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Disha Verma Oct 2015
I found the end of our rainbow, there's life beyond this pile of laundry,
let's built a hut here, it's safe for us and a mouthful of misandry/
We have hate and we have love, let's make one that's a larger sin,
let them take their bibles out, we wear the new testament on our skins//
Disha Verma Dec 2014
it is a
magic word
only if
you have had
little homeless
say it to you
Disha Verma Nov 2014
36 years of marriage
3 in intensive care
She never left his
bedside, stroking his
thin gray hair
One dark night
he suddenly woke
and smiling, pulled
out all of his wires
"Now that I'm off
your list, you can
finally do everything
that still is.."
Disha Verma Nov 2014
Didn't you see her
on stage today, in the
play, my brilliant
daughter of age four?
She's a natural and
she just stole the show.
You've made me so
proud, my love, you
deserve a biiig hug!
"Mom, are you okay?
I was just a.. a shrub"
Disha Verma Nov 2014
I give you all my
skin my hair my
flesh and my bones
Wasting no time
you bring test tubes
to change me into
something you like
Disha Verma Nov 2014
your two hands they
create stories and pictures
and plans they take
forms and shapes very
close to my face they
sculpt our future and
later blame it on fate
they hold my chin and
they hold my waist and
stroke my hair they
play with my fingers
my skin and flesh but
my two hands they
are cold and lax they
only know how to
hold your hands
Disha Verma Nov 2014
I met a boy
in tattered clothes
holding a baby
in his skinny arms
I gave him a
hundred rupee note
Five minutes later
he came running
to me clutching a
packet of milk
"Thank you didi"
he smiled through
broken teeth and
handed me a sum of
ninety rupees.
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