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Erica M Sep 2013
I see you
With your adorable smile
Even through the braces

Your flippy hair
Like the sand of a beach
On a beautiful day

Your skin
Isn't perfect
And that's alright

I don't know your name
But I do know
That I find you cute

It's a shame I've never seen your eyes
Because I'm too scared to look into them
And see you looking at mine
Most of my poems have four-line stanzas. This one only has three-line stanzas. It's like that for a reason. My motivation behind this poem is different than the ones before it. It's less important, so less lines. It's also simultaneously more important, so each word and line gets more admiration. There's less white noise in this poem. I'm running on less than six hours of sleep I see this one cute boy often that is what I am trying to say oh my days.
Erica M Sep 2013
Trust me when I say
That I know
How bad I really am
At everything

My poems
Aren't deep enough
There aren't enough metaphors
Or complex wording

While doing math
I use my calculator
And still manage
To plug in the wrong digits

I tried to balance equations
Several times in chemistry
And while feeling too confident
I missed a number

In history class
I can't seem to remember
That I gained my right as a woman
To vote in 1920 (I think.)

While working with photography
My professor indirectly told me
That I'm really good
At taking bad pictures

I'm really trying this year
To stay on top of my work
And do my best
But obviously that's not enough
Erica M Sep 2013
I talked to him
About how today was hard
And I was tired
And felt ill

I didn't give him many details
Because he didn't quite deserve to know

Yesterday was harder
That was the initial crash
Today was the crumble
The final downfall

The worst part
Is that nothing
At all
Directly affected me

It was hall her
And her dad
And how she
No longer has one

If you share your problems with me
I will immediately turn them into my problems
And feel almost as bad about them
As you do

It's not intentional
It just kind of happens
Like a rainbow
Or a hurricane

I've been told
That the feeling
Is called empathy
And I'm empathetic

When I told him
I'm empathetic
He misunderstood me
You're not pathetic

Though I appreciate the sentiment
Taken from mistaken words
I honestly believe
That both statements are true
Erica M Sep 2013
He smiled
And told me
Good morning

I smiled back
And wished him
The same

Another woman
Walking back to her car
And told me
Good morning

I smiled back
And wished her
The same

This happened
A couple more times
Before I was allowed
To go indoors

A smile
A friendly
Good morning

It made me wonder
How many times
Per day
Do we do the right thing
Simply because
It's the right thing to do

How many times
Per day
Do we do the right thing
Simply because
We want to

How many times
Per day
Do we pass up and opportunity to do the right thing
Simply because
We just don't feel like it

When the strangers smiled
And told me
Good morning
It felt normal
Yet forced

We have been trained
To tell people
We don't know
Good morning
Simply because
We're being friendly

But I don't understand
The reasoning behind
Smiling at strangers
And telling them
*Good morning
Erica M Aug 2013
These feelings
Belong to the night
Not this early
Hardly noon

I don't even know
What these feelings are
This is not about me
I always do this
Make every stupid little thing
About me

That's my problem
I can't be happy for them
Because I introduced them
And if it weren't for me
None of this would have happened
Everyone would be fine

It's been going on
For so long
Behind my stupid

I promised
To not get mad
I promised
To still love you

I do still love you
But I can't look at him
The same way
Ever again
Erica M Aug 2013
"I'm doing well,"
I say
With my pearly whites
Sparkling in my face

I try to save
From knowing
My pitiful truth

That I'm struggling
A lot
I really am fine
During the day

Nighttime comes along
As well as
The negative thoughts
And the horrible attitude

I've made promises
Which I intend on keeping
But it's been so long
Since they were made

Sometimes I wonder
If anyone would notice
If one day
I disappeared
Erica M Aug 2013
Last night
I drowned my cheeks
In the tears
Of my eyes

Looking back
I treated you
Like no human
Deserves to be treated
I'm sorry

You get upset with me
When I try to apologize
But that's all I know how to say
Because you deserve
At least one "I'm sorry"

We talked every day
For a while
Oh, now
It's hardly two messages
Per week

I'm trying my hardest
To be okay with this
To be okay with not seeing
Those messages again

There were about 350
Over the course of a little less
Than a year
Most of them are gone

I thought I would be letting go
Of the part of my past
That revolved around you
But rereading the messages
Probably made things
A whole lot worse

You're a great person
I'm sorry I couldn't have acted
More like you needed me to
I was weak
You needed to be strong
For me

I didn't treat you fairly
I relied too much on you
And didn't offer my help
Often enough
I'm sorry
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