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Sep 2010
I know this vampire Clarence,
He is a hippy vamp,
He never wears dark cloaks,
Or wanders like a *****.

This ghoul is non confomist,
His clothes are sunshine bright,
His fingernails are azure blue,
His favourite drink is sprite.

His blood comes from the blood banks,
He files his fangs twice weekly,
His friends are *** head hippies,
And , ******, he sleeps so sweetly.

He enjoys sleepovers with his girlie friends,
And loves to bathe in milk,
His coffin looks more like a scoobydoo van,
All covered with pink silk.

Im looking forward to halloween,
His parties are the best,
We boogie, all liquered up,
So next day, we can rest.
eileen mcgreevy
Written by
eileen mcgreevy
       Bardo, What4221 and D Conors
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