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Cat Faust Feb 2018
1.  I’m starting to watch the water turn black.
I’m noticing myself look through people during conversations
And I guess this sparkling city filled with possibility is getting more blurred
Like these lines  
2. I touch you and I see myself aging;  which is something I never thought I’d do.
3. I told her that just because we move in together and buy a couple of cats, it isn’t going to make us want to die any less; but at least we would have someone to say goodnight to.
4. When I think about love, I think about:
When I’m anxious
I feel like you find my breathing patterns
And sometimes I feel like you do that on purpose
5. I don’t do well with:
locked doors  
dead space
hair in my face
light leaking from my feet
6. I saw you and I knew that love is a rain in which I’ll have no umbrella but choose to get soaked anyway, under these street lights, kissing you.
#love #city #depression
Cat Faust Dec 2017
I have yet to grow into myself
I wear my skin like it's two sizes too big
So when you tell me you're in love with me
I wonder who that is
Cat Faust Dec 2017
The thought of you is kind of like bubblegum that has lost its flavor; hard to chew.
Cat Faust Dec 2017
It's about eating the last piece of gum and not offering it to anyone else.
Cat Faust Dec 2017
I am begging to be saved but the moment I say that I love you, I cough up a detailed list of instructions on how you should leave and never look back.
Cat Faust Dec 2017
I have been in a fist fight with sanity; which has proven to be the most sane act.
Cat Faust Dec 2017
Last night I kissed another woman and tried to not think of your lips.
We ******, desperate.
Falling in and out of each other in an attempt to rid the stain of them.

To burn sage in a home is a ritual of sorts.
Which is to say, the burning may have stopped awhile ago but my body still has roots.

I ran my fingers across her jaw like it meant something to me.
For a moment, I think we both believed that this meant something to us.

The way two souls can be together in this way makes love look like a hitchhiker.
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