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  Aug 2014 dionne
Messy hair, I just don't care
Boring clothes on, why do you care?
No make up day, eyes everywhere
Nah, not running extra mile
Throwing daggers? nope! Still don't care.
Stab me behind whenever.
However... I won't care
like whatever.

I'm just here.
Standing still, wearing a smile.
Because what you think...
I just really don't care.
Say what you want to say.
Think what you want to think.

Still not caring, freedom is in the air.


Am I too late for this 'Freedom Challenge?' Here's what I think what freedom really is. Caring what other people think will just stress you out and anyway, it's your life. Do what you want! Be who you want to be! Stay happy and have fun while you can :)
  Aug 2014 dionne
Maybe if I step on
enough flowers
or break
I just might forget
I'm made of broken parts
my fave piece </3
  Aug 2014 dionne
Dr O
I heard your voice again
For the first time in 2 years
And everything that I thought
Everything that I convinced myself
I had passed
The pain
The sorrow
The regret
The hatred
The love
Came rushing back
And stunned me
Like a cold bucket of ice
Against my burning skull
And my decaying mind
The beauty of your revenge
Mirrors the beauty of your smile
Because when ice strikes blood
And gashes the vein
It slowly melts
Into the wound itself
I should have known
That the strongest heart
Is not one that doesn't break
But one that doesn't pump

I'm so sorry.
Will you ever get out of my head?
dionne Aug 2014
Keeps me warm ,
makes me forget ,
transports my heart,
miles ,
closes me in a shell filled with comfort,
walks me to paradise,
dream land ,
and still i stand confused .
dionne Jul 2013
Colors enclose  on her,
Laughter surrounds her,
Shameless but she hides herself,
Sundays that wake her up early.

Topics that erode from the dusty roads,
Songs that comfort her,
Love that last,
Pure water that flows on her back,
Something pushes her to do wrong,
Tress with branches that so willing grow.

Lolo's Kloset  a designer reminds her of him,
Her hallow heart,
Needs to be filled up ,
Flamboyant afternoons,
Gloomy nights,
Factories that close down,
And stop her heart from pumping,
Billboards go up,
And new beginnings arise .  

dionne Jun 2013
Inferiority,inferiority and complacency will come ,
Stymie and tremendous shall not be on the way ,
Ten percent of the mind neurologist say we use ,
Ninety locked out of the way and not occupied,
If you really want to flourish think out of the box ,
Press the accelerator up to 180 decrees and go for you life.

— The End —