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Sep 2010
Upon first setting eyes on him,
She thought she'd found a mate,
His skin was milky white,
And eyes so dark, they looked like slate,
His body scent reminded her of resting homes and coffins,
His icy touch sent shivers down her back, thus sensing all things.

Seduction followed shortly after dinner, on this night,
He hovered over her sweet breath, and killed the candle light,
She felt his mouth caress her neck, it bore a strange effect,
A tingle, then a sharp loud pop, "This cannot be correct",
The trickled stream of blood was licked away from her sweet breast,
A shock flowed through her, climaxing, before he let her rest.

She felt entranced by his dark stare, ******* for her master,
A dreamlike state was all she felt, while he just floated past her,
He took her body, several times, before he took her soul,
She groaned for him as he drained her life while aiming for the goal,
Another ****** captivated under tall, dark, handsome,
Resist the stare, before he holds you next, your life to ransom!
eileen mcgreevy
Written by
eileen mcgreevy
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