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Destiny Diadem Oct 2012
The cover might be torn.
The pages might be worn.

But never judge a book by its cover.
Never know what you'll discover.

There's so much beyond what's seen.
Just need to respect the poor as well as the queen.

The words might've suffered scorn.
The theme rejected before being born.

But never judge a book by its cover.
There might be a gift for you to discover.

The healthy now the ones mourn.
Disabilities sprouting like corn.

Never, I say I never judge a book by its broken cover.
Because in the fragility hides what you must discover.

Copyright 2011
Met this amazing woman this weekend. She inspired me to write this.
2.5k · Apr 2013
no integrity
Destiny Diadem Apr 2013
Once again
Her integrity-
Like a mirror-
On the clean floor
And her punctured hope is
Bleeding from the
Broken pieces

But this time
She really cares

Copyright 2012
Destiny Diadem
Destiny Diadem Sep 2012
Hold on to the hands of those who love you.
Never think of letting them go.
Tell them that you appreciate them
When times are high or low.

Those who love you are close by,
So stop looking for what you already got.
Your blessings are close to you.
Standing beneath the sky so blue.

Thank God for the sunflowers in your life.
Sprinkle them with your water of gratitude.
Also find the time to stop and smell the roses
Because that is the right attitude.

Don't ever go looking for what you already got.
Your cups of love already overflow.
Thank God for all the people who care for you,
And promise you will never let them go.

Hold them close to your heart.
They've always loved you with a love that's strong.
Remain in your garden of genuine love,
Knowing that they've loved you all along.
This poem was written to remind all of us to love the people who care about us. My poetry and novels can be found at My pen name is Destiny Diadem.
Destiny Diadem Jun 2013
The moment we made that memorable
Exodus from her sacred womb,
The veil of suspicion floated from their eyes
And draped our lives like a burden.
Then we have to spend the rest of our days
Trying to rip the veil of suspicion from our souls
In vain.
When they see us, we are marked
Because of their fear.
They hate us, fear us, and aim to control us.

Why do you despise the blackest of God's divine creation
But pursue dark, insignificant objects?
You're even intimated by the tiniest of our sons,
Hunting them to slaughter them like immoral doctrines.

I feel sorry for you,
The ones who fear us but idolize us.
I feel sorry for you,
The ones who despise us yet envy us.
I feel sorry for you
Along with the ones who are totally sightless,
Unaware of the systematic wickedness
That begins soon after our memorable Exodus
From mother Africa's womb.
1.3k · Oct 2012
What is beauty? Is it you?
Destiny Diadem Oct 2012
What is beauty?
Is it you?
Or is it the lanky girl with a giraffe attitude?
What is it? Please tell me.
Is it you?
Or is it the strong man with muscles bulging through?
I say, what is beauty?
Is it you?
Is beauty the lady with face white as snow?
Or is it the boy with radiant teeth all in a row?

What is beauty?
It is the woman with a midnight frame?
Or perhaps it’s the gentleman with the famous name.
What is beauty?
Does it have a certain look?
Can we all read about it in an exclusive book?

Is beauty long curly hair?
Is it **** and fair?
Is it dark and proud?
Does it whisper or speaks aloud?
Is it the angry chick that’s been abused?
Is it the dude that’s been refused?
Is it the rich house?
Is it the old shack with a mouse?
Is it the evil ones that cheat?
Is it the ones who eat not meat?
Is it the ones who lick tears?
Is it the ones who hide all their fears?

What is beauty?
Is it you?
Is it you?
Is it me?
I wrote an article today about women who are trying to date after breast cancer. I think this poem goes with the theme in that article. This poem is also a continuation of the last poem I wrote about not judging a book by its cover.
1.2k · Oct 2012
I lay my soul upon a pillow
Destiny Diadem Oct 2012
I lay my soul upon a pillow
And it closes its weighty eyes.
It rests freely like a willow,
No longer weary of my cries.

Serenity closes the shades,
So my soul can rest a bit longer.
Stress trails off as it fades
And my sweet soul grew stronger.

Copyright 2011
Psalm 62:1-2

Truly my soul finds rest in God;
    my salvation comes from him.
Truly he is my rock and my salvation;
    he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.
Destiny Diadem Oct 2012
My bestest friend
Is alive and active,
My joys
And bleeding my sorrows
Snowy sheets.

I lay
On my closest
And it doesn't
It just
"Here we go again."

It drips
Each time
I speak
Of love
When life
My spine

This is my personal friend,
My pen,
I use to

This is my friend,
The one who
"Get over it already!"

My friend,
The pen,

It lets me speak
When people
Are nowhere
To be found,
And I am afraid,
And I am lonely,
I run to my friend.

And I pour
Myself into
This tiny
And I travel
Into another
A world
That cares solely
About me.

© 2011
Destiny Diadem Oct 2012
More than just changed.
A living testimony.
Coined by Jesus.
Bought with a price.  
Yes, costly.

I’ve changed,
Glowing softly
Like a nickel
In this dark world.

I’m changed.
More than just
A buttercup
In the day.
But a golden smile
In contrast
To the shadows,
In contrast to the fog,
In contrast to the tombstones.

I’ve more than just changed.
I’m a testimony with wings,
Bought with a price,
And given a prize,

The currency that
Christ used to purchase
Me was His

I’ve changed…

Copyright 2011
Not religion...just a life-changing experience. Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;  you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).
1.0k · Oct 2012
Love her for life
Destiny Diadem Oct 2012
Her voice may be as loud as a lion.
Her glare may be sharp as a knife.
But she is your queen and your Zion.
So love and respect her for life.

Her youth may be hiding behind the moon,
And her figure no longer a peach.
But let your love create a lasting tune
Like the sound of waves on the beach.

She is your wife.
So love her for life.

She is your darling queen.
Thus, place her beneath no other.
She is your royal diadem to be seen.
So place her above even your mother.

She is your wife.
So respect her for life.

Brothers, leave and cleave.
Proudly honor your gift from above.
Cherish your woman until they all believe
That you two are one because of love.

She is your wife.
So esteem her for life.

Copyright 2012
946 · Jul 2013
emotions on your sleeve
Destiny Diadem Jul 2013
Cover the emotions you wear on your sleeve
So they won't detect your pain.
But hold firmly to what you believe
And flourish like flowers with rain.

They want to cut out your tongue.
They want to extract and burn your eyes.
But don't panic, turn and run.
Only resist their bags of lies.

Promise to protect your tongue.
And remember to correctly perceive.
But don't panic, turn and run
With your emotions dangling from your sleeve.
933 · Oct 2012
I sigh over a childhood...
Destiny Diadem Oct 2012
I sigh over a childhood that was nailed to a cross.
Captured memories return home knocking
Though they were lost.

I sigh deep in the cracks of my soul,
Remembering childhood as it rolled,
Echoing stories untold.

I sigh over what will never again be.
I lament over my childhood,
But is there anyone mourning for me?
903 · Mar 2013
Churchie church
Destiny Diadem Mar 2013
Piano dancing in black and white
Drum and stick in a fight
Lights standing like angels against the night
And the saints twirled like daisies in white

Guitar looking like a dancer leaning
The music kissed every heart with meaning
The dusty ***** choked while screaming
And the saints' spirits started dreaming

Imperfect people giving God praise
Imperfect worship with hands raised
The church, their guide in the maze
As they serve God all their days
864 · Apr 2013
Rescued from the heat
Destiny Diadem Apr 2013
Steams rose from the red ***
Like angelic dancers
Dressed in gray and white,
And he silently stirred the red ***,
Stirring with that silvery spoon,
Stirring slowly.
Finally she realized he, the devil,
Was stirring her pain,
Stirring her anger,
Just stirring her life
Into a bitter ***.
And she became exhausted
In that heated red ***
That was filled with blazing anger,
Bitter herb, and battered emotions.
He silently stirred her like unseasoned meat
In a steaming ***
Until she lost her flavor.
Then she remembered to pray.
And faith rescued her from the heat,
Imprinting healing in her heart.
Now she is forever flavored with the love of God.

Copyright 2012
Destiny Diadem
823 · Jul 2013
Bottled Love
Destiny Diadem Jul 2013
I'm placing my love for you in a
Crystal clear bottle
With a red cork.
Bottled up just for you
And gently releasing it from my brown fingers
Until it splashes into the bright blue ocean.
Then it can be free to make its journey to you.

The waves and wind will wash
This bottle of my love upon the soft shore of your heart.
Bottled up just for you.

My love, the most precious essence I possess,
That I freely release into the cool ocean,
Knowing that angels will keep it safe with their black wings
Until my love arrives at the midnight shore of your heart.

July 1, 2013
785 · Jul 2013
Destiny Diadem Jul 2013
You've worn me out
Until I'm leaning like the letter Z,
Trying to find support
From the ground
Or from anything that's around
Just so you can be like an oak tree.

I've carried you.
I've supported you.

And as the bright eye in the sky begins to close, And the night descends upon us like warm peace, You peel me off your feet
And leave me exhausted
And alone.

Then we continue again tomorrow.
612 · Apr 2013
The consequence
Destiny Diadem Apr 2013
If you extend your loving hand
To give a warm gift,
You will receive a handful
Of fire that will be
Tossed in your face.
You will burn for being
You will suffer
For picking the rose petal of  
Love to present to another.

Embrace the betrayal
Because that is the price
Of a great life.

Expect nothing from that person
After doing
What is right.

That is the price of a great

Copyright 2012
553 · Apr 2013
The back door of his heart
Destiny Diadem Apr 2013
He keeps asking me if I love him.
And he makes it seem as if
He really needs my love.
But deep in the back door of his heart,
Where the grass is hiding from the sun,
And where the rusty clock is hanging from a broken wall,
I believe the ticking in the clock fell asleep,
And he has stopped loving me.

Copyright 2012
Destiny Diadem
Destiny Diadem Mar 2013
Tripping over myself.

Entangled by unfulfilled dreams.

Lost inside of me.
Lost by the roadside.
Just wondering if...
Just hoping that...

I'm just falling all over
The broken promises at my feet.
But I will use those broken pieces
To dig holes in the darkness
Until light shines through.

— The End —