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 Apr 2015 Chloe
Juliana Longo
More people are concerned with
why women stay in abusive relationships
why men are abusing women
 Mar 2015 Chloe
 Mar 2015 Chloe
Are you sure you want to slip into that drink?
Being numb to the world isn't as great as you think.
Granted, it can make dealing with people easier.
It's hard to give a **** when you just want to sleep.

But you'll say things.
Things that are strange and mean and way out of character.
You'll become a caricature of your former self.
Even if you never knew who you were before,
rest assured, the drinking does not help.
Soul searching goes out the window when you're constantly blacked out.

But you won't be able to do it every night, try as you might.
Some entire days will be spent in bedridden recovery.
Your body will finally give in to that much needed sleep -
the kind you've been painfully longing for all week.
But the bliss you'll feel at this will be bittersweet,
because it's during these times that you'll dream.
You'll dream alright.
Frightful things that I can't even begin to describe.
Mountains of dread that will tear you to shreds,
and they'll feel far more real than your liquor-drenched life.

They'll drive you from your bed
to go and do it over again.
Make another fool out of yourself.
Alienate all your friends.
"Ah, **** 'em! Who needs 'em?
I don't even like them anymore."
Then the rumours will spread.
They'll call you a *****.
They'll call you a *******, a liar, and weak.
And they'll be nothing you can do about it,
because no one takes you seriously.
Even if they never say it out loud (and they won't,)
you'll know it's what they're thinking.
(Projecting is a psychological side effect of continued excessive drinking.)

There will be times in between,
fleeting moments of clarity,
where you'll look into a mirror and think:
What the hell is happening to me?
You'll catch at a thought as it crawls through your brain
and realize it's completely crazy -
that you are actually (no ****, legit) going in-*******-sane,
and you'll laugh.
You'll laugh because you'll know exactly who's to blame.
You'll be freaked out and terrified,
but you'll laugh all the same.

There will be other times too,
after all the rants and raves and screams and shouts,
the tears and fears and crippling doubts -
there will come a time when you want out,
but by then it will already be too late.
They'll be nothing left inside but anger and hate.

So before you sink into that drink, I say,
Before you go breaking hearts and lose all your friends,
get out while you still can.
I hope you're listening.
I pray you comprehend,
because if shame doesn't do it first,
the dreams will get you in the end.
If only I had a time machine.
 Jan 2015 Chloe
Tiberias Paulk
I ate mushrooms in a field in an attempt to reveal gods, I learned much about the thing I am and all the things I'm not, I drank acid by the fistful to open up the sky, but for every answer found there was born another why, I eat peyote in the mountains I know not what I'll find, but what a joy to journey in depths of ones own mind
 Jan 2015 Chloe
Tiberias Paulk
 Jan 2015 Chloe
Tiberias Paulk
This form of diet consists of nothing cause I'm trying to close the gap
between a place that's almost something and the place where nothing's at
 Jan 2015 Chloe
Tiberias Paulk
Taking in this poison has become our daily lives
we're so caught up in living, we've forgotten to survive
 Dec 2014 Chloe
I can see the headlines now
After the discovery of your eighth victim
People will go on the news and say
"Oh, that behavior's not him"
They'll say you were really nice
Maybe even a gentle giant
And nobody can understand why
You grew up to be so defiant
I saw it coming all along
Since the first time you assaulted
I reported it, you went to the authorities
But believed you weren't faulted
You started going after younger girls
Till you left for college in the fall
You probably bounced from campus to campus
Cause girls feared the "creep who was tall"
You don't know right from wrong
You believe girls exist for your pleasure
Throwing yourself on every girl
That to you, seems like treasure
I can see the future now
You'll grow up to be a criminal, then
Get arrested and jailed for life
I won't be a victim again
The news will come and ask questions
About the guy you were before
Expecting me to say this was unexpected
And I don't know what for
I will look into the cameras
And say I knew you would do wrong
Because you have always been a creep to me
I knew this would happen all along.
 Dec 2014 Chloe
Essa Freedom
 Dec 2014 Chloe
Essa Freedom
I'm afraid of
weeping angle statues
Dark library's
People who repeat what I say
Broken clocks
Cracks in my wall
Time crashes
Children in gas masks asking for their "mummy"
GPS systems
Fat people in the government
Fish from space
Planet in the sky
and any thing else which lies in the dark
Thank you Doctor
A hole in the wall.
She wraps my fists.
No wonder, I fell for a girl with bandaged writs.
She tucks me in bed with her healing kiss.
She must get tired of living like this.
When daylight breaks, she wakes me up.
And pours fresh coffee in my favorite cup.
She's cleaned the blood from the bathroom stall.
But what will she do about the hole in the wall.
She drives me to anger management.
Where I'll tell them everything was an accident.
She's back again at Ten o'clock
without her car, holds my hand for the walk.
Apparently, I didn't want to talk.
She may have fixed the hole in the wall.
But what will she do with her broken jaw.
She looks around to see who saw.
It's just us
and no forgiveness left for her to withdraw.
She tucks me in bed with her sympathetic kiss.
She's finally done living like this.

© copyrighted Nicole Ann Osborn
again from the male's perspective.
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