above the **** of mind
tell me Earth people how do we survive
to stop the making of weapons
the pumping of fossil fuels
tell me Earth people how do we survive
the false god of christianity the muslim devil
Earth is a paradise of living star dust creation
WE live in the womb of mother earth
breath thru your nose draw in a full breath  relax
fill your body with oxygen
breath with me in and out
relax let the truth lead you
to where you go next....gjmars  6/22/15
Jun 2015 · 695
such beauty a human race
glenn martin Jun 2015
the planet Earth alone in the great Universe
built by the Star called sun pulling the earth
93 million miles in each and everyday of Eternity
a little Planet timeless a self nurturing to survive
the wondrous being grows smarter
the magnitude of Earth destiny refined
for within its self discovery a predator race
consuming the earth with inventions making
every modern convenience to enrich life of humans
while on Earth causing extinction using up
the entire planet as Earth revolves around the Star
the human senses taught to pillage  **** in greed
while the love of Star light celestial beings cry
stop polluting  grow sustainability grow grow
cosmic consciousness for all life thinking
I run singing beware of the predators
humans consuming at an alarming rate
exterminate  exterminate stop over populating
the song of life needs to love the maker of life
feed drink run  play buy modern invention ....
back in the Bay so carefree so good
the breeze on a warm summer day  
eclipsing the terror of humans with weapons
sustainability for all  Stop making weapons
a distant with their heads
we need to look at their ideas stack up these
round hairy orbs...stop these heads from thinking
the race is on to own every modern convenience
ownership the brotherhood of power and greed
a Shylock selling the goods first you got
to have a weapon allows instant gratification
the adrenalin to preform theft **** manipulation
don't need an education weapons  mental strength
to pull the trigger a modern christian born again
getting his ***** on the right foot in
la kook aracha getting its antennas alined
when the lights turn on  they disappear the room is vacant
Evangelical nation knows no borders
on land in mind rights of women
gods nation with guns killing pillage ****
alas what of education  got it  pull the trigger
for GOP the oily Democrats one world government
brought to you by the makers of weapons
killing for profit 60% of each tax dollar made
to own the Planet one welfare nation over all
in god we trust    little jesus people
a human race for humanity
every thing created was once an idea
a thought is a spirit that  becomes a being
flesh and blood living life created
the right living in the shadows
on the edge of night til all the Stars are alike
til the other time lord casts its shadow
a quake a night rising falling middle land
a beauty in life creed to be a home
the strong will to proceed  
the race of humanity
such beauty...
gjmars 6/17/15
Jun 2015 · 458
I am a rolling stone
glenn martin Jun 2015
you never compromise never let people get the best of you
standing your own on love street a living legend that is you
face in the sky your feet on the ground
traveler in space a million miles per day
flying Earth goes so fast spinning on an axis
going east never staying still a journey to the west
the bright Starlight reveals maker of collective consciousness
shining on life is to share who to bring along making love
the Stars light everyday don't let the clouds get in your way
fork in the path blocking the journey stay the ideal
the living life its real... motion of being provides
jump up reach out ride the light
rays of Star light the art  of living life
we are made to be this joy of giving  Star light life
a Stars creation ... I say the Earth is a rolling stone
get out the way further the days   life being alive
share the vision that this living life has given
get rollin   you are this stone  a fortress of life
all life that matters is who you are
let life roll on grab a lead progress
you can never forget the zest of being born
to rule this body to kick out the scorn
be one with eternity such a flower
delicate the joy in being special
moving along with the Universe
never forget the sustainable giving
of all life that has come before
sharing love of life holding the future of heart
to make and pump a flow a difference in your world
being your giving friendship to the sustainable life
we have earned our courtship contracts and cares
the all follows you the path of a rolling stone
live the head winds doing the doing
spread your wings in the sky of the mind
believe you are wed married to  
one Stars light making day    
be a rolling stone
an avalanche in time...   gjmars 6/16 /15
bobby d.  recorded "like a" today
Jun 2015 · 1.3k
the identity
glenn martin Jun 2015
this iam a celestial being
mother natures sun
as night ends the Earth comes from the west
rising into the east into Starlight called sun
Earth passing under the starlight of day
the darkness begins Earth journey to the west
Earth truths portrayed as earth sets
its a lovely Star over the rising western horizon
all hazy sharp shards afire blurring
a luminous red light piercing the clouds
sky energy swirling on towards the moment
an eternity I gasp at the power of day to night
portrayed  chains of society
know the planets the sky are born within a chariot
to ride the solar storms wind thru time
trickling head waters being red for along long time
look at patience surrounding understanding delays
the future of beings in time help patience to grow
build strength to lead a form above your needs
negotiations are off the table let these be scrapes for dogs
respect demands  standing the ground
light rays of a lovely star end on the western horizon
a white being in the luminous red fireball
proud creations made from Star
one of 700 million white people the smallest  tribe
of humans made by dusting of star in the oxygen
splattering beings in rays each day feeding the minds eye
the life of a star set the humans free
released on the path to eternity being Star rays
making a heart a brain and hands reaching for humanity
to educate for eternity a proud being a reflection of a Star
not Earth bound but contained in a body
by the gravity the womb of earth planet
all of life senses aware to grow to change
a binding spirit allows its creation growth
to flow with the Stars of the Universe
a flower of a sort allowing spirit love
in one who sees the sustainable life living
this planet Earth is the life with in me
she provides the path to eternity
a journey of survival co-existence
within the womb of earth gravity
Earth is the Mother
all the beings here the living senses
breathing the air the dust of Star light
our home the Milky Way  galaxy
the Universe is moving and so are we to Eternity
100 years of fossil fuel power
in 100 years computer television tape recorder phones
in 100 years jets airplanes automobile boats
in 100 years weapons guns bombs missiles nuclear war
the planet has died 40% extinction and gaining
water drying up of or polluted  
7 billion people only 500 million working
the rest paid to eat and watch wide screen TV
country borders left open you come and go
a welfare check plenty of housing and food
humanity the path your roots to eternity
you are bound to power the rich the greedy
feudalism that steals the food from your tables
the white in me sees the need for sustainability
life living Earth alive use the sustainable forces
she provides for you to survive being white
a majority ruling the world with our products
between our ***** and abdomen these waters
of time trickle thru patience holds the celestial needs
to know creation before it is turned to rebuild
our initiatives be alert in the realm
allow your being to know the seeds to mature
to honor the family humanity
never change your life  inside mature before waste kills you
Bow down to know one on the path of patience and ownership over all
ride the winds chariot to completion
find airy intellectualism  peace and joy
let love survive in the solar winds
a time of Eternity   gjmars   6/14/15
Jun 2015 · 1.1k
set us free
glenn martin Jun 2015
in time
our life forming rituals
when woman held man in common
gentle willing people a tribe conformed
by wisdom of woman thriving with women
these creators of humanity in frame work survival
of living on planet Earth the hours indifference
the east to the west the Earth rising east
into the new days Star the west darkness prevails
as the world turns east the hours given
for the Earth of the west to rise in east Star rays
as the world turns womb in and man
building life customs a living family the sexes
creation performing rituals
to hold power over both sexes in tribe
between them bringing water to the table
from the well of the forest primeval
we *** advancing the daily rituals in time
not knowing the outcome in survival
our knowledge is common of good or evil
our humanity or power of greed
our family bound to survival of our being
gentle people cast down mutts of power
gentle people up held by wisdom
the living as one wisdom of womb in and of man
not **** power greed a tribe of humanity
to continue the beginning dominate
the right of spirit beings to intellectualize
producing decisions a *** beginning nurturing
an utter speaking from the heart of woman
profound utterings these ******* of womb in
from her to eternity the ******* of woman uttering
the real Mc Coys in the darkness of time
a first uttered sound this life light hidden
a beginning of human soul the memory our utterings
thru power greed over humanity
we live off planet Earth held
in regions of space to incubate the humanity
movement of space life held by the darkness of man
unable to break the bonds of tyranny
to return Earth wisdom to light
for the stars utter humanity
a flower child hue being ultimate receptor life stance
giving off light as fragrance
available knowing life choices as flowers
of the Stars we are earth buds exposed
by the rays of creation an eon of time
standing swaying in earth winds our moment
of life becoming a chance   of a life time
to create form  flow of the Universe expansion
star light to build the uttering of time
humanity rise above  power greed
know all we can live and be   the one
Universe of love nurturing in utter harmony
Universe of creation this life realm
made from an utter in time
a being of humanity shines on this earth
let life shine back to the Stars
give the right of creation
the love of mind............gjmars 6/14/15
Jun 2015 · 1.0k
the moment of womb
glenn martin Jun 2015
Our milky way galaxy floating thru space
its translucent circling orb alight
alive prana  the dots of energy minature Stars
holding hue beings space travelers
in the darkness of space revealed
as prana we exit the womb living creation
the light orbs milk awaits us  
this cosmos existence adores  surrounds me
centering life in Earth the Eco-system
apter genick learning cells fighting extinction
imperial magistrates a re-leafing of stress
brought on by diet and habitat pollution
I reach into the sky aware of space travelling
regions the path prana exists in homes of love
to hold the consciousness of life the Universe
allows the roots chosen thru the cosmic life
in the living consciousness of love love
the binding force of all nature reactions living
for the one of all the great quest for Eternity
the beings of prauna sending cosmic messages
for the quest of being a Star is the mighty
life, has no god to rule it forth
ruled by the life creation alive
alining thru time and space all
the the orbs come together
the life energy of the future survivial
the mothers apter genick learning
of cells to reach all of life
to come together as one being
the one for ALL
a story to tell how will we survive
our pranua  each life orb a moment divine
seeking you out listen  feel the calling
life of humanity eternity the wailing over
you are here to be replaced
just visit to continue onward
life is pleasure open life to receive
live the moment  of egg and seed
the burst the rush rises and goes in a second
the prana of life creation memories
that lead to channels of new being
one drop of you or ten  moment upon moment
orbs dots of you swirling translucent
being the created in light of a moment
here we are manifested in a body a hue being
of light and dreams working out a scheme
to be eternity prana living the joy
the love of a moment for ever
to travel in time to be renewed
a change from born again
Eternity of love the orb of prana   gjmars 6/10/15
glenn martin Jun 2015
as love holds you  you abound
as love leaves you  you soar
I awoke in the solace of western winds
this great libido of womb in kind
into her nature of the ever flowing air
of pedals blooming the all nurtured
of loving living humans being
I a rose blooming her scents intoxicating
the fragrance of life expounding
the created love of  life living
lifting the rituals of life being
up up into the great winds of the west
the all giving of  love the builder of Eternity
my memories now bound by binding
to the forces of life creations
the simple elements finding reason
to join to produce a journey
the west winds blowing bringing
life forces enhancing coupling
to produce the living rapture this
beings created an alive moment
to join another to create the on-living
moment of eternity our being
survives in love love
let the fragrant west winds nurture
natures all arise life arise flower power
be one arise  ride the winds of the west
flowing all over the lands of love
over in on of... the lands
in the unknowing of each other
arise into the light of day
the living life nurtured Star rays
greeting the birds one and all
hopping walking on the Earth land
beaks pecking living life nurtured
left to fly a marvel to ride the winds above
flying thru gravity such love
to hold the Earth to the above
in western winds time for life
a day of our love to survive
share in life living creatures hue beings
reach out for love each and everyday
share your being with others all creatures
not alone hiding frightened loved loved
sharing humanity riding the winds of the west
arise thru education the teaching love existence
powerful binder of sharing creation
much to do to stop war against Earth nature
first stop pollution never use the Earth
that destroys what the Star produces
lift life above let her sun rays nurture
educate the science of Earth lead the way
survive above war and greed follow the Sun
arise come the hands of Earth await you
to hold your needs together the Earth offering
a shared ***** the life we chose to be
our hands the making of life together
stop the usurpers of earth power
stop money profits over Stars ray
hold life to this *****
stop the killing of earth resources
do this each and everyday  
love our greatest resource     gjmars 6/8/15
a dream a reality
unite to make your
dreams come true
love of life
Earths First Love
May 2015 · 572
growing up life
glenn martin May 2015
a wanting body survives in a dream never forgotten
to be real   alive a correct being who survives
the daily life of  aquatints knowing what each person thinks of ya
learning to use it against them or is that love and friends
building your life in society a world to rule the other wanna be
using all of my senses the music  the art  the books my bike
baseball swimming exercise vs none
making my being be modern sports car oceans mountains all
leading the pack living all the illusion
coming back to reality stronger in the face of
lifes  journey  alive means more then love to me
burning energy the thrill of being all
win by paying  the bills letters of certificates completed
now free to contemplate the freedom of life
I write these words to glorify the nature of being
white self contained bill payer no debts on people to collect
against me slept in my car for 10 years to avoid reality
I strode thru life surley  posture ***** breathing complete breaths
knowing a being with in me cosmic consciousness
the collected consciousness of humans
believing life is real good
my heart runs over onto my sleeves dripping the  blood
onto humanity the beggar pleading to be held up
for being alive alone in self contained writings
my years have left all
I have known in caskets or cremated in flames
I am happy to know the dreams of a boy
lived in a man a survivor in the calamity
of time a jest is not within me
the reality of life is ever lasting know this life again
the body is alive radiating goose bumps prevail
to tell the living from the dying
a society out grown yet the life remains
in love tears of memory
the great ocean full each wave
a remembrance of bounty
in love of life....   gjmars 5/30/15
May 2015 · 471
true future
glenn martin May 2015
a spirits heart lingers
held by the creation of earth
to deny life the gift of the Stars

the universe all spirits memory
held in kind by the creation of Earth
whiling Universe remembers its birth first
the path altered by the powers of Earth
creation maligned by greed

life wealth in creation a power
to control destiny of being
denying the spirit forces of Eternity

the Stars and shards brilliant meanderings
to aline its dreams together in creation

yet life with held the glory of Eternity
Earth built its own realm

the Universe cosmic travelers beings
denied the living power of eternity
thru the makeup of Earth forces

usurpers of sovereignty  tyranny power
over the minds of human beings
to divide by the pull of contrary forces
sustainability verses the power of god in heaven

yet the hearts pumping lingers rich
a river of blood the flowing filling
of beings  body vessels carrying

the senses around n around
pushing the extremities
to hold this body in form

a chosen diet food of human made
carcinogens fermented waste drugs
addict-able for profit a being
manipulator driving life
pillage **** and taxation
to insanity to the end of humanity
a blood that ignores eternity
lets just arouse the passing of time
comfortably numb full of vice virtue

whose brain will save them
from themselves a tipping point
to return to the quest for Eternity

we are the pollution we have made
the Universe the Big Bang
we know no end no time for Eternity  
a glow harp waits for time
glow harp glow     gjmars 5/28/15
May 2015 · 764
a lantern lifes escape
glenn martin May 2015
a lantern has escaped from
tyranny teariny that
holds the mind
a lantern has escaped
let light rise rise to shine
lighting the land the sky
the freedom of the mind...
for all to see and feel
days yet thoughts and dreams
of living life our future
that escapes to survive
the onslaught of human history
we fly up up up
Earth life dazzling the sky
amongest the Stars
dots of life shining back to we
oh radiant light of mind
you are not forgotten
once thought and felt
you are forever and ever,evermore
hold this memory lantern of light
in your heart for all your love
to share live the dreams of minds life
rights for ever more
share the one thought
that is you are alive   !!
grow give this moment
spread the dream
let this lanterns light fly
to and thru you
a soaring light of being
flashing and teaching all
that know your living feeling
a spirit over the body
the tyranny shredding
push the world to know your real
in this life of Earths giving
xcell xcell xcell
be one with the Stars
let love be revealed
create give life back
for tyranny is to do
what we must do
teariny of mind
life as an adversary
a questing
for humanity
a birth in democracy
life education
the spirit of Eternity
May 2015 · 445
hello poetry
glenn martin May 2015
thank you poets
for sending me  
a journey of the heart
the Earth mother alive
within our being born
on a quest the living life path
the eternity our being survives for
we know what we know  
this gift of Earth life our Star
radiating sun rays feeding you
never ending everlasting life
we look out the eye of Earth vision
created life created creation living
not to be denied by a human
this wondrous planet
life a moment love is revealed
to create and give life back
I thank you  a gesture
for peace is the moment of love
I try to hold back the tears
love giving me water to run
thank you poets for the journey
of words to set my spirits free
I believe the Stars make love to me
alive on the Earth Milky Way Galaxy
one little being
doing this each and every day
the living of life is all
to be alive is the greatest adventure
your being is the ride of a life time
hold back the tears of love
let the water run
the strength of the Universe    gjmars
writing is the emotions of life
giving love
May 2015 · 457
the being within flower
glenn martin May 2015
the flowers of memories   shall never die
these living moments of pedals blooming
standing   fluttering in winds and sky
feelings of silk  across the skin alive  
refreshing to be one so precious  
a living life force forever nature of mind  
seeking roots to grow
in mind to elevate the senses
remembering the freshness began
the colors of pedals hold the eye
the blooming lending  smells  a boo kay
as life retreats to die leaving life yearnings memories of the mind
the sky beyond flowers of time
how to touch behold the softness
the precious in hand a heart pumping beauty
flower fragrant form combined
a making of flowers a yearning
to be to stand for life as beauty
up holding a gentleness in living
the life beyond...... eyes see whats
held in the heart lending of spirits
of flower power born in the vapors
giving nature back the heart
by power of life living giving sharing
this world commands a respect
only the precious will know
as a beauty obtained by gentle givings
a whole world of sensation
the making of Earth life creation
humans step back at wonders beyond
such life makings all but a moment in time
as the taint gives up its hold on beauty
we cry never die be this bookay  
a moment of beauty remembered
to set a course a eulogy   
the being within the flower
the hoping the will
to not break the heart
as the body grows old
I stand as a flower my pedals fall
like arms and shoulders rounding out
collapsing to the ground below
my stalk this backbone bows
wilting and withering
as one ******* remembered another
no longer gravity held
returned to the soil the ground below
remembered for the events we shared
but mostly for the consciousness
of  Flower Power....gjmars  5/20/15
life is a dream  to know
May 2015 · 786
to dream with life
glenn martin May 2015
I wish to dream of others
lost in the fate of love
to not know your name
to call love just a game
my desire to live the earth life
as a Star that has made me
I seek you out in the darkness
a night of humanity where the Stars live
to not block my way a Zeus forever
the way of creation I stand on the rear legs
of lions  my hair a mane
my eyes living compassion
to know the sharpness of my teeth
the world alive in change
brought on by nature to go lightly into
the world of Eternity living
realm for ever and ever more
the makings of life to harbor
the love of humanity allowing creation
to live a sustainable healthy life force
knowing no boundary to existing life forms
to seek out to bring together
a chemical reaction  from two
to make one anew my pen soars
these words to up lift the desire of love
over all     words to remember
the heat the battle
of love is yours   gjmars 5/19/15
hmmmmm grrrrgrrr
May 2015 · 381
I was in love
glenn martin May 2015
life to live
taken in strides  collected moments
reveals many sides
ah the life in the brain
turning me  where do I go
what is the need to for-fill
the dark n  beautiful
her libido her pen
where I run up [and  around]
its the freedom of will
to be or not to be
drenched to the bone
I miss my grammar school
I still remember all [of their names]
the Earth rounder
fame fame fame
I am at the wall
humanity a no where run
from self or the gun
now in my hands    to expose
the nature of nothing
proud of my 8 legs
I meander over  terrain
my life is my all or nothing
love poems fit
the life on Earth   so temporary
thank you your work   extra ordinary
A tri-angle   spot
great moments in time
but what of the rest of life
May 2015 · 669
the sun rise
glenn martin May 2015
exhaustion the stress of life has gone
I awake re leaved to be free
from the crimes against me my humanity
I roll out to forage for food
to become the being I demand to be
I know the morning rays pure giving
release me to be the life I lead
the stark moment of waking
neighbors drugged up all night
prying into my mind continually
every breath they take is mine
the illiterate trash illegal aliens
the ****** a thief jungle monkeys all in one
welfare smiles wide screen TV
stealing my thoughts and dreams
The war machine dividing community
the ex cons military ****** allowed
the streets of America 50% government checks
why cant they all move to TEXAS
everythings big in texas put all illiterate pigs
in the state that allows them
give them  a gun  5 gallons of gas  and a remote
I am going to the University
I need to laugh about America welfare nation
no borders no enforcement of laws
only get you if we catch you military police
I love my University we build the future
green energy sustainable economy
clean loving humanity womens rights  
poets welcome love and be loved for your love
the Earth is divided  free I get to leave
I go on vacations  on the road you get to leave
when the rednecks gun tote ers
alcoholics burger eaters dead meat prevayers
get to close you can leave  I love this
how to avoid red neck nation
So  as the sunshine  so we live
planet Earth giver of life
creation right here allows all the elements
to come together to make life
save the planet stop making weapons
a flower  child  lives here...
May 2015 · 511
Chosen Life
glenn martin May 2015
the life in the body thrives on realization,
of the path the minds workings define
what our hands and eyes seek
our destiny set into motion
while the heart lingers to reveal
its joy, cares and feelings
the opportunity of growth  our path the rewards  
hope dreams spontaneity of life teachings
revealing our full understanding of desires
our nature yearning to be released
from the grip of Earth survival
to live in spirit of love to know
our future to hold power over our destiny
to rule by love,power or greed to inflict our seeds
onto others demanding our way of being
this our chosen life released onto the living realm
Earth in the  milky-way galaxy
traveling 1 million miles each and every day
thru the Universe a collection of elements
when joined produce life a meaning
protect the planet let us thrive
like the busy bees we are
rule your being you only know what you know
thrive.....gjmars 5/12
May 2015 · 532
time of titillation
glenn martin May 2015
breath the air of spring time in
a robust chest swelling
hard knobs fingers glands
pressing into the sky
spreading and seeking
full of air a chest waits
to formalize titillation
the cushy  mounds
arouse bringing heat of spring time live
the season of expanding
citation of love modern nation
we hold this moment  
with palms of  hands
earth life giving
these  feelings to demand
we know such love of life
nurture and hold creation
for I am this creature of spring heat
of earth  blooming I see the living light
the snake eyes of mona lisa
the jerking of  hands
star in heart star of mind
whiling west ward seeking
crawling out of my skin
a peace debater a  living shadow
of intellect arises this truth
the rapture of the living
movements of spring
the growth of our destiny
whiling west teaching
                        gjmars 5/10/15
a love at least a portrayal of

— The End —