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Emmennarr Jan 2019
If sleep became eternal tonight
I wish you'd come to know
You were the remedy
That I ran out of;
Sleep well.
Emmennarr Dec 2018
I'm not literally little,
I'm just figuratively trying
To figure it out,
No doubt,
It's all about the timing
And finding
The whereabouts
Of each and every
Single thing
That tells me why
I'm talking loud
Or wear a crown
Even though I know
That everything
That makes me big
Comes back around
And takes me down
Another route,
Another peg,
Another step
From which I came
Because all I did
Was wander
To some land of fame
And I should just look
Where that's got me now,
Fading out
And shrinking.
Emmennarr Dec 2018
Simply put, you're an enigma,
An oxymoron in the least,
My memories of you are less than few
Yet your presence lasts more than weeks.
Formerly I knew you,
But now you've gone away
And I cannot account a single time
I thought you wouldn't stay.
Mistakenly I lent you interest,
Withheld a sliver of your time,
However, never did I realize
That not ever could you be mine.
Emmennarr Dec 2018
You might be here
But you feel so far gone,
And with each step we took
You pulled forward
And I pulled back,
Neither of us certain
Which way to go;
Only now that it's too late, may I confess,
I wished you forever were my compass rose.
Emmennarr Dec 2018
The longer you linger on my mind
Resides louder the jarring thought: "hatred".
To think that similar synonyms
Could never have previously left my mouth
Was simply a mistake.
You were angelic, a muse at least,
But now the idea of you has turned into
A rusted tombstone littered with dust.
I have learned to despise rather than admire,
Turned from your eyes rather than inquire,
And, perhaps, may yearn to retry rather than conspire...
In a different timeline.
Emmennarr Nov 2018
You're just a sketch
Of one of the best things I ever have seen,
A glimpse from afar
Lined in pencil lead;
I just wonder what you would've said.
Emmennarr Oct 2018
Strike bright like the light
That enters the still room,
Ceiling painted in dark blue
And floor splattered with patterns
Of hypnotic lines
Wavering in the patchy rays;
Perhaps closing the blinds
May let one find night
In case of yet another day.
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