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 Jun 2013 Emerald Proctor
tempestuous heartache
   & sundried tears
exhaled whispers
   & combustible caresses

unilateral monogamy
   & bipolar love
singular sensations
   & conjoined sensuality

degrading hopelessness
   & elevated vulnerability
decelerated time
   & soaring spirituality
I once was a troubled teenager.
I was the black sheep in my family,
the rebel.

During this time I thought about self-harm,
running away,
just finding a way to let it all out.
It was then that I started to write,
and I liked it.

I don't know how to compose music,
which is my first passion,
so I thought I might as well write lyrics.

Many times I thought a psycologist would help me,
but in the end I decided I'd rather be the troubled, insane guy I now am.

Trouble. Heartache. My own demons.
These are the reasons of my art,
and what would be of art without a reason?
Without a meaning?

Some may call me crazy.
Some may call me stupid.
Truth is I like being insane.
Normal is the last thing I wanna be,
because, to me, there's nothing interesting in normality.
Embrace yourself the way you are ;) We all are our own, special self, so don't try being someone else. Embrace the crazy in you.
you've got eyes
that cut diamonds
and not in a good way
because that means
you can cut through some super tough ****
including me
and my
leather heart
don't look
at me
 Jun 2013 Emerald Proctor
"Love is not measured by feelings, but by kindness".

Now where did that come from?! O.o Sigh! :P
 Jun 2013 Emerald Proctor
"If only people would forgive one another, because then there might not be any wars."

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