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Elvis okumu Apr 2017
You came to me in the dawn, when the world was still a mystery.
The dew drops sparkled on newly minted grass
When the vigor of youth still burned and unwritten was my page of history
You captivated and held my attention with but a single pass
And upon my ******  heart, you placed the first crack

Though like a thunderstorm you came and went
I missed your quiet rumble and sweet patter of your downpour
Therefore, others thought me mad that I abhorred the silence
That I found no comfort without your noise, your quiet violence

I learned to sing and dance in the rain  
Until I was soaked to the bone  
I reveled in the colds shivering pain
That was the only way I did not feel alone

You came again to me, to darken my skies  
I turned and opened my arms to your gale
Your storm drowned out my joyful cries
You were my beautiful white whale

But as suddenly as you came you went
Leaving me on the shore  
Of what little joy you lent  
I clung to and wished you didn’t have to go

But you were a brooding cloud moving with the wind
And I was but a man without wings  
Though I ached with the need for your silent rain
I understood we were separate entities different beings
And to save myself sorrows pain
I gave up my watch of the horizon for that left my hope leaning.
Elvis okumu Jan 2017
I have no voice, the shell envelopes me such that not even a whisper escapes
the air, so still, the dust hangs suspended within, stagnant and unmoving  
these bindings they hold me in a cruel embrace, forcing me to watch my ambitions defaced
this pressure on my skin, my pores are pressed in and my heart is filled with loathing
I feel as if covered in slime, it flows thickly as a souls crime, guiltily placed  as with spoiled food do I dine
How can I create and sing as the songbird does when the very air will not go through my lungs  
I am choking, gasping grasping for the air of my creativities melody
this cage is of my own creation, that so many ideas like fleeting birds would fly through the sound of their wing beats in the multitudes
And yet not one would deign to perch on my bare shoulder, that I may feel the ***** of its claws, that the blood of my mind would flow down my back and alleviate this pressure    
Let me let go of inhibition through the parting may be like that of a mother with her newborn child  
The tearing pain sublime only in its intensity
I would have my minds blood flow freely until the earth is soaked with it
That it may become the fertilizer for new growth.
Come then with that blade of discomfort, allow it to bite into my skin for the agony I am in now stranded.
Would envelope the pain of the blade cutting away all that bars my way, that I may be washed again and born anew
Mind dump, just trying to flex old muscles. Enjoy
Elvis okumu Aug 2016
Can I but contemplate, but fathom, but ponder the anguish of a lonely soul
The satisfaction of the fullness thereof

(Still a work in progress)
Elvis okumu Feb 2016
Bestow upon me thy tender heart
that I may cradle it gently within my palms
that its beauty may give my soul a start  
that I may ache in agony if we were to part

wrap around me like a satin sheet
brush  the raised hairs upon my skin
and give my heart a racing beat
and allow loves nectar to flow within  

Come to me like a warmed breeze
As I close my eyes and you caress my hair
our love as vibrant in color as the autumn leaves
as I gaze upon your visage so fair  

fill my being as an empty cup
till I runneth over  
and shower you with kisses as an innocent pup  
as you are my precious charm,  my lady luck, my four leaf clover  

Bestow upon me thy tender heart
that I may cradle it gently within my palms
that its beauty may give my soul a start  
that I may ache in agony if we were to part
Elvis okumu Nov 2015
Through beaded tears, and trembling body
the wil-o-wisp of fears leave you tiered and groggy
your pain is as an iron blade on the tongue
a matalic mixture of sorrow and angush  that extend for so long  
ah that you would find some relief
that your hunched form may straighten to joy's belief
but these are only my wishes, inconsiquntial  
try as I might they will never prove to be influential

I would hold your trembling form
and in doing, offer what little comfort that I may afford  
For your agony feels as if it is my own
and betwist us I pray a healing balm be born  
for there is no joy in isolation
compounded by pain's desolation

But all things constant, if  another were to wade into the icy waters
the cold as slicing knives to the skin  
with the knowlege that there would be naught but suffering
but with the intent to suffer with you  
Then we would but clutch to each others trembling forms
and within pains bitter writhing cold  
we would find peace, as our journey to the dark abyss began to unfold

For my love for you extends as a bridge between us two
Know that you need not suffer alone
I shall stand as a home from the pain you you knew  
and I would stay and suffer with you
Elvis okumu May 2015
Go boldly into the light
Thy book of destiny under arm
The horizon within thy sight
Go boldly into the unknown
To see sights as of yet unshown
And grasp thy pen firmly  
Spin a tale we may not forget
Answer loudly to adventures call
Sure footed that you may not slip and fall
And in every venture always stand tall
Such that lesser men to you will always crawl
Write in they book with great strokes
And leave a mark on this world
Such that they may sing of your great work
As greatness around you will always lurk
Go forth my friend fondly and steadfast
For I know we will meet again
And what a tale you will have for me then.
Elvis okumu Apr 2015
I have my hand on a chain
I am pulled along and the drain is insane
I can't obstain or restrain the pain I feel as I am dragged alond the feild
But I won't let it go, I won't let you steal the way I feel
make a meal of me, and then say it wasn't a big deal  
My body is battered and broken, and I am always beholden  
I have more to do as my time is always  bespoken  
The chain is harder and harder to hold on
and way is harder and harder to forge on.  
I am tiered and honestly, sometimes I  don't feel as if I can go on  

But I won't let go

Because i refuse to let the world know  
That it has beaten me
I won't let that dept grow nor will I ever slow.  
I will meet you blow for blow  
from the tides of spring to winters snow  
As the acorn falls and the rains do flow
And you will watch that oak tree grow
from a sapling as you and I are grappling
You won't understand what is happening.  
You will think that I am a creature of  some crazy fantacy.  

Why do I go on, I couldn't tell you.
Death just seems more fun if only I knew how to
But this heart of mine just keeps beating  
And I just continue living and my hand keeps on gripping
and I will be ****** if I just up and leave it.

I am a molded wreking ball
unhappy unless I am wrecking
For when I am not, I am only a ball
even the wrecking part of my name just falls  
And  whats the point of being just a ball
For when I was created I was called the wrecking ball

My pourpose is in my duty
My duty is in my pourpose  
and whats worse, the course I am on
would be gone without this chain  
So how can I complain even when I am in pain
Without this chain I would be plain  
I would be a ball detached from the crain.

So go on, and I will hold on
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