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galio Jan 2019
i don’t think i connect to humans

the same way
they connect
galio Jan 2019
don’t try to act all ******* heroic
like i was a tragedy
like you knew me
like it’s affected you

i never knew anyone
and i was born with an empty room for a heart
galio Jan 2019
i feel ******* disappointed

galio Nov 2018
'it's so loud'
she screamed
over the silence
'everything keeps talking
and yelling
at me'
when it's so **** ******* loud in your head and that's the only way to describe it
galio Nov 2018
it's really quite too hard to leave the door open
when it's winter
and the frostbite comes nipping
you never know when
cold rains will blow
if you leave the door open

so please close the **** door
on the way out
my thoughts feel cluttered and it's too much
galio Jul 2018
how many chances has the ships given the ocean
before being relentlessly tossed to the coast
rocking back and forth,
splintering and breaking
the boat in half

how many chances has the ships given to the ocean
before being violently slammed in to rocks
water rushing through the cracks
spilling the sailors
to their depths

how many chances has the ships given to the ocean
to forgive, to promise not to hurt
yet the ships never learn,
and continue to sail
galio Jul 2018
heavy footsteps
his hot breath
keeps me frozen

i grab his wrist
but i'm a feather
and he's a beast
and he pushes against my collarbone

the lamb cries
and the wolf is done his hunt
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