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Crawling through the darkness. The smell of rotting flesh lingering about. Cries of agony and pain. Darkness consuming the very reality of light. No sense of souls can I feel, but numberless cries of lost entities without vitality. The screams rapidly begin to rumble throughout the emptiness. My fear burns in intensity while they gradually begin to creep there way towards me. Until they reach the edge of my ear leaving my hair singed from the burning hatred emitted. They speak in unison with a demonic melody piercing deep into my heart. "Your sins will not be forgiven, and you will burn in hell on earth " they said. The cycle of torment repeats itself and the screams do not cease. Let me be in peace I call out! Laughs begin multiplying in the shadows as a figure appears beside me. . . . "You'll never be at peace my boy, you will suffer in anguish and torture as we all do." Yes. Darkness must be my truth as I have been here years rotting into the shadows within. Yes. This must be my punishment for my sins.
Forgive yourself for your past sins. Don't let the darkness of your subconscious consume you.

— The End —