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eileen mcgreevy May 2010
you're a man, that's a given,
But you're mine, that's a fact,
All my faults you've forgiven,
You don't want what i lack,
You're a guy, of that i know,
But you're my guy, thank god,
Every day our love grows,
You're my staff, and my rod.
When my eyes close, you're there,
I can smell your sweet breath,
My emotions laid bare,
I am yours until death.
You have tasted such terror,
Which no longer will occur,
When you look in the mirror,
You will see that im there.
Look beyond your male ego,
And just let yourself fall,
For i'm here, right behind you,
You no longer will crawl.
We can help one another,
See it through this one life,
You are one in a million,
And together we'll strive...
copyrights belong to me, eileen mcgreevy
eileen mcgreevy Sep 2010
They say it makes the heart grow fonder'
It does indeed, i say,
For when you're not around for me,
It's hard to get through the day.

I wonder who you're talking to,
I feel so envious,
They get to hear your sweet voice dear,
Those people on your bus.

I ponder how i'll carry on,
Without your loving arms,
And yearn so very achingly,
To have your wonderous charms.

I miss you darling, every day,
But you fail to understand,
How delicate this abscence has left me,
My life is in your hands.
eileen mcgreevy Aug 2010
The promenade was lovely,
The lights shone over us,
And moonlight shimmered magically,
The fireflies made a fuss.

Before we knew it, there it was,
A violin quartet,
I leaned towards you "Marry me" i said,
And how you wept.

You stood there, silent for a while,
At first i thought i blew it,
Then, tenderly you held me close,
And sighed to me "Let's do it".

But still unsure, i pulled away to see your ice blue eyes,
The smile upon your lovely face was such a sweet surprise,
"I vow to spend forever with you dear, i love you babe",
And here we are, just you and me, a couples serenade.
eileen mcgreevy Nov 2009
The dinner was made, but something was wrong,
She tried to eat something, appetite, gone,
The view from the kitchen was a sky black and grey,
She got under the table to get out of the way.

Even moms home made cooking couldn't beckon her out,
For she knew fine and well, that a storm was about,
Such a crash, then a light filled the kitchen completely,
Then a hug from two arms,"Daddy please dont you leave me".

As her body was lifted to a warm loving place,
Daddy wiped away tears from her four year old face,
Then it seemed as though nothing could hurt her somehow,
Not the storm, not the flash, not the terrible howl.
As the storm grifted by, daddy hushed her to sleep,
Snuggles up with his baby,safe and warm for to keep.
eileen mcgreevy Nov 2009
All the kings men,
Cannot put me together again,
Rebuild my heart from new,
That is only for you to do.

All the kings men,
Cannot help me to love again,
When i want to love, too much,
I only want to feel your touch.

All the kings men,
Will not stop me again,
To escape from this ****** wall,
I need you to help me when i fall.

a poem by Christopher Glynn John Smith 20 n0v 2009
eileen mcgreevy Mar 2010
She sits alone ,
He's not coming,
She waits and waits.

She cries alone,
He's stopped caring,
She wails and wails.

She dies alone,
He's done loving her,
She fades and, fades.
eileen mcgreevy Oct 2010
Her body aches for him nightly,
The moonlight shows her writhe,
She tries to make believe,
His mouth caressing both her thighs,
Her fingers gently stroking,
The void she needs to fill,
Her back is arched, her moans
entice her fluid to overspill,
Her vision of her soulmate,
Is tender, warm and sweet,
But passion takes them over, when
she visits and they meet,
Her body aches for him nightly,
The moonlight brings them close,
She waits for him to haunt her dreams,
And love her, head to toe.
eileen mcgreevy Aug 2010
Gently take through til dawn dear,
This lonely night is so unkind,
Wash me down with rays of love light,
Brighten up this troubled mind.

Please assist me through this hell dear,
Usher past those demon dreams,
All consuming loving wings here,
Take this heavy heart and love it clean.

I am here now, in the dark dear,
Bring your light and shelter me,
Take me home now, kiss away my tears,
Only you, i long to see X...
eileen mcgreevy Jan 2010
The hatches need fastening, there's a srorm brewing,
It's in the tone of my loves voice, he's hiding what he's doing,
The clouds pile in above his head, and darkness is descending,
I can't get through in time to tell him, my love is never ending.

He braves the storm with passion, and i see him suffer still,
He tries to hide these doubts he has, i guess he always will,
Whatever way he comes to me, is perfect either way,
I lay in bed on stormy nights, and dream of such a day.

Two is always better, when the storm is coming close,
His words relax my aching heart,that i'm the one he chose,
I wish he'd let me stop the rain, and stroke and keep him warm,
My sweet caresses bringing on, a lull in the storm.

             (c) 10/01/10
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
Your feet smell,
But i know they'd walk a thousand miles for me.

Your hands are always cold,
But the slightest touch sends me to paradise.

You bottle things up,
But i also know my love is in there along with your emotions.

You're too far away,
But every minute of every day, i feel your breath on my neck my love.

You have anger issues,
But that proves how passionately you feel, in your heart.

All this said??, i am ginger,a ****** day walker,
So thankyou for putting up with me this past year...

                                           (c) 2010
eileen mcgreevy Mar 2010
You, beautiful as you are,
Exit into the dawn,
Along with its mist, and dawn chorus,
From your much loved singers on the wing.
You drift by, all weary from the nightly nurture,
Upon less than thankful recipients,
But the light appears upon spring and summer months,
You angel of maintainence,
Sheer selflessness appears from you as you anticipate the seemingly joyous evening ahead,
And yet succumb to the imminent sleep so needed, yet so dreaded.
But know this, my night angel, i ponder aimlessly upon your endless comfort towards strangers old and young,
And realise, my love, that you were sent here from heaven in days to come,
For me, to keep me alive and sustain my life with your sheer presence, my elixir that is you, my life blood... MY CHRISTOPHER
(C) 22/3/2010 ELLY
eileen mcgreevy Oct 2010
Do you love it when I smile?,
Do you love it when I open MY heart ?,
IF so, you never say.

Are you glad that you're MY friend?,
Have you got blessings for ME this week?,
IF so, you never say.

I am the one at the back of YOUR class,
I am the muse aching for YOUR attention,
When your praise is all,"yeah yeah".

I don a dunce hat, and sit here,
In the corner,
For YOUR approval.....
(c) copyright by eileen mcgreevy 2010
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
The air is thick with perfume and cologne,
It's that time again,girls and boys out on the prowl,
Ladies flashing their fingers, to show tyey're alone,
Men responding while she walks by, with a growl,
Hormones flying all over the place,false everything,
Why cant we just be ourselves,
Make-up caked round their faces creating a ring,
To the point where we consist of chemist shelves,
Nails, skin,eyes, hair, teeth, all out of a bottle,
Surely guys, you dont like these orange girls,
Au naturale thoughts make them gag and throttle,
Spray tan this, false up that,wear a tooth pick, and swirl,
Take one home and next morning, her face is on the pillow,
And your sheets have turned bronzy gold,
You've just stood on a falsie, lacerating your big toe,
Half an hour in the bathrrom and your water is cold,
But the funny thing is, when she leaves all so bare,
You find out that she's very attractive,
Then tonight, when you see her, with very big hair!,
Call a cab, run away, to the next gig...

                                                        (c) 2010
eileen mcgreevy May 2010
I heard your voice,

I swear, i felt you touch me,

You sang that silly song to me,

I could smell your beautiful body,

We made love, slow,
And heartfelt,

Then fast, and frantic,

You whispered"I love you Elly",


I awoke!,

And, died,

A dream is the closest thing i'll ever get to you,

My love...
eileen mcgreevy Nov 2009
I rode behind him, ******* on a handsome steed,
My head against his strong, fragrant, sweaty back,
I'm sure, as we reached the woods with speed,
That he deliberately rode off the beaten track.
A cabin stood not fat from us,my heart began to race,
My body ached for his soft wet tongue, to slip beneath my lace,
The lake was like an ice rink, not a ripple to be seen,
I fantasised my open legs would float him in between.
Dismounting with such grace, he held out his arms so strong,
And swept me down upon the grass, inhibitions gone,
We shared each moment tenderly at first, with touch and taste,
The water hid our mouths and hands,my chastity he chased,
The ripples increasing faster now, our passion mounting so,
And breathless panting i let out, while learning what he showed,
The fluid love between us seeped from me, and then from him,
Explosions i have never felt before, and never since,
We dressed eachother gently, taking in eachothers beauty,
And off he carried me toward the cabin, intent on marital duty..

                       "But That's Another Story"

(c) eileen mcgreevy 2009
eileen mcgreevy Mar 2010
I know what you're like,
Sitting there at your desk,
Eyeing me up and down,
Making me feel like a pest.

It's not even your money,
Yet you act like it is,
Just give me the **** form,
I too can be a whizz.

You look so condescending,
Yet you're barely out of school,
Your cologne smells like a chemist,
You think you're so **** cool.

You know i've been approved,
But you dangle it like a fish,
You leer at my ******* so blatantly,
Yeah, dream on mate, you wish!.

Just hand the ****** cheque over,
Before i lose my rag,
Keep telling yourself you're important,
Then, go choke on a ***! IDIOT!!
(c)    This is actually a true story..
eileen mcgreevy Jan 2011
The flames were so high, Byron was fighting hard against them, to no avail."Megan"!,"Megan"!, screaming her name, he felt engulfed,  and light headed.A thousand thoughts raced through his head, panic, seering pain with every breath he took, call an ambulance, Megan,s screams cut through him like lasers, she was trapped, scared, how must she be feeling right now?
Wood crackled, metal creaked, echos, lights, sirens!
Byron jumped, bolt upright in bed,"O ****, ****",another nightmare, each one bringing his memory closer to what happened in their cottage they had built together.
Byron was working from Leeds, commuting to Killough, his favourite village in Ireland, well, it had to be, it's where he and Megan had met. He'd planned to run the architecture business from home.HA!, home, where was that?, he wasn't sure anymore.
As Byron strolled into the bathroom, turning on the shower he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror.Almost forgetting the scars he had aquired from the fire, those visible reminders that his electrician was skimming from the funds, cutting corners, greedy little *******. The sight was gone from his right eye, and his face bore severe scarring right down to the collar bone. A small price to pay, at least he made it out alive.
He made a mental note to get back to Killough, this very night, to see Megans grave.He'd settle for anything, any reminder of Megan, she was slipping away from him, he couldn't have that, ever...another reason for moving to Killough.
part 11/20 from the novel"beautiful words" (c) eileen mcgreevy and chris smith 2011
eileen mcgreevy Jan 2011
Landing at Belfast International Airport always made Byron feel better, but nowhere near the way he used to feel when Megan was alive. He was glad for the busy workload ahead of him, a very welcome distraction.
The latest nightmare revealed more to him than usual, which, according to his phsychiatrist, was a good thing. Climbing into a  cab, Byron opened his laptop and immediately noticed the little envelope at the top of the screen. Messages from the site. Beautiful Words was a luxury, especially since adding his new friend, pen name Maiden, real name, Holly.
Byron could be a normal person on the site, no disfigurements, no judgement, and nobody would ever know about the fire, his failure to save his Megan.Of course, people could read between the lines but that was unlikely.
The message from Holly read "Dearest Phantom, i was so moved by your latest poem..." It went on to state her amazement at Byrons last name, Lorde. " is it really true? so, your name is lord Byron in reverse?" Byron felt a little flutter of excitement at the thought of someone noticing his name, for the first time,.
Byrons mother was a lover of poetry, especially romantic poets, hence his name.The opportunity was irresistable , her name being Lorde.Megans grandfather would poke fun at Byron, saying he was lucky his mother didn't like Edgar Allen Poe.
He almost replied immediately but noticed he'd reached his destination, shutting the laptop, promising himself to pay more attention to beautiful Words, Holly, Jester,  and the rest of the crowd.
Byrons shrink was moonlighting at the local hospital, community work made him feel more human, less robot-like."Well well well," Byron and jake were friends from way back, even before Megan.After the fire,Byron would surely have given up, had it not been for Jake.He poured them both a mineral water while Byron made himself comfy, he knew the drill. The age old cliche, lay down on the couch, close your eyes, "Count backwards from 10, slowly drifting off the closer you get to 1,".
Byron could smell the smoke, taste the charcoal at the back of his throat. He could see her, more clearly than before....
(c) chris smith/eileen mcgreevy  2011
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2011
Seering pain at the back of his throat, he could just make her out through the haze."Megan",Byron wondered if she could hear him, taking a deep breath, he held his arm over his face. He made a bee line straight for Megan, noticing her hand gestures for him to move, never, not without her.
A beam was shooting off sparks in all directions, causing Byron to lose sight for just a second. He felt a crushing pain in his ribs, he fell back trying to steady himself. Then another, and the beam landed between them, exploding into a million fireflies. The heat became unbearable, he was blind, hot, and heart broken."We love you my darling, always"
"And counting back buddy, we go, 10,9,8, and you're slowly coming back, so, 7,6," Byron didn't want to come back, not without her." And 5, Bryon, 4,3, and your eyes are feeling lighter,".He woke to the sense that he'd been crying, his face was wet, he was breathless, and his heart hurt so, so much.
"So, tell me, can you remember why you were clutching your chest buddy?"It all became so clear, it just opened up like a blooming flower, she pushed him! Megan pushed him from the falling beam, causing it to strike her.She, she saved his life!.
Jake sat back in his chair with his hands behind his head and sighed, his job was done. "I love my job", grinning like a cat that got the cream."Drink?". Byron sat up and pursed his face with his hands."Why don't i feel better man?", something was bugging him. Jake stood up and helped Bryon to his feet. "Let's go get that drink buddy, then i'll complete the puzzle for you, you're ready".......
copyright chris smith/eileen mcgreevy 2011
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2011
The alarm stole Byron from his sleep at 5.30 am, a mere 2 hours after stumbling in from one of his so-called little drinks with Jake. Looking down at himself, he'd noticed he hadn't even managed to undress, and , the lack of boxers and an open fly, told him he'd had ***. A pink stamp on his hand, and a faint smell of perfume confirmed his suspected visit to the ******* he visited in the early days with Jake. Before Megan, obviously, but also afterwards, when the anger took hold, sometimes he would stay for hours on end, just soaking up the ***, drink, beautiful girls, telling his story to anyone who'd listen.
Strong painkillers and a full english breakfast saved him from the brink, so much so, he decided to log on, see what was happening on Beautiful Words.Various feed back comments, the usual slight flirtations from some of the female writers, and 7 messages from maiden. He typed in the search for poems and his latest batch were a big hit. "Phantom has 7 new messages from Maiden".(My Torment) had 14 reactions,(she is gone) and ( Megan) was gathering quite an audience, and Holly was slowly realising the pain in these pieces, real, solid pain.So much so, she joined the group. Byron scolled down to the last message  from Maiden. "Dearest Phantom, i feel so much empathy for you and your current situation. Please feel free to talk with me any time you want".Byron wondered if she'd still be as interested if she could see his scars, if she knew he had blindness in one eye, a scar running down the whole of his right ****** area, down to his collar bone.
"Jesus! Aw Jesus!. Byron grabbed his mobile and practically punched in Jakes number, he'd remembered something form the night before. He dared not go there, not without confirmation from Jake, ring ring ring ring "Answer the ******* phone, you divvy!!!!!". The reciever clicked,"Jake, Jake, get your ******* *** over here! NOW!!".Jake knew what he had coming." Just don't shoot the messenger mann". Shoot the messenger?, shoot the ******* messenger?, byron was likely to beat the messenger to death with a beer bottle.
The next 20 minutes was a blur, starting with some brandy, followed by a few smashed plates, an accidental smashing of Megans picture, and some sobbing.Turning the door handle, very very slowly, Jake crept through the door, taking in the deluge. Byron was sitting on the floor, exhausted and crying. "Look pal, she swore me to secrecy, **** it up. It's done! "Ah , **** it up!, that's your advise," Byron felt the blood rise in him, his temple veins were bulging," **** it up, my fiance was pregnant, you knew, you ****, and you want me to **** IT UP!!".
A glass flew in the direction of Jakes head, connecting perfectly, causing him to run for the kitchen, "You said you wouldn't **** the messenger", "Agreed BUDDY" Bryon said sarcastically, "But i didn't say i wouldn't kick 40 shades of **** outta ya!". Byron caught up with Jake and connected a punch, right in the sternom, enough to tear a huge grunt from him, doubling him over. Jake stumbled to the floor of the hall, half running, half dragging his feet. A few more smacks round the head and an airborn candle stick was all it took for Jake to finally plead enough already. The lifelong friends lay on the plush hall carpet, Byron wondering how the hell they would get past this, Jake wondering how many stitches he needed, and if that fit blonde chick was free tonight for a lap dance, and some ***,....
(c) chris smith/ eileen mcgreevy 2011
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2011
While Jake was nursing his broken head, Byron was nursing his broken heart.The journey to the hospital was a silent and tense one."Why Jake?", Byron almost laughed at the sight of his friend as he turned to face him, blood all caked to his head, Jake was always a ***** when it came to physical pain. "She swore me to secrecy buddy, she was going to tell you when the cottage was finished. It was a fluke, i saw her at the hospital and she *had to tell me".
A sudden pang of guilt hit Byron, as he looked at the gaping wound on Jakes head. Now, every time he would see the scar, he would remember how it got there. Being a shrink at the hospital had its perks, enabling the two disshevelled men to bypass reception and straight to triage.Byron was beginning to wish he'd brought his laptop with him, he was so bored to the point where he actually contemplated going home."YES, at last", "Jesus bud we've only been here half an hour".
After much deliberation, Byron finally made it home. He headed straight for his laptop. A strange and curious thing to do. Still stained literally from blood sweat and tears. *Ping, a dozen messages on Beautiful Words. Some from his good friends on there,Vampyric, Jester, Lady Luck and, "Yes", Maiden."Dearest Phantom, its been a few days and i know you're uneasy, i can sense it somehow, i meant it when i said i was here for you, feel free to contact me on here, or by email.Kind regards, Maidenx" Byron found his thoughts wandering towards Holly, Maiden, such a sweet, girly name. He began to wonder what she looked like, blonde?, brunette maybe?.
He started writing, writing a poem, for Maiden, he found himself imagining her with pale skin, soft burlesque curves, and, red hair! Real fiery, Megan red, he could feel that little knot at the pit of his stomach, that age old electric shock, the one that felt so good, yet carried with it a sense of dread. A seed opening up, pupating slowly, like a butterfly, eventually becoming a million butterflies,...........
(c) chris smith/eileen mcgreevy 2011  This is the last of my installments as Chris will be taking over for 5 parts. See you in 5
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2011
Byron couldn't get home quick enough to get a drink, so much so, he stopped at a wine bar not far from the hospital and swallowed two large jack daniels.
He felt sick to his stomach when he saw Holly, standing there in all her beauty, looking every inch the throw back of his very own Megan.
Every nerve in his body felt like electric, his first instinct was to run, far away, perhaps back to Leeds where her ghost cant be seen.He started thinking he'd had a vision or something , too much alcohol and strip clubs for one lifetime.
After a hot shower and a few more Jacks, Byron began to see things clearer. He was more focused now. He clicked open his laptop, typed in "Beautiful Words", and began reading. He read for hours, all the poetry by Maiden,the same Maiden he'd thought about, the same Maiden he'd envisioned with red hair, ample *******, and an innocence about her, like Megan.Jake was gonna have a hard time explaining this one to Byron !!, "Let's see what you're worth now, buddy!!"
Thinking back to earlier, Holly didnt flinch when she saw his face, his scarred and mishapen face."Well now" thought Byron," perhaps life is worth living after all".......
(c) chris smith/eileen mcgreevy 2011
eileen mcgreevy Oct 2010
Little, red, and a bit of a ****,
The truancy officer visited grandma's hut,
Red has been fondling with the wood cutters wood,
And lost it, so she cut it off, as best she could.

She's now got a taste for it, her and the wolf,
So she lures all the young girls,and feeds them vermouth,
Then , when under the influence, they feel a bit woosie,
She'll cut off their heads, and eat their, ahem, excuse me!.

So don't go into the woods from now on,
Because Red and her Wolf are waiting til dawn,
With their axe that she stole from the wood cutter,
And, mr.Wolfman, with claws and teeth, hatching a plan!
a challenge ste to me from Helen, and Rachel .. (c) eileenmcgreevy@ymail.com2010
eileen mcgreevy Dec 2010
I thought i was the chosen one,
The feeling was amazing,
But i fell for a frozen one,
His heart drives me crazy,
He'll let me in,but just a bit,
Then pull away, and make me cry,
He'll tease with words of marriage,
Then disappear, and say goodbye,
A veil of black and lonely cloth,
Imprisons him, but we both know,
He's strong enough to rip it up,
Instead he chooses to let me go
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
Now then,(Clicks fingers and stretches out),,,I know you men out there will think i'm all cahoots,But i need to vent my feelings on the, ever, splendid, boot,There,s black boots white boots, really outta sight boots,Baby boots, Mummy boots, ever just so yummy boots,X boots, Y boots, black patent leather thigh boots,(MMMMMM)Flat boots, high boots, heels like a needles eye boots,Work boots, shopping boots, **** , real eye popping boots,Going to visit mum boots, feeling very glum boots,Welly boots, smelly boots," i'm just watching telly" boots,Car boots,"?" truck boots, "come on babe, let's ****" boots,All these boots and more would make a woman want to swear,But guys, you haven't heard me go on about our underwear!!!
Just a wee attempt at trying to help you guys understand the importance of boots!!  Copyright solely by eileen mcgreevy, irish maiden, wiked red witch 2010
eileen mcgreevy May 2010
I watched a movie tonight,
I saw myself in her.
Not that pretty, but very bright,
And wished the man she loved, loved her.

His pity uneases her,
But she knows the truth,
He's afraid to leave her,
In case she jumps off the roof.

He's smart, sensitive, but not always there,
She's willing to cope,
wanting a life to share.

Such confusion she feels,
Is he there or is he gone?,
Pleading nightly, will he tell her,
Or just lead her on?.

Thanking god, but she curses him,
Bringing such beauty to her,
Will he send her to hell?
Or will he simply conferr??
yeah yeah eileen blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 2010
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
She frequents here most weekend nights,*******, long kegs, freaky appetite,Her eyes scan every inch of the club,Wet ***, all hard and *****, to hell with love.She licks her lips, and warmly, her other lips respond,She sees her prey and grins at knowing this night will be long,They stroll towards her knowingly, they are the lucky ones,She straddles one, while the other mouth makes her come.Moaning ***** words, and writhing, her **** are bouncing freely,Two on one's her favourite, it makes her come so gleely,Her wet tongue finds something hard and veiny, she takes it in her mouth,Her stroking slips and slides make both guys moan and pant out loud.His ******* dangles over her, she's begging for a ****,The other's fingers enter her, she loves a finger ****,Her mouth fills up with pleasure juice, she comes onto his fingers,She licks it off, but takes her time,intent to make it linger...
eileen mcgreevy Aug 2010
I know i shouldn't say this,Cause, really, i am blessed,

But why did god, postpone our meeting,

While pairing off the rest?,

I know we met eventually,

But i cant help but moan,

For all the years i lived without you,

Let's waste no more time,

"Come home",
eileen mcgreevy Aug 2010
She looked so sweet when she was born,
An angel in disguise,
You walk the floors, your shoes are worn,
You can't believe her lies.

She knows just how to play you now,
She knows what face to pull,
But you've grown tired of her ways now,
Dad is no more the fool.

You do the best you can by her,
But all she sees is spite,
Your actions prove your love for her,
But she can't see the light.

So where's the thanks we get from them,
When they are grown and gone?,
No compensation here my friend,
Trust me, you're on your own!

                                       (a poem for someone special who's having a hard time with his daughter, we all know how THAT one goes eh?)
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
She knew she had it coming, he was due home any minute,
That stupid ****** letter, she knew she should have binned it.
The door flies open, in he storms, angry flaring nostrils,
"So baby, you think you're leaving me for that ******* at the sawmill?".
She backs up, knowing what's in store, he locks them both inside,
She runs away, to no avail, there's nowhere she can hide.
He catches her and spreads her legs and lifts her to the table,
On top of her, he violates, he's obviously unstable.
"Let him take you now *****", spitting words into her mouth,
Then just as quickly as it started, he sighs and pulls it out.
The facade returns, her chores begin, she aches for her sweet lover,
He'll come one day to rescue her, and save her from her father.
eileen mcgreevy May 2010
I opened my eyes this morning,
The first thing i thought of was you.
And, POW,
Licking my lips,
Towards that place,
You know,
Our favourite place?,
Pretending my fingers, were yours,
Moaning for you,
My back arching,
Welcoming the coming, tidal wave,
The rush,
Only you can give,
******* *****,
Chanting your name,
My head flies back,
My free hand,
Grasps the satin sheets,
The ones we like,
And, upon me,a glimpse of the paradise,
The utopia that waits for us,  soon......
Almost passing out, i scream your name,
Well, i can't WAIT til tonight!!!
eileen mcgreevy Oct 2010
I see you, yeah!, you,
Ya *******!.
Leave him alone, take me instead!,
******* and your vaccuum,
I'm done, take me instead, He's got so much more to give.
Standing there, hiding, in the shadows,
Cowardly *******!
Leave him alone!!
Take me, take me!
eileen mcgreevy Mar 2010
Hush!, he approaches,Rush!, here his coach is,Try to tame the loud thumps your frightened heart makes,Stop!, or he'll see you,Chop!, that's what he'll do,Dismemberment of you, and just a moment it takes. Come! let me show you,Run! this you must do,Evading the sharp strike from his long and shiny knife,Look!, keep your eyes peeled,Shook!, that's how you'll feel,If he ensnares you, he will bleed away at your life. Oops!, i've decieved you,Nice!, how i played you,Enticing you right into my masters eerie lair,Now!, you grow weaker,Vow!, i must seek her,I must satisfy his lust for more maidens so fair... 
eileen mcgreevy Nov 2009
Define the state of human being as empty,

Define the state of human being as alone,
At one,

Define the state of human being spent,
No more....
eileen mcgreevy Oct 2010
All frills on top, but you're still beautiful,
All make up on your face, but without it you're awsome,
Curls piled high on your head, but it looks amazing first thing.

I guess what im trying to say is,
In spite of your efforts to try to be better,
You've missed the point. YOU ALREADY ARE!

The crook of your neck smells adorable,
Even when you haven't bathed for a while,
Because that is your essence, your own scent.

So, dont change, not for me, not for him,
My beautiful, bohemian, non conformist,
Sweet baby girl...
eileen mcgreevy Apr 2010
Is it always so dark inside of you babe?

Do you really feel so lost and alone?

Dont you know that i'm here babe?

No matter what's going on in there....

I'll give you a torch, so you can see babe,

I need for you to trust me, from the inside,

You know, way deep in there, where its dark,

The darker it is, the bigger the torch babe,

Let me be your torch babe?
eileen mcgreevy Oct 2010
Her favourite night of the year approaches,
The veil between life and death will slip,
When ghouls, banshees  and ghosts leave their coaches,
And the headless horseman leaves with the crack of his whip.

Sure, she'll dress like a vamp, wearing plastic fangs,
And she'll play her part well, at this new night club spot,
Just a few, well selected mere mortals will hang,
For this party appears to be all that it,s not.

When she checks in her cloak, with the strange looking girl,
She is handed a drink, from an ancient vessel,
"What is it?", she 'll ask,"Oh just give it a whirl",
So she swigs, not seeing the bottle necks tossil.

As a tingle is closing her airways so tight,
She becomes quite aware of what she's drinking,
And she looks out the window, to see fading light,
And the floor feels like quicksand, she's sinking.

Her host appears, chanting, and everyone follows,
They claw at her , like they were starving,
And feed on her blood, she is shocked as it flows,
As she sees on her wrists, all the carvings.

Such a need to belong, left her lying, undead,
Just so she could appear,so delightful,
Now she feeds on the weak, ****** girls in their bed,
Crawling back in her hole, in wait for nightfall.
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
Stumble, try to get up.
Fail, fall again.
Try, get up,
Fall once more.
Come on! Think of what you stand to lose!,
Raise your head.
You look it right in the eye,
Something takes over,
You can do it.
You get up,
Stumble, but stay up.
Stronger, quicker, you respond,
It's all coming back,
Becoming clearer,
Your back straightens up,
Almost there, almost,
There! There ya go,
Sanity restored, energy back.
Yes. back. . . . . for now!!
eileen mcgreevy Jun 2010
You saw what happened to her,
Yet nothing was reported,
Your guilt shows in the mirror,
All ugly, and distorted.
At first you hated sis so much,
You'd wished that she was dead,
But daddy got a hold of her too,
"You're safe now son", he said.
You once thought she was the lucky one,
That she somehow escdaped his wrath,
Until that day, you saw your sibling, crying in the bath.
Her thighs showed signs of self betrayal,
She'd cut herself with hate,
And here you are, void of self respect,
Accepting dads clean slate.
His stepping back from you was proved,
As nothing but a lull,
He'd moved on from his precious son,
To daddy's little girl,
So what do you do now, dear brother?,
Standing here at my grave,
Do you avenge my suicide,
Or save the life that gave,,,,
eileen mcgreevy 2010
eileen mcgreevy Nov 2010
Dear father time, it's only me,
I've come to ask a favour,
Could you please hurry time along?,
I yearn to see my lover,
We speak so seldom, this past while,
I fear he'll somehow tire of me,
His sentiments are getting scarce,
I pray someday he'll marry me,
So, if you please, i need your help,
Please hurry time along,
I promise i'll cherish every moment,
From that first moment on....
eileen mcgreevy Oct 2009
Can you hear the wind blow?
Can you hear what it's saying?
I can sense, your pain is too much,
You must not think of staying.

Im brave enough for now,
I've practised and learned,
You must spread your wings,
And you must leave this earth.

Something wonderful waits for you,
Something you've been waiting for,
There's something very tranquil there,
So spread your wings and soar.

If leaving me should worry you,
Then try your best, fear not,
Because if your pain dies with you,
Then i'll release this love i've got.

So close your eyes my baby,
And know how much you're loved,
And stretch your wings, be on your way,
To heaven, like a dove......
eileen mcgreevy Nov 2009
So, you're sitting in a doctors room, wondering why you can't stop crying,
When he enters saying"It's good news" a result from all that trying.
In a haze you drive to tell your mum, she knows from the silly grin,
And there and then, you buckle up, this journey is about to begin.
So, vomiting and painful *******, and screaming at your husband,
Is part and parcel to this little nightmare, nature calls pregnant.
Oh, don't forget the stretchmarks, and the piles that grow like grapes,
And mood swings, constipation, and eating sticky tape?!,
And now you're halfway through your quest, you look so beautiful,
Your hair and skin look radient, maintaining health is dutiful,
Then little kicks bring on the tears as both of you embrace,
And watching as the tv screen shows up a tiny face.
As weeks turn into months, you begin the preparation,
With practise runs for when its time to get to the nurses station.
Your feet have disappeared from sight, no need for the nail clippers,
And lack of sympathy from him, as your feet look like fluffy slippers.
The lack of room within your womb means little or no sleep,
The inability to get up, so give in, stay in the seat,
So here we go, your waters break, and hubby thinks you've peed,
You tell him"Get the car, or i will squash you like a seed!".
The pleas for pain relief and stupid questions from the nurses,
You try to answer politely, between the frequent curses,
The final throes are happening, you're screaming like a pig,
And out she comes, the miracle, "Oh look, isn't she big?!",
Then suddenly all the pain and grief are suddenly forgotten,
"A boy next" Those famous last words of your poor husband!
eileen mcgreevy Sep 2010
Upon first setting eyes on him,
She thought she'd found a mate,
His skin was milky white,
And eyes so dark, they looked like slate,
His body scent reminded her of resting homes and coffins,
His icy touch sent shivers down her back, thus sensing all things.

Seduction followed shortly after dinner, on this night,
He hovered over her sweet breath, and killed the candle light,
She felt his mouth caress her neck, it bore a strange effect,
A tingle, then a sharp loud pop, "This cannot be correct",
The trickled stream of blood was licked away from her sweet breast,
A shock flowed through her, climaxing, before he let her rest.

She felt entranced by his dark stare, ******* for her master,
A dreamlike state was all she felt, while he just floated past her,
He took her body, several times, before he took her soul,
She groaned for him as he drained her life while aiming for the goal,
Another ****** captivated under tall, dark, handsome,
Resist the stare, before he holds you next, your life to ransom!
eileen mcgreevy Oct 2009
She sits at night, spinning spells of love and luck,
Splashes inscense over hair and hides it under a rock,
Chanting affirmations through a darkened midnight mirror,
Making talismans with earthly blessings for the wearer,
Waxing moon, waning moon, full or half or crescent,
She will make pain go away, or teach someone a lesson,
Your deepest wishes she will grant, for that is what she does,
She draws upon the ocean tides without a hint of fuss,
But never will she use her power to hurt, or maim, or ****,
A hedge witch only beckons love, but not against the will,
An alter made from beauty with the softest female touch,
And vestments worn with good intent, to teach us all so much,
Next time you see a hedge witch, tilt your head and say hello,
As she may find you love some day, and you might never know...
eileen mcgreevy Mar 2010
It all seems so unreal,
As if it's just a dream,
But somehow everyone you know,
Are sadder than you know.

A group that's just like you,
All trying to make it through,
We're medicated dummies here,
Can barely count to two.

The signs are everywhere,
With heavy eyes that stare,
No motivation showing here,
We rarely leave the chair.

It's time to break the mould,
Don't stay here til you're old,
Break out of here and run away,
You're eyes are dead and cold.

The action's taken now,
You feel alive somehow,
These pills are working overtime,
Release from sadness' shroud.

Your function's coming back,
No more need for the quack,
The curtain lifts to show the light,
Your old self coming back.

Relief is felt by all,
Your friends begin to call,
But somewhere, hidden in their eyes,
They wait for you to fall...
eileen mcgreevy Sep 2010
I know this vampire Clarence,
He is a hippy vamp,
He never wears dark cloaks,
Or wanders like a *****.

This ghoul is non confomist,
His clothes are sunshine bright,
His fingernails are azure blue,
His favourite drink is sprite.

His blood comes from the blood banks,
He files his fangs twice weekly,
His friends are *** head hippies,
And , ******, he sleeps so sweetly.

He enjoys sleepovers with his girlie friends,
And loves to bathe in milk,
His coffin looks more like a scoobydoo van,
All covered with pink silk.

Im looking forward to halloween,
His parties are the best,
We boogie, all liquered up,
So next day, we can rest.
eileen mcgreevy May 2010
People tell me daily my love,
Our love will never make it,

Their endless taunts dig deep my love,
Sometimes i just can't take it.

But then i hear your voice my sweet,
And the love comes flooding back,

You tell me of their jealousy, my sweet,
And of the true love they lack.

I ache for you at  night,dear lover,
Smelling you in my dreams,

I see the love we make, my lover,
And the mingling of our creams.

What i'm trying to say to you, soul mate,
Is please wait for us to become one,

They may not let you go soon, soul mate,
But i'll be here, when you come home....

                                       I Love You
eileen mcgreevy Apr 2010
My very best friend died today,
Just this morning, he passed away.
He was as loyal as can be,
And was always there for the family.
So, *****, my friend, i will miss you,
And so will all those who knew you.
Of you, god will surely take care,
Running with the angels up there.
So be free *****, and run with grace,
For you my friend, we can never ever replace.....
This piece was written by Christopher Glynn John Smith, for me and my dog, who sadly died this morning 30 April 2010 in his sleep at the age of 15. Thankyou Chris. I love you
eileen mcgreevy Feb 2010
He waits for midnight hungrily,He needs to taste her blood,Her ****** gowns are stripped from her,He'll teach her things so crude.  She'll moan with each caress he gives,Her body rises with lust,The night ahead will seal her fate,But dawn will make him dust.Her teacher shows her how to feed,She's such a willing student,Her vibrance shows, with legs spread wide,No longer is she prudent.The mingling bodies sanctify,An ode to this full moon,She claws her way ever upwards,Her master's coming soon.
(c) eileen mcgreevy 2010
eileen mcgreevy Jul 2010
How can you do that? Be strong and kind and true?
When i know how youre feeling, your whole life, grinding you,
At times i feel you slipping, your tireless patience wanes,
And yet, youre there for me, my love, through all those aches and pains.

You're wonderful, a gem to me, you take it on the chin,
I know the stress you're under, babe, i know the pain you're in.
But still you manage with such strength, to make me laugh with tears,
And for that reason, i love you, and always have these years.

Your talent shines beyond the others, everyone can see,
And facets of your beating gift, just fills my heart with glee,
How can you do that? just a man?, or are you sent from god?
You brush your pain aside for me, my staff, my hero, my rod.... i love you chrisx
for chris.x 2010
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