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Emmennarr Apr 2019
You were a facade,
A mask I never saw through
Because you never fit,
A mirage I depended on
For far too long,
Only to reach for the nothingness before me,
Thinking I'd found salvation,
When in the end,
All you ever were
Was a facade.
Emmennarr Mar 2019
The oxygen you breathe
Is merely the stream
Coming from the leak
In my fishbowl
Emmennarr Jan 2019
I depart into the downpour.
You cannot hear each step I trod,
Nor can you smell the petrichor
That resonates beneath my feet;
Feet that were seldom worn
Yet often used.
Emmennarr Jan 2019
Before I can find myself
Lost in your phrasing and prose,
I'm enchanted by a single symbol:
A rose stained with wine red
That guards the words inside,
Making you precious all the more;
Its design is so simplistic,
Yet so complex,
So you;
I'm sure your words hurt the same.
Emmennarr Jan 2019
Looking for an antidote
To love and to heartache,
You would suffice.

You are as bright as a sunflower,
As cold as the night,
Sheathed in a haze of smoke
That spirals in front of
Your eyes of jade,
With beauty that compares to none.

If only there so happened to be
A way to rewrite the book
That I would never appear in.
Emmennarr Jan 2019
Only time can tell
How long this spell
Will last,
Whether muse rings true
Or gives in to
The past,
And if you believe
That you and me
Would do,
Maybe I could try
To learn to die
With you.
Emmennarr Jan 2019
If sleep became eternal tonight
I wish you'd come to know
You were the remedy
That I ran out of;
Sleep well.
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