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Francisco Ortiz Jul 2014
There will always be a part of me set aside for you.
Alone in my heart
Alone in my mind
There it is dying only for you
There it is
Hoping that one day you will see
The painful daze you left me in
There it is
As you walk past me
And fake a smile.
And there I am.
A hopeless romantic
A bitter fool for you
A lost cause in the eyes of society.
And then there's you...
At times you seem to never leave my mind
You wander through my dreams
You are in every tear i shed.
You are the blood inside my heart
You are the thoughts in my head as i end the day and realize that part of me is all about you
Francisco Ortiz Jul 2014
At the time it probably seemed like a good idea.
But believe me when I say that in  time you shall regret it.
And there a crowd will stand
Saying "I told you so."
You may feel a sense a satisfaction when it's all over.
But either way in the end, many will still fail to realize
That we were only killing ourselves.
Francisco Ortiz Jul 2014
Today the sun shines bright and as it falls to the sky is illuminated with wonderful lights
Magic fills the air
And we are all happy.
Nothing is wrong
Nothing is right.
But for tonight everything is at ease
Francisco Ortiz Jun 2014
Things are changing O' so rapidly,
My life is running through the list of possible situations I could be placed in,
And I feel that I am being placed in the best places.
At times it seems foolish or nerv
Wrecking, and over all difficult
But I push on
I fight the battle
Because I have been low before
And at a low one forgets the high.
But when at high, one forgets how low things can be.
But I will not forget.
I will always remember the low.
I will remember the low is beneath me.
But I know the High is within grasp.
And no longer shall I settle for the low.
Francisco Ortiz Mar 2014
Why am I the way I am?
Why do others think I'm odd and out of place?

Am I hopless? Maybe I'm lost?
Either way I'm still miserable.
I am still sad and alone.
I want her but she doesn't want me

No she wants someone better because I am no good
I am just a useless waste of space
I might as well pull the trigger and let my worried mind my slip away.
Then no one will remember,

And only god shall judge me....
Francisco Ortiz Mar 2014
Life is falling apart
And my mind is everywhere.

Your love for me is like my love for life;
I pretend it's there but we both know it isn't

If only she would turn around and smile
if only she would look me in the eyes
Then she would see the tender soul with In me
Hoping only for a chance at happiness

But the truth is she ignores me
she never thinks of me
and she never will....
Haven't written in a while and I'm feeling kinda down.
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