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 May 2014 DayDreamer11
As I was filling the crossword puzzle of my life
I noticed a few boxes that could not be filled out
What was the answer to "What are your plans?"
How do I know "Who will be there for you?"
"What will you do when you finish college?"
I don't know
And so I left the boxes the same way life left me
 Mar 2014 DayDreamer11
Gabby romo
never give up on friends no matter what happens trust in them and the lord.
Young and free
You used to be
Wild as a foal
Now, as you get old
The road home gets longer
And the hold of death gets stronger

And its avenger gets closer

A storm is brewing

Ancient and true

Rain drops fall

Thunder calls

The Son home

Shalom is coming again

He shall come to regain His throne

Upon which the Son of God will make Earth a death free zone

And souls will be tried

And bonafide

True or a lie

And will accordingly be sent

To Heaven or Hell

All will be well once again

When He comes again.
Pardon any inconsistencies with The Bible. Bless y'all!
I need a shoulder to cry on
I need someone to talk to
I need someone to hold me
I need someone to tell me it's going to be ok.

Where is that someone?
I feel like I've been searching forever
and it's really getting to the point
where I can no longer search
I watched my friends
leave my life
and the worst part
is that I feel like I
deserved it

all alone
with no friends
and I tell myself
I do deserve this
Dear "friend",

      you see my pain from when you left,
you never gave me a reason.. or a goodbye.
I have yet to over come my feelings, my hurt,
but most of all, I have yet to over come you.
It's like when I see you, my heart stops,
just by the thought of what was once there.
You had me wrapped around your little finger,
but for some reason you didn't want me there.
I'm not sure what I did wrong....
I'm not sure if you really know how I felt about you,
your family, your smile, your
while I sit here I regret not asking you.
But it's far to late to ask for a reason why you left,
and it is far to late to ask you to care.
But Dear "Friend", please just know;
I wish you were there.
I am broken but that is okay, right?
It does not mean that I can not:
I am broken but that is okay, right?
It means I have:
been through hell,
watch people suffer,
kept terrible secrets,
It means I have lived on, despite.
I am broken but that is okay, right?
It means:
I cherish the light,
but not afraid of the night,
if I end up alone that it is alright,
but if not that is a delight,
it means you can kick, hit, cause me to have random breakdowns, or even bite,
but no matter what, I can write.
Lie to yourself
and say everything will be okay

cry your eyes out...
till night fades to day.

And though the sun rises,
it's still dark...
for you have an unfixable heart.

Broken by so many people along the way
living this life...
making you not want to stay.
wrote this ****** last night when I was down. Felt a lot better afterward:)
 Mar 2014 DayDreamer11
a couple days ago
i tried to **** myself
by ingesting a handful of
different pretty pills
in the hopes
they'd make me
a pretty corpse
i thought maybe
they'd plant roots
in my stomach
and grow flowers
out of my eye sockets
but then i realized
those pretty pills
would ****
not only me
but the ones who already
saw flowers growing
in the darkest parts
of me
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