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D A W N Sep 2019
i slept with grudges in my head
and now i got a headache
what the fck
moral of the story: dont hold grudges
D A W N Aug 2019
i loved
how I'd always
end the day
with your voice
chuy man
D A W N Aug 2019
when they
your walls
binugo dritso pa dasmag bulldozer leche
D A W N Aug 2019
the countless times
our lips
brushed past
each other.
my lips were demanding
but my heart refuses.
when i thought
could give me a sense
of confidence.
warning signs were
plastered on your
face but how could
i say no.
bro from head to toe down to the personality u look the the person i liked 3 years ago n i coulda almost did something i couldnt do 3 years ago lucky u
D A W N Aug 2019
and even the sun sacrifices itself
for u to shine
regardless of the daylight
just so to see u.
i wrote u 4 poems and a song without even knowing u amazing right
D A W N Aug 2019
i swept the shards of your heart when she broke it.
i pieced them back together and it took me forever
but i didnt mind because i loved you and thats all it mattered
but when u gave your heart to another girl
my heart shattered.

edit: everything revolves back to being in love n i dont want to be part of it ***
D A W N Aug 2019
im stuck in denial of the
thought if not having u
but if i do
will it suffice
the missing part of
my heart
thats supposed to belong to u?
fukc the title
wrote this like last week sulking in the bathroom no joke
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