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Feb 2014
I lost my way through the empty place,
vacant, with an unrecognizable face,
the nails stick out of the frame,
trying to recall when my last tetanus shot was, i remember the pain,
couldn't feel the blood rushing out,
they asked me what i was looking at, laying on the ground,
i said "the trees, birds, the way the leaves blow in the breeze, a peaceful sound,
they tried to calm my nerves, but i was calm, as calm as the water at low tide,
on that early morning, stolen, boat ride,
those are the memories i will have for ever, my dearest memory,
and when i say dearest memory, i mean it cost me alot, after that court date and probation meeting on the 6th of January,
Dylan Lavercombe
Written by
Dylan Lavercombe  Australia
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