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Sep 2014 · 308
the most
Drew Joseph Sep 2014
we put our hands up
like we’ve failed
was it love?
no, it’s life.
that bright light
in your eyes,
i miss it the most.

your long hair
and your heart
both made me fall,
just once more
i miss it the most.
Feb 2014 · 525
glass eye
Drew Joseph Feb 2014
presence isn't always noticed by sight
I might be oblivious, but I can see you
through my glass eye.
Aug 2013 · 272
Right Way
Drew Joseph Aug 2013
I don't want to see
Her with someone who will not
Love her the right way.
Aug 2013 · 890
Drew Joseph Aug 2013
**** distance,
we can belong together.
**** distance,
I'm not that far away.
**** distance,
I think it'll be worth it.
**** distance,
Oh, you're scared?
**** distance,
I'll be yours, you'll be mine.
**** distance,
Love will overpower the miles.
Aug 2013 · 328
Fix You
Drew Joseph Aug 2013
You know that I want to
Die in your arms while you
Release the bad you've been through.
I'll Fix your heart - all new.

Your beauty - it's like dove
White, sweet and full of love.
Whenever it comes to push or shove
You'll win - kind of.
Aug 2013 · 809
Drew Joseph Aug 2013
Sometimes I get scared-
I wonder if we will get
To say "I love you".
Aug 2013 · 226
Drew Joseph Aug 2013
Until the day that
I tell you that I love you
Will it be so true
Aug 2013 · 329
To Believe
Drew Joseph Aug 2013
I think I've found
the right girl,
the right love,
the right puzzle piece.

I think I've lost
the wrong girl,
the wrong love,
the wrong puzzle piece.

I think I must
thank the right girl
for leading me to believe
in love again.
To believe that something
right could go in life.
Aug 2013 · 215
Drew Joseph Aug 2013
I dig down
in my deep,
deep despair
and find the words,
the words that
only make sense
to me
to her.
Aug 2013 · 321
Drew Joseph Aug 2013
I just cannot wait
until you call me and we
talk about nothing.

For hours at night
We'll stare at the moon and stars
Like we're together.
Aug 2013 · 320
Drew Joseph Aug 2013
something's in the air.
spelt A-R-T-P-O-P.
is that GAGA?... Yes.
Jul 2013 · 251
useless words
Drew Joseph Jul 2013
all i was trying
to do was help and guide you.
it wasn't wanted.
Jul 2013 · 422
Drew Joseph Jul 2013
i went to our favorite place today.
remember? the one with the jukebox.
it never felt so silent without you.
Jul 2013 · 329
Come back.
Drew Joseph Jul 2013
You have made me wonder
If you actually meant
Those three
Letter words that make
Or break a friendship.
But were
Our talks a friendship?
Were they
More than a friendship?
Why would
We not have more than
Those pairs,
Those couples, the ones
Who are
In love with themselves?
I guess
Those three simple words
"I love you" never

Come back.
Jul 2013 · 257
I'll Die With You
Drew Joseph Jul 2013
Baby, don't give up.
I'll Die With You
Baby, don't be sad.
I'll Die With You
Baby, don't take pills.
I'll Die With You
Baby, don't cut deep.
I'll Die With You
Baby, don't die young.
I'll Die With You
Baby, don't darken.
*I'll Die With You
Jul 2013 · 270
When I go
Drew Joseph Jul 2013
When I go
Don't cry, you're too beautiful for that.

When I go
Don't pause your life, you're too good for that.

When I go
Don't be weak, I will be there for that.

When I go*
Don't look back at all those times we had,
But look forward to the day we'll be
Together eternally.
Jul 2013 · 400
Conceptual "Us"
Drew Joseph Jul 2013
I’ve tried playin’ things my way,
Until things came to my utter dismay.
I never thought I’d let you down,
Here, I’ll give you back your crown.

What I miss the most are the late night conversations
You’ll always be my ship, will I be your capitan?

I never wanted this fuss
Just wanted my conceptual “us”.
Watchin’ you walk out my door,
I’ve never wanted anything more.
Can I just wake up from this dream,
It’s like drowning in a tear stream.
Though, your eyes were my l o t u s,
Will there be a conceptual “us”?

If I send you red roses, a dime a dozen,
Will you think they’re from someone different?
I thought I poured my heart out to you,
Should I come back? Will things be new?

Do you miss my arms wrapped around you tight?
Remember when we drank Champaign alone at night?

I see you coming again,
I’ve been thinking to much,
Since I’ve been laying in bed.
You know the reason why.
Jul 2013 · 321
I'm Really Mourning
Drew Joseph Jul 2013
At night, I tried to tell you how I feel
But now I know it’s all so real.
You know, it’s different,
How my love is never absent,
But you never see.  
How much you mean to me.

It’s like the curtains finally cued, when
Woke up to see the news,
That no matter what
My door always shuts.
7:30 in the morning,
and now--- I’m really mourning.
Jul 2013 · 361
Drew Joseph Jul 2013
You're just a want
And I need you.
You're nonchalant
I can't have you.
The words just taunt
Me, but I love you.
You're never a flaunt-
-full item, you're you.
Jul 2013 · 221
...and I stand
Drew Joseph Jul 2013
Do you ever look back,
And wonder if you were
Here for a reason, or
If you are just useless?

Do you ever look back,
And wonder how far life
Can take you or break you?
I sure do... and I stand
Jul 2013 · 515
Drew Joseph Jul 2013
you're like my light.
shine bright

you keep me down.
way down

you keep me happy.

you've drowned me.
with love

you keep me leveled.
Jul 2013 · 162
your happiness
Drew Joseph Jul 2013
i feed, i love, i cry

from your happiness.
Jul 2013 · 374
Drew Joseph Jul 2013
I go to sleep heartbroken.
I lay, and stay unspoken.
My mind
running wild,
The thoughts
Have me riled.
Leave me,
My heart,
*My arms.
Jul 2013 · 262
dance with me
Drew Joseph Jul 2013
dance with me
in the center of the room
with the light of the moon
let our love bloom.

dance with me
foot steps are our night
the moves we can rewrite
be mine forever and a night.

dance with me
let us move with the sound
and never with the ground
with you, I surround.

dance with me
Jul 2013 · 278
love actually
Drew Joseph Jul 2013
Is this love I feel?
Maybe it's just a joke or
A redundant game.


— The End —