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dog pillow Nov 2019
It seems to me that time is slipping;
Moving quickly and it’s already


Have I ever felt time the way I felt you.

Will I grasp the waste of the winding clock?
Will I consume it by train of thought?

Day in. Day out.
Queue the violins.
dog pillow Nov 2019
It’s been a long time since I’ve slept alone in the winter.

It makes me miss the snow.

And the freezing feet that touched my legs.

But you were still warm.

And so was I.

A familiar way the light shines through blinds.

A familiar way I say “I miss you” every night.

Whatever will be, will be.
  Nov 2019 dog pillow
chlorine is toxic
hindsight is 20/20,
but i never should have kissed you
dog pillow Nov 2019
It finds me first
In the space beneath the lungs
A rapidly cycling movement
Trickles down, seeps like a sponge

The pressure lifts my breath up now
In and

The feeling I have punches my gut,
And claws its way straight to the mind.

I wish what I’d found weren’t so devastating.
I wish I didn’t find it this time.
  Oct 2019 dog pillow
Oskar Erikson
draw, across my collarbone
the length of your tongue.
all there is to taste in your mouth, is home
and all i am is chewing gum.
dog pillow Oct 2019
The musty smell fills my nostrils and I am


Lines don’t go where they belong and the paint won’t dry.

I love the brush like I love the paint.
Solemnly and with respect.

Smoothness rounds my movements
Shakiness fills my hands.

I want to feel how the oil feels
Powerful; purposeful.

But what remains of me is the canvas.
Blank and achingly abismal.
dog pillow Oct 2019
It’s endless summer
Fall won’t continue the trend
Come winter he weeps
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