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Devon Haley Mar 2017
days like this are my favorite.
silence save the sound of the wind, the rain, and cars passing

its like a gentle cleansing--
a washing away of the doubt
that consumes me most days

the wind helps me breathe
the rain helps me think
and the cars help me remember I'm not alone
Devon Haley Mar 2017
My plant is alive.
Her vibrant green leaves stretch towards the sun--
tanning like a ******* a beach.

The soil that once betrayed her
now befriends her and helps her flourish.
The warmth from the window
cradles each small limb
down to her roots.
Photosynthetic joy overcomes her.
Encompassed by his love--
growing stronger each and
every day.

Spring is drawing near, and I am glad
I left my window open
so the vernal light could drift in.
The rain and wind that hardened her
did not stop her
from rising up again.
Oh, how time has eased her pain.

No, the cold didn't agree with her,
but it'll take more than that to **** her.
The broken leaves that fell to her feet
now serve as a reminder of what she once was.
She's not so lonely anymore,
for he smiles at her and
knows she can only grow more.
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Devon Haley Feb 2017
i didnt see it coming.
one day we were just friends-
lonely acquaintances caught up on the past
afraid to love, afraid to care,
afraid our tongues would betray us.
afraid they'd release the captive words
like i love you and i miss you.
the words stuck in the back of our throats
and it killed us to try not to cough it up.
it was torturous.
til i came clean and spit it all out
and i never thought you'd feel the same way
but you did.

its an indescribable feeling
to hold someone you love close to your heart.
skin on skin on skin and you swear you cant get any closer,
but we did.
and i never saw it coming.
Devon Haley Jan 2017
writing about you is difficult.
every cliche comes to mind but i dont write those
because who wants to hear it and besides,
you deserve originality.
the truth is i have so much i want to say to you
and yet not a single consonant leaves my regretful tongue.
some poet i am.
i could write a poem just about your eyes
and another one about how much beer you drink.
i dont think either would really hit the spot.
you are a complex being that i tangle
myself up in every other night.
i stroke your hair and beg for kisses
unable to think about anything but how good
your skin feels against mine.
and yet when you ask me what i like about you,
i flounder again and again.
it would be so easy for me just to say
i love how observant you are,
how you love the rain almost as much as me,
how i love when you hold my hand,
and how i love that you seem like you need me.
its simple and yet when you ask,
my mind goes blank and i fail to make you happy.
i guess thats always my worry though--
making you happy.
but here i am,
writing about it instead of telling you.
Devon Haley Jan 2017
this morning--
your lips touched my cheek and bent to the curve of my neck.
i smiled and rolled over to meet your lips with mine.
soft, cold and peppermint.
your green eyes saw into me and i knew id found my home.
we unwillingly rolled out bed
and i made you breakfast.
you admired me as i walked around the kitchen,
grabbing me to pull me onto your lap,
causing part of your omelette to burn
but you said you loved it.
Devon Haley Jan 2017
it's hard to remember a time
when my bones didn't creak like rotting wood
at the mention of another girl.
jealousy wreaked havoc because
i couldn't trust.
its hard to picture a place
that wasn't shrouded in darkness
as his hand crept up my leg when
i didn't ask it to.
it's hard to replace the feelings of
distrust with trust,
lust with love,
and depression with pure joy.
i feel like i'm standing in the ocean
and with each tide that comes
there is another weight tied to me
until i drown- anxiety.
but when i am with you
it's easier.
easier to breathe
because when i am with you
i float in the water.
you carry those weights for me.
and all you had to do was
look at me and smile.
Devon Haley Dec 2016
good, your makeup is still intact,
your mascara flawless and your foundation unwavering.
no one sees that you've been crying.

good, no one has answered your texts,
your pathetic attempt to gain more attention.
no one gets that you need it.

good, your lips somewhat resemble a smile,
it doesn't reach your eyes but they cant tell the difference.
no one knows what your real smile is like.

good, you managed to pick yourself off the floor,
just in time to sit in class and tell yourself youre stupid.
no one realizes how much the participation grade hurts you.

good, your friend believed you when you said youre not sad,
as you held it together and insisted that you were alright.
no one saw the tear roll down your cheek once you were alone.

good, youre alone,
maybe thats how youre supposed to be.
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