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taia Dec 2016
she always stays up
through the night, hunched over art
her eyes wide awake
taia Dec 2016
a bump on the skin
foreign abnormality
that i must have missed
taia Dec 2016
the sky a faint grey
suddenly turned black as night
wind roars, thunder cracks
taia Nov 2016
i'm not your baby
you must have mistaken me
for someone you knew
this is so stupid, i hate being uninspired.
taia Nov 2016
something lingers in the air
   after you have left

perhaps it's your perfume
   but maybe it's the ***** on your breath

it both consoles me
   and worries me

the fact that your presence
   never leaves

maybe it's symbolic of how
   you never leave my thoughts

you're in the little things i do
   or experience

always on my mind
   you're always there
taia Nov 2016
solitude of art
long nights in the studio
paint my only friend
feeling quite lonely in my personal life recently. school is wonderful but i'm missing something.
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