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Thirsty beyond words
his eyes drank
from the  blue depths
of her eyes,
hungry lips munched her smile
again and again.
A honeybee he is,
but how does he know
it's his brief to make honey;
never once it was  articulated anywhere,
following a faint tune of fragrance
he flies, crossing barriers, forgetting everything else.

This is a divine madness, his blood sings,
he is just an instrument in the creation of sweetness,
but when,
the rain clouds pour down in torrents
the flowers are laden with water
his honey tastes different.
In summer he hums a different tune,
in resonance with many fragrances that invite him,
as flowers vie with each other,
to let him have their taste.
Honeybee's tune now changes to a love song,
always remembered by the inebriated pairs of lovers
roaming in the gardens.
A honeybee he is, he is unaware what it means,
he is prompted by nature in all he does.

She is not smiling much anymore.
You are an enchanting scent, my love.
An addicting fragrance
that I want to wear
all day
and night.
 Jul 2013 Destiny Diadem
my life
my heart
are filled with rain

it has been like this
since the day
my world changed
turned upside down

I lost everything
my purposes
I had no reason
to continue living
this pathetic life
of mine
all hope is gone
darkness prevailed

but then
you came

the light
at the end of the tunnel
the white moon
at night time
my savior

thanks to you
the rain
has stopped
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