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Whats it be to be handsome?
To have the attention of girls
and then some?
How do I measure self efficacy
when getting a smile
is still a victory?
Should I spend my money
on personal things
or have my wardrobe
bursting at the seams?
Whats the difference between
a lustful stare
and a rejectful laser beam?
Every girl can be hard to get
on welfare
"But there's still someone
for you out there"
Who can see beyond
the mirage at sea
to the core of personality.
If there's nothing
more true than fire,
then why do I feel
the ice consuming *me?
The carts' been put
before the horse again
and now the goods
spill to the floor

Your market shares
have been inflated
and you feel more worthless
than you did before

The black wagon
liquidated the assets
to begin fresh
so you can start over once more

This isn't the bottom
it's an inevitably to the top
apply the failure to the fulcrum
and break through the door.
This once started as a poem
on how I'd get you back.
But the longer I polarized from you
the more my heart turned black.
I thought I could force the pieces to fit
like they were sanguine bonds
when i bled out, I realized
its little more than sweat and spit.
And I ground my limbs down to nubs
trying to fight it
Gradually it came to me that all my effort
was unrequited.
How could i not know i was so alone
when we were together?
Our moods had flown descended
no longer in tandem with the weather.
Your hands felt so good
interlocked with mine
does your new man know
I was someone on the side
or is he in for the same ride?
I might be a thick scab now
slowly, I'll get better.
You'll keep pushing light goes out
but you cant get any deader.
She knows who she is;
no one in an female shell.
She's someone Else's passenger
keeping company as they burn in hell.
Its the kind of despair
that leads a rodeo clown
to sit down and wait
for the bull to come around

Its the kind of fear
that keeps a slave chained
even when the bolts
have been cut and thrown away

Its the kind of regret
that discarding the past
creates a never-ending spiral
of horrors approaching fast

The well is deep and unmerciful
you'll be paid in full
you'd be paid in full
Its ok if it rains
i really wasn't planning
to go outside anyways

despite the stagnant darkness
there's dim light
to be harnessed

this person that I'm mourning
has no express desire
for me to join them

so i wont go out of my way
ill go on until
i get the chance again
to say what i need to say

by then we'll have all the time in the world
but don't mind me if my eyes
are as dry as it is outside
Bolt the locks
destroy the lights
no one who's coming
is still alive
So hold her close
with all your might
cause all the howling
will give her fright
board the windows
keep out of sight
have something near
if you have to fight
when you fade to darkness
it might be alright
just don't tell them
*they're only after you tonight.
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