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Ethel Bowmaster Sep 2019
Against my skin
Wind cascades
Whispering adventure
As leaves tremble

A fire crackles
Soothing light
Cast into the night
Caressing what surrounds

Chill air lays
With a scent of leaves
Mixing with tea
For a relaxing air

A warm drink
Wonderfully suited for chilly nights
Contrasts the October breeze
The perfect duo
Ethel Bowmaster Aug 2019
A silken black
Draped over the world
A soft touch of wind caressing
Those who wander
Those who ponder
Those who let the beauty
Cascade upon them
For the specks of light shine
Most beautiful
On this backdrop of night
Ethel Bowmaster Jul 2019
With light in heart
Hope in hand
Forever shall I fight
On my wings of life

May my soul burn ablaze
And the sins I will raze
Letting light shine through
Shining on righteousness

The blaze consumes my all
Making the ashes for a new world
Let mercy shine down
Upon those judged thrash

With some paths to hell
Paved in gilded intentions
The path of eutopia
Must not be paved in blood

Let my name be forgotten
Let my eyes become stars
For as long as there’s light
I shall continue the fight
Ethel Bowmaster Jul 2019
A dancer in white
A dancer in black
A circular resonance

A white dove
Dances round her half
Round round round

A black raven
Dances round her half
Round round round

One dancer
Dancing light and dark
A dancer of white and black

One dancer
Dancing dark and light
A dancer of black and white

Two dancers
One dancer
Both the same

The light shines
The dove dances
Only her half

The dark lingers
The raven dances
Only her half

Two birds
One bird
Both the same

Faster faster
The white within
Its resonance

Faster faster
The dark within
Its resonance

Both dancers the same
Always one
Never two

Both birds the same
Always one
Never two

Two birds
Two dancers
One resonance
Ethel Bowmaster Jun 2019
When the day has died
Come to the place the cicadas cry
A longing for what’s beyond
An answer lies within the pond
Deeper, darker, deeper down
But come up before you drown
As the answers that you seek
Lay not in those waters meek
A ghost of times now long since past
Whose body once lay in the grass
A wreathe of candles floats there still
To mourn the body without gills
A horrid sight where they would play
Where one of them forever lay
An accident is what they say
Where the children once would play
When your world has died
Come to the place the cicadas cry
Ethel Bowmaster May 2019
The rain falls
Washing away illusions
Old "truths" shown to be flawed
Old "safeties" hiding a threat
Gone, the  hidden threats of yesterday

The rain falls
Watering the foundations
For a new truth blooms
And new safeties shown
With the false securities gone

The sun shines
Burning away the lies
For they grow brittle
When shone under light of truth
Shattering at the slightest touch

The sun shines
Feeding the truth
The tulip-blossoms grow
More real as more time passes
Whilst under the revealing sun

A helicopter seed
Seemingly lifeless
Falls to the ground
Just to lie there
Abandoned without its twin

A helicopter seed
So full of life
Falls to the fertile soil
Waiting for the rain
To grow a maple strong

The old world
Shown to be flawed
Calcifies  and shatters
Dissolves and washes away
Until only the true remains

The new world
A world progressing
Sends roots into the remains
Seeking out that dissolved truth
Letting a new world flourish
Ethel Bowmaster Apr 2019
An island in a sea of liquid sky
Which spans between worlds
How deep does it go?
Is there anything below?
I cross the bridge spanning the sea
Ripples showing where the sea ends
And where the sky begins
A lighthouse grows as I near the other shore
Warning the skyboats of the shoals below
As the bridge fades away, miles upon miles
The sea of sky recedes, a memory, but nothing more
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