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David Bremner Aug 2019
Sir Richard's tomb in silence sleeps
The day has broken fair
Then tourists come ashore and shout
'I wonder what's in there?'
'Some dust or bones, a skull, a sword?'
I doubt they even care
But others visit Richie's tomb
And stare a silent prayer.
Jul 2019 · 61
Solstice Moon
David Bremner Jul 2019
Tonight the summer solstice moon rises.
Low, clear over the pregnant fields that lie
Here beside us.
Yellow light in my baby daughter's eye
Awake, alive, asking that question - why?

Full-disc moon! Swollen with past sunset's light.
Don't carry your secrets to midnight blue.
I ask what right
You think some order has vested in you
To leave us, here below, without a clue.

Again and again you will go. Higher!
Lower! Dancing! While shifting seasons show
Me a liar.
Trying to explain what I cannot know
To an infant mind so eager to grow

Like the crops before me that now have caught
The breeze. A whispered answer offering
Much that I've sought:
We are both parts of a far greater thing
And knowing that lets the moon goddess sing.
Mar 2019 · 114
Tree Hugging at Waterloo
David Bremner Mar 2019
Felicity blinks in the bright sunlight
Stepping off the train at Waterloo. Night,
Our time, seems gifted with hours too few.

Still, her mind is set on loving. She would
Even throw her arms around a tree. Should
She see 'neath it's bark rings of what could be.
Mar 2019 · 91
Swipe Right
David Bremner Mar 2019
I see them stuck to their arses
Almost wherever I go
Poking above the back pocket
Like the flesh a **** wants to show

There's iPhones, Samsungs and others
A new class-system of makers
Vibrating right through their buttocks
Steadily wetting their knickers

I watched a ******* the bus once
Clean one along her left thigh
Slowly nearing her *****
The dirt in my mind heard her sigh

As she made love to the **** pics
To Tinder, Bumble and more
The phone a pink flower in her hand
That swiped right just like a *****.
Feb 2019 · 111
Arcturus Risen
David Bremner Feb 2019
Travelled light of time.
Arcturus risen
over the gentle, waveless ocean.
Its light moving with steady purpose
since the time of her birth.
To shine
on her fresh-kissed lips.
Dec 2018 · 153
The Cove
David Bremner Dec 2018
Sit for a while
On an ancient piece of sculpted driftwood
Watch the tide turn
By the Point o' Scarden
Under a sky that's as grey
as a gulls' dipped wing.

The sea plays upon millenia of boulders
Listen to its whisper
Here time forgives a life's mistakes.
Dec 2018 · 112
David Bremner Dec 2018
Suburban streets soaked with rain
Self-same journey once again
Along the backs of terraced homes
Council schemes, steeples, domes

This London rush. What's it for?
Another day just like before
Nothing like you likely planned
Then there is the tiny hand

That reaches up to hold on you
Too young to question what we do
If it's madness. If it's sane
Life gone on commuter trains

For her it's simple, not a muddle
She does not step around the puddle
That can and does reflect her face
That in its turn reflects your grace

Suburban streets soaked with rain
Self-same journey once again.
David Bremner Oct 2018
Ernie struck up his pipes
Ten seconds TOO SOON
And in the wrong millennium

Fiona still had her SKIRT up
Adjusting the top of a nylon stocking
Left an unfinished drink on the bar
Of the Portland Arms Hotel.

All Hail Jesu, King of the Jews
Striding out through the Portland's door
All Hail George Munro
Best dry-stone dyker in the parish
And owner of a MOPED.


The procession moved SOUTH
Across the former A9
Careful never to exceed 30MPH
Fiona didn't go
(Preferring a young stranger's hand stroking her thigh)

Then -                                                                                    
The minister appeared, but.......
That this was the Second Coming
He stood on the front steps of the kirk
That was now a Cathedral ( Lybster henceforth a SHINING CITY!)
Wishing all a HAPPY NEW YEAR
Including the KING OF THE JEWS
Whom he treated like all others
In true Presbyterian fashion
All Hail Jesu, King of the Jews
Left outside in a forgotten corner
In true Presbyterian fashion

Beyond the Police Station and Primary School
Lit by two schoolgirls and Mr Marshall Bowman
Pyre for a thousand years
Sinners preheated their teenage **** and middle aged bums at it
The nearby football pitch was illuminated by it
Nobody remembered the forgotten old folk because of it
They held their drinks and met their eyes
And as the procession arrived
Departed for the COMMUNITY CENTRE
A veritable Sodon and Gomorrah (BYOB!)

All Hail Jesu, King of the Jews
All Hail Mr Marshall Bowman
Rm32, Geography Block, WICK - HIGH - SCHOOL

(This part rhymes to appease the DEMANDERS)                        

The hall wis fill wi' yowng and owld
An' packed lek at hid wisna' cowld
Some were timid, ithers bowld
Little bairnies wid no be towld

When the lot hed gethered in
(The fire ootside hed raxed their sin)
They rolled their sleeves an got stuck in
Til grub an ***** an.. well.. ******!

All Hail Jesu, King of the Jews
All Hail Andrew Gunn
Fumbling with a fifteen year olds brassiere
In Donald Eyers' back garden

Jesus turned away from the COMMUNITY CENTRE sinners
leaving them with these words:
The Scribes and Pharisees of LYBSTER COMMUNITY COUNCIL
Will raise here a PAGAN STONE to mark this night
So that Alan Henderson can henceforth
URINATE on it on Gala night
in a political DEED.

And the Scribes took down these words for the minutes
As carefully as I imagined
Taking down the posties knickers.

Whenceforth -                                                                                    
Heralded by three giggling lassies
Jesus entered the great square of the SHINING CITY
Grey's Place
Thst held one butcher shop, two convenience stores
The Commercial Bar and a Post Office
That sold postcards of the harbour
and the Silver Cloud II.

All Hail Jesu, King of the Jews
All Hail the Silver Cloud II
That landed a record haul of 365 boxes
In 1973!

Bare was the square
That lay before the King of the Jews
Only Tony Ryrie's cat Patchy
Moved in its GREAT WASTES
Patch and an empty packet of Salt n Shake
The only witnesses

Whereby -                                                                                  
A shaft of blinding light
Shone forth from the British Telecom phone box
Deflected off the Cathedral weathervane
Up, up (like a great *******) in to the heavens
Where the inhabitants of the moon Titan
Looking up through their dense, noxious atmosphere
Saw this light and sent
To their sisters and brothers of Lybster (twinned with Fort Mackinac USA)
That were not returned

All Hail Jesu, King of the Jews
All Hail Johnny Mackay
Envoy from the plannet Titan
to the Court of St James

Jesus was NOT angered by this
For he knew that DEEP inside the people were good
And as Fiona (still in the Portland Arms) dabbed the TIA MARIA off
Her blood red lips
He struck south
Down past Donnie Mackenzie's

All Hail Jesu, King of the Jews
All Hail Donnie Mackenzie
Jannie of Lybster Primary
Pulling out your wobbly teeth in his cupboard
Then giving you a POLO

Until -                                                                                        
He reached the Harbour Road bus shelter
Where a choice was offered
To proceed to the harbour and part the Moray Firth
Or live amongst the lepers
Of SHELLIGOE ROAD.............


I was sent to the harbour
To pump the boat
The early morning frost glinted on a half-full Tia Maria bottle
That lay discared on the grass
I pulled the cork                                                
Took a long, sickly draw
                       Then threw it back  

In the SHINING CITY only some things had changed.
Oct 2018 · 69
Hunter's Moon
David Bremner Oct 2018
There must be a full moon
The clouds beyond the streetlights
Seem illuminated by something

I hope that it lives:

Like a diamond ring
On Bassenthwaite Lake

And a worn wedding band
On the heather-clad fells

Praying that it guides:

A homeward bound drunk
To his wife.
Oct 2018 · 93
Five Swans
David Bremner Oct 2018
I climbed the lonely hill tonight
Hoping to glimpse the lighthouse flash
Across the dusk-enveloped headland

Swans appeared
Five swans on the wing
Flying low across the fields before me
Ghostly shades of what love could be
Their honking broke the stillness

I thought of you
Six hundred miles away in the Fens
Wondering if I should call you Felicity
And if the swans were sent from your heart

So that I might climb upon one
Fly through the night
Dream whilst awake.
Oct 2018 · 158
Book Loan
David Bremner Oct 2018
She entered the canteen
With her coffee cup balanced
On a book.

It wasn't so much of a cup
I suppose
One of those shiny metal Thermos things
That don't break if you drop them
I'm rambling, prevaricating.

The book I loaned her
Two days after we met
And beyond eyes and ***
**** and cute turned-up nose
My eyes watched the book

Which she read
Day after day
Across the room.

I'd read it a dozen times
Knew it all by heart
No hurry I'll get it back when your done
I'm off for two weeks on Monday you might have to wait

What is this? Love? Infatuation?
Emotional adultery?
My story inscribing upon her heart?

Or just the slow progression
Of pages turned in the canteen
By her fingertips

Like days
Which I have to endure
To know the ending.

If you can give an answer please comment!!
Sep 2018 · 2.2k
David Bremner Sep 2018
The M6 is slow southbound north of Lymm.
Queuing likely Junctions 4 through to 3.
Accident on the slip-road at Strensham
South. Rubberneckers slowing just to see.
Busy clockwise on the M25.
Overturned tanker - now down to one lane.
Rush-hour traffic, best avoid the drive.
M62 heavy westbound again.
Ongoing road works on the A1 (M).
High sided vehicles avoid the Forth
Bridge. Reports of a breakdown just come in
For those leaving the M5 heading north.........
  Felicity comes, I turn off the dial
  The traffic has cleared - if just for a while.
Sep 2018 · 64
Gathering Pebbles
David Bremner Sep 2018
That one! No this one!
It's fancier, smoother
Pressed in to the soft hands of mothers
Then in turn to the pockets of fathers
To sit on yellowing window sills
Where no one is sure from which beach they came
Only sharing between them a distant warm feeling
Revealed by the ebbing tide.
Sep 2018 · 85
Paper Poem
David Bremner Sep 2018
A poem on paper isn't enough
to describe our love and what we've been through.
Our first year of marriage has been the stuff
that reminds me daily why I love you.
Who is loving and caring, both brave and kind,
allow me to be me whilst staying you.
My English Rose, and I was lucky to find
a heart worth loving - one heart made from two.
Walking forward on the path of our past.
Constructing a future from our love true.
Designed forever and built up to last.
These words aren't enough and surely too few
  to mark our anniversary today
  and tell you all that my heart has to say.
David Bremner Jun 2018
Across heather, peat, grey North Sea - the sun
Witnessed through eyes that give sleep to the hand
Attempts war with the clouds yet still not done
Driving the showers beyond the headland
Many miles distant from this hilltop view
Where the megaliths and cairns of grey stone
Lie moss-covered - now visited by few
Other than those whose blood, life, soul and bone
Were interred here in millennia past
So that I before a cathedral sky
A solar fireball can see at last
God-like rise up, burst out and shine through. Why?
  Draw near to me now and this burning sphere
  My hands on your *******, you can feel it here.
David Bremner Jun 2018
The rain lashed tar of Monday morning rush
A Midlands sky of cloudy faces set
In silent fury at this urban crush
Of octane dreams propelled and fuelled with debt
Dacia Duster, works traffic only
Concrete, concrete, concrete, exit ahead
Lane closes in four hundred yards. Lonely
A cone lies knocked over, crucified, dead
Oldbury Viaduct, M5, repairs
Queuing likely, expect delays. Fiat
JC07 GOD... we sat
Unmoving like that for hours, hours
Staring at the railings hung with flowers.

'Inspired' during an Easter time visit.
Apr 2018 · 114
Field Trips
David Bremner Apr 2018
Field trips
are the reflections
of puddles in the night sky.
Frogs croaking,
along the boundary hedgerows,
as Sirius extinguishes
across the western fields.
David Bremner Apr 2018
Monday morning murk,
rush-hour standstill.
Solemn miles of traffic.
Dacia Duster, Qashqai Two.
Works Traffic Merging Ahead.
Toppled idols
of the new religion.
David Bremner Nov 2017
Green to gold lie leaves wind strewn
Trod beneath the city's feet
After falling on the benches
Where the office workers meet

The tree itself in spring held bloom
Its boughs so rich with flower
Bursting brightly upon the Square
A peaceful form of power

Unlike the dark metallic bomb
Science built to split the air
Atomic sickness, pain and death
Trees of hope burned with despair

So stand your ground in all seasons
Stand for those who stand for care
And if someone in you sees peace
Then let them stop, stand and stare.
Oct 2017 · 179
At Russell Square Gardens
David Bremner Oct 2017
The leaf. Held on,
despite its withered,
colour-changed state.

Remembering. As autumn
stored away summer's memories
like the squirrels in the gardens.

Grenfell. Westminster Bridge,
Finsbury Park and Borough Market
had tried to steal its greenness.

Then it fell. It fluttered,
on a barely perceivable breeze,
down between some tourists.

I saw it. Settle there,
on the Square's grass, unnoticed,
ready for decay

and the renewal of life.
Oct 2017 · 148
David Bremner Oct 2017
Harbour, headland, open sea.
Tide turning. Spindrift carried
on whipping wind. Force Eight
approaching. Darkness falls.

Beatrice Apha flare
blazing. Crabbers ride
to doubled ropes. Lighthouse
watching, winter waiting.

Salted blood. Gull grey wing
dipping. Lobsters caught and
memory flooded. Homeward
pointing, homeward pointing.
Oct 2017 · 219
First Week in October
David Bremner Oct 2017
Dat by day the grey clouds hung
Round bails in wetness rolled
Hedgerows stood wind-harvested
The fields of colour bleached

Even the sea seemed heavy
Thick with slate
I doubted that life it held
As it fought against the dark cliffs

In town: Oily puddles formed
Empty cans clattered through Poundstretcher carpark
Cold wind Wick River whipped up
The swallows had left

I darkened....... Until

Robin flashed his red in conifer green
Felicity's rain-soaked hair clung to her face as she laughed
And the geese shared Heaven with the Milky Way
So that I,
                Could raise my spirit to the approaching storm.
David Bremner Oct 2017
At Gordon Hill
I climbed aboard
A lazy day
For being bored

Enfield sweltered
Beneath the sun
Then I saw her
She looked like fun

Her torn blue jeans
Showed sun-brown thigh
As Hertfordshire
Slipped quickly by

An English miss
Of that no doubt
My usual type
Is short and stout

But on that train
Just her and I
Her slender form
Did keep my eye

Both Welwyn bound
A summer's day
I fantasised
Us in the hay

That kept the shade
Of her fair hair
They put her there
For me to stare

A poster girl
She was you see
On British Rail's
Class Three One Three.
Sep 2017 · 116
River Pebble
David Bremner Sep 2017
My river pebble
Through a clear pool
Reflection muddied
I saw you, picked you up

Admiring with my eyes
Your smooth surfaces
Pressing with my fingers
Your hard heart.
Sep 2017 · 146
Suburban Evensong
David Bremner Sep 2017
Across the wetting lawn and down the darkening path
Through flower-fled weigela, hawthorn berry red
Comes dusk
Making a bed for night 'neath settled robin's wing
Pressing the back lit kitchen panes of ivy frame
Drawing me out in prayer, giving thanks that I came.

Where laburnum dreams of slumber and blackbirds notes
Lie low within the moss-green breeze-block walls
Of home
Strong sanctuary built beneath a cathedral sky
St Boniface, Tooting now to memory lost
Yet in this church of green there is Chalice and Host

Then darkness falls complete, robs the shadows power
Honeysuckle fills the air, incense for this time
And peace
Descends from the heavens so the owl becomes dove
Beyond street lamps are stars, night settles low and long
The spinning spheres have gathered, joined in Evensong.
Sep 2017 · 126
Winter Morning
David Bremner Sep 2017
Dawn's pool of new light
Flooding over fields of frost
Frozen world of time
David Bremner Sep 2017
Waves roll across the bay
losing themselves on a beach

Clouds fly through the sky
vanishing into the horizon

Summer's petals fall
to the ground that receives them

Yet our love, that lives
in sea, air and soil

Is constant.
Sep 2017 · 163
Crabbing at Whitby
David Bremner Sep 2017
In Whitby I noticed the teenage girls
who lined the long, Bank Holiday quayside.
Amongst the noise, their young faces serene,
they stood with siblings, step dads, always mam.
The sun shone from their hair - some dark, some blonde,
they wore makeup they did not need.
For the eye is always drawn towards youth.
I noticed too a kind of uniform,
skinny jeans, leggings, flesh revealing tops.
Though it was the lines they held that caught me.

The orange lines that ran from their young hands.
Bright, twisted twine that vanished in the depths
of the inky harbour waters that lay
before them like a still, unlived future.
Crabbing at Whitby, their faces were set
in concentration and female patience.
The patience their grandmothers had needed
when the glass fell and the wind rose at night.
Today though they tended their baited lines,
silent, awaiting the unseen quarry.

Quarry they'd keep in water-filled buckets
of brightly coloured, cheap, cheerful plastic.
To me the whole thing seemed somewhat pointless
competing to see who could catch the most,
catch the biggest of these vicious creatures.
Who'd attack them at every given chance
drawing the blood from their innocent hearts.
Until the metaphor revealed itself.
The girls' lives were now turning like the tide,
the boys like ***** were circling the bait.
Sep 2017 · 133
The Beach, Lybster Harbour
David Bremner Sep 2017
Song of the shingle
Sung to the tune of the sea
Her heart hears the words
David Bremner Sep 2017
In the shade of the sails
We heard a bird's song
Bring joy to a morning
With notes short and long

Perched high on the branches
Quite close to the path
Felicity saw him
And started to laugh

At red-breasted mischief
In England's fair land
As I began cupping
Her *** in my hand

So as robin sang out
We started to kiss
I groping the **** of
This prim English miss

'Cross the straw-stubble fields
My mind saw her run
I chasing, then throwing
Her down in the sun

Behind us the windmill
Above her, her frock
Bare thighs and hard *******
Poor robin in shock!
Sep 2017 · 118
Honeymoon in Hull
David Bremner Sep 2017
We came
to Hull

As the Humber flowed
muddy with our romance

By the Docks without trawlers
We laughed
and we loved

Praying forever.
David Bremner Aug 2017
I think I saw
what she saw.
The tide turning by the rocks,
the sea calm in its meeting with the shingle

I think I heard
what she heard.
The millenia witnessed by the rocks,
the children's footsteps crunching down the shingle

I think I knew
what she did not know
That her hair shone, her face was beautiful
as the swallows gathered for depart

and the rocks reflected her serenity.
May 2017 · 388
Standing Stones, Stenness
David Bremner May 2017
As the bus whizzed past
I glimpsed the stones at Stenness
They towered monolithically
above a dozen or so tourists

Who themselves seemed like stones.

Then something spoke to me
in the quiet part of the soul
Something from millennia past
and I looked once more at the tourists

Crying for the brevity of life.
David Bremner May 2017
Amongst the ruins red I watch
Felicity pick her way
A scene of strength and gentleness
Upon an April day

Before the sun had rose this morn
Man had cause to shiver
A bomb laid waste another place
Far from Eamont River

I stood in peace, enjoyed the sun
Aubretia in bloom
Despite the castles sweet decay
I could not sense the doom

These battlements once built for war
Now were nought but lovely
And love I felt for that sweet place
And for she who loved me

Therein the strength enduring all
To me that day was found
And not in some satanic bomb
So far from England's ground.
After a visit to Brougham Castle the day after President Trump's 'Mother of all Bombs' was dropped.
David Bremner Mar 2017
Stepping out the back door
in the quiet of the evening
To that place in summer where
the wild rose and honeysuckle would grow

I caught the blackbirds song
carried 'cross the gardens
As daylight seeped away
ending this individual day

That had been spent with you
and now...ever would be
Left to dilute itself within
the long tapestry of life

And then later when
my head married the pillow
I remembered the blackbirds song
and in dream spoke to you.
Mar 2017 · 480
Blackbird in the Morning
David Bremner Mar 2017
This morning
the blackbird sang
Her low guttural notes
made me long to stay in bed

But I rose for work
and thought of you
Doing the same
as daylight slowly seeped in

And I knew
behind yesterdays harsh indifference
That your heart was human
as the blackbird sang.
Feb 2017 · 339
David Bremner Feb 2017
They've been good to me the council, I mean
they put me here
and when all's said it's not that bad a scheme.
With my penthouse flat I'm the overseer
of the world below me its rights and wrongs
and from my sitting room, well man the views!
Of the far green hills and the rising sun
in the early hours gives my heart a song
that only fades when I switch on the news.
But it's the roundabout that yields me fun.

It lives below me and I must give thanks
to whoever
placed it here, a planners' pen, paper blank,
if it were like that no planner better.
For he drew into my life such real joy
I've known too much sadness - I lost a son
but don't dwell on that watch the roundabout!
Enter, exit, quick and slow, bold and coy
I see it all each day, what have I done?
They all pass through it but I have no doubt

That they love its lanes and its scrubbed white paint
guiding them on
some too confident, others like to faint.
Their parents drove here 'neath the self-same sun.
Indeed a time or two I must recount
an accident, mans lust for the violent.
Up here, I will confess, within my heart
I saw all the signs but I did not shout
the warning words I could have sent
but looked on in horror as per my part.

And so, I suppose, until near the end -
I'm not quite sure
when I'll make that choice - I will have to spend
my time in this flat the unnoticed viewer.
Watching you drive the roundabout, your car
spluttering, stalling, even breaking down.
A journey joyful and sometimes sad
taking you nowhere or taking you far
through congested traffic enough to drown
out all my loneliness, leaving me glad.
David Bremner Feb 2017
Let our love flow
Like two burns
Who find their confluence
Within the heart

Then run
Like a mighty river
Tumbling over the rocks
Marrying in the still pools

Finding the sea.
Jan 2017 · 215
David Bremner Jan 2017
Searching here once more
For what may or may not be
Love seems lost tonight.
Jan 2017 · 455
The Prejudice You Serve
David Bremner Jan 2017
With prejudice
You write me off
What right, my friend, have you?
To strike me down so quickly

Cannot you see
That I have fault
Like all my siblings here
Who live on the Earth as one

Do you have fault?
Perhaps you do
Then you are just like me
So imperfect and impure

But I wont ask
About your faults
What right, for that, have I?
I accept you as you are

And I stand tall
Despite your thoughts
And live in disregard
Of the prejudice you serve.
Jan 2017 · 303
Freswick Bay
David Bremner Jan 2017
This place chooses
not to ignore the sea
that gifted its soft sand
upon which footsteps wander

As the waves pound the rocks
the sound colours the voices
of the old Norse raiders
whose longships challenged the surf

While I think of those
who like winter's Goldeneye
make of this place a home
marrying it to their heart

Yes, this place chooses
not to ignore the sea
for it is a breathing artform
sculpted by her hand.
Jan 2017 · 293
My Mind
David Bremner Jan 2017
Psychedelic swirls
Twisting and turning my mind
Tell me who I am.
Jan 2017 · 203
David Bremner Jan 2017
Yes, I can think
Therefore, I am
I can know my being
And you can choose to love me

I am thirty
That was the age
Or thereabouts at least
When Roquentin understood

I'm glad he did
He did me good
Through all his suffering
He made it all much clearer

To understand
My existence
The purpose of my life
My responsibility

For I am free
To love or not
And I love you my friend
As I try to give essence

To this my life
Here upon earth
And try to comprehend
The concept of being free
Jan 2017 · 236
The Puzzle of Love
David Bremner Jan 2017
A ball of the softest gold
Fills up an evening sky
A time when man and woman
Can ask each other why

Emotions are unfettered
There is such scant control
When the heart does yield them
They soon begin to roll

In a way that can't be stopped
By either one involved
If you know why this happens
The puzzle can be solved.
Jan 2017 · 229
Romance is Our Fire
David Bremner Jan 2017
Alone we are
Just you and I
As I point at the flame
That dances in the fire

You hold your head
In both your hands
And seem to lose yourself
In the warmth of that rich glow

Your face is held
Within my gaze
You're everything to me
I wonder if I tempt you

To fall in love
Here this evening
Alone just you and I
Where romance is our fire.
Jan 2017 · 203
Snowflakes and You
David Bremner Jan 2017
Snowflakes hang in the air
As though suspended
From invisible cords
And they move my hand

To try and write these words
To describe my love
For you and them, who are
So dear and special

They seem to flit around
In a thousand ways
Caught by the tricks of air
To fill me with joy

Like you, my precious girl
So unique and kind
Lovely as a snowflake
Yet perhaps more rare.
Jan 2017 · 609
Are You My Snowflake?
David Bremner Jan 2017
If a snowflake does not fall
Here on Christmas Day
Then a Christmas card from you
Will come, I hope, my way

And even if it snows
I'll hold your card - still dear
So send your Christmas card
With all your Christmas cheer.
Jan 2017 · 187
Some Thoughts of You
David Bremner Jan 2017
You are the sunrise
Of a thousand days
And you move my soul
In a thousand ways

I press your picture
Up against my heart
Without your loving
My day cannot start

If you are not here
How I long for you
You fill up my life
Please hear, this is true

As I end this poem
Some say words are cheap
But these ones I mean
My feelings are deep.
Jan 2017 · 203
David Bremner Jan 2017
How your soft hair
Plays in my hand
As love, we sit tonight
Here by a roaring fire

The room is quiet
And so are we
For words have no place here
Where feelings reign supremely

I touch your cheek
It feels so soft
As soft as all the love
That grows in my heart for you

I take your arm
And draw you close
To gently kiss your ear
And whisper there my longing

For you alone
My chosen one
The one whose hair I touch
And the one whose soul I love.
Jan 2017 · 225
Depth of Love
David Bremner Jan 2017
In the final hour
Of the day
They fell

Deep in to
Each others arms
Deep in to
Each others heart
And deep in to
Each others love

And from that depth
A depth known only
To them - Not others
They vowed

They would never rise.
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