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Sep 18 · 77
flower child Sep 18
I waited for you
You were too busy for me
I cried over you
You were in some other girls sheets
I would do anything for you
You have done nothing but hurt me
I loved you
And all you did was use me
Aug 27 · 1.2k
flower child Aug 27
I still talk about you
Like you hold the world in your hands
flower child Aug 25
You make me wanna scream,
You have made me scream.
I’ve cried over you,
But my heart longs for you.

My head hurts when I think of you.
With her.
Or anyone but me,
You are with everyone but me.
Even when you made me think that’s what you wanted.
I’m sorry I’m not what you wanted.

I tried to be the best for you,
I acted like my best self for you.
You made me feel alive,
You made me feel loved.
Now I feel like nothing,
Just an empty hole.

I have no more energy, no more tears, no more voice to scream for you.
You took the best part of me.
My happiness.
And just when I thought you got the last drop,
You take a little bit more.

Every time I see a new ******* your lap,
Or around your arm.
It breaks me.
Do you know how bad it hurts.
That you can act like you still care for me,
Yet never, ever, show it.

Our friends tell me I could do better.
But to me you were the best.
They tell me I’m worth more than you could ever give me.
It felt like you gave me everything,
Even just by looking at me.

You make my head hurt,
And my stomach turn.
Yet I can’t get over you.
You’ve hurt me more than ever before.
But I can’t let go.
I just want to be able to let go.

Please let me let you go.

I don’t want to love you.
I don’t want to need you.
But for some reason I do.

Here’s to all the times you’ve made me feel happy, loved and confident.

No more tears, but I still cry over you.
Lost voice, yet I still scream because of you.
No more energy, yet I’ll still wait for you.

And my favorite part,
I will still love you.
Aug 22 · 856
flower child Aug 22
I want you
All of you
The good the bad
Everything in between

But do you want me
For everything I am
Like I want you
For everything you are

I’ve grown attached
But you seem distant
Please let me in
I just want you
Aug 21 · 45
flower child Aug 21
I have so much to say
So much to express
But how to put it all in words
Is something I can’t do
Jul 17 · 133
flower child Jul 17
I feel like you don’t care
It shouldn’t be just about me
But it’s not only about you
I’m here too
And I miss you
But you’re long gone
Lost in a world of you
Jul 4 · 179
flower child Jul 4
you’re right in front of me
but I can’t see you
I miss you
please come back
Jun 13 · 679
flower child Jun 13
There’s something not right
I can feel it in my heart
My head is fuzzy
I can’t think straight
What’s happening
Please help me
I’m scared
May 25 · 149
flower child May 25
we are handed so much
without a cost
yet we take it all for granted
it’s unreal
May 18 · 307
flower child May 18
I miss the warmth of your touch across my body
And the way your soft voice told me I felt lovely
I miss you
Apr 21 · 171
flower child Apr 21
everyone sings about their own santa fe
i sing about you
Apr 12 · 1.8k
flower child Apr 12
I break my own heart
Dreaming of the things
Feb 8 · 164
flower child Feb 8
you look at me while my face is turned away
or at least that’s what my friends say

you watch me when I laugh till I cry
it’s as if you see beauty in me with those eyes

you smile as you watch me dance to sounds
as if I’m the one you finally found

you even laugh at my jokes
it gives my heart a love poke

we talked with love in our face, eyes, and even mind
when will we admit we can’t keep it behind

all of me wants you
i know you want me too
I’m falling in love with you
Feb 1 · 143
flower child Feb 1
I see the world in your eyes
I can look and see a life worth living

A love worth fighting

But we hide the feelings
Maybe because we are afraid of losing

But what is there to lose
If we don’t start a beginning
Let’s start a story
With many chapters
Of a life, laughter, and love
Jan 6 · 270
flower child Jan 6
interesting, isn’t it
this whole life thing
we come here to live
just to die
Nov 2018 · 178
flower child Nov 2018
I know it’s wrong
But you just feel so right
Please don’t leave me
Mar 2018 · 61
flower child Mar 2018
The trees high above whispered down below, “if you stop now, you wont know how far you are capable to grow”
Feb 2018 · 816
flower child Feb 2018
Perfect hair falling beside perfect cheeks
Being skinny with the perfect physique       
Starving yourself till the hunger is seen in your eyes                                                             ­                 
But all of it is one messed up lie
We tear ourselves apart for this impossible thing only made in imagination                                              
Trying to become a copy of a bland production of insane addiction

— The End —