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David Bremner Jun 2015
A waterfall of colour
Is she
Pouring on my mind
Both night and day

A moonlit bay
Is she
Glittering like stars
Between anchored yachts

Virtual L.S.D
Is she
Brasil '66
Psychedelic cacophony

Soft skin and lace
Is she
My 60's girl.
David Bremner Jul 2015
Once upon a time
I was happy
With a teenage fumble
Behind the supermarket

Now - alone
I listen
To Morrisey sing
'I'm miserable now'
On a rainy Wednesday
On bleak streets
Those same streets
A kid knew well

On Saturday's I went
With mother
To town on the bus
To carry shopping

Jarvis sang
About Deborah
The fountain down the road
Tracy was my Deborah

A blonde who worked
In Presto's
Her sister was in my year
But I didnt fancy her

Chips on the bus
To a Britpop soundtrack
I carried Tracy's image
To bed in my mind
By fifth year
I'd lost control
Hormones stole
A University education

Tracy gone
Hormones remain
Sapping my dreams
And Presto's closed!
David Bremner Jul 2015
Still heart
Like a pond
Whose secrets
Lie deep beneath

A girl walks
Through city streets
Beneath the flyover

In the meadow
Of the soul
A heart flutters
Like wildflowers

At her feet
A beer can
Rattles by
In the wind

A swan appears
In silhouette
Against a sky
Awake with promise

She spies the man
A derelict
Beard red with grey
Eyes so hungry

A dark cloud
It stains
The blue

She rolls up
Her sleeve
He passes
The needle

A petal falls
Red like blood
Lands on the pavement
She spits on its presence.
David Bremner Nov 2015
Five lights
Invade the night sky
To her mind

From terra
A teenage girl
Considers them
Understanding the truth.
David Bremner Feb 2015
The greyest of skies
Follows darkest night
By the surging sea
A birds call carries

Mournful and plaintive
Alone in sadness
It tears at my heart
Sharing in its loss

Waves smash at the shore
Releasing that which,
They've shared for so long
Life - that I'd die for

Rain sweeps in across
The bays wild foaming
Stinging at my eyes
Displacing the gull

Forcing me at last
To face what's the truth
That life shades in dark
And we are alone.
David Bremner Dec 2016
Felicity sits
on hard concrete
Like a modernists dream
as she plays with a daisy

From Arthur House
I see her pose
As if for a ******
to form an image to keep

Preserving youth
Our own sweet youth
that shines out through her eyes
Mirrored in her English skin

She speaks some words
that may be French
Through the clouds streaks sunlight
She places down the daisy

And then she stands
Straightens her skirt
Lights up a cigarette
and smiles goodbye to this place.
David Bremner Nov 2016
With stealthy grace I saw her pass
a well loved lass.
So cute of paw
was what I saw.

This furry friend and decent pet,
on her I set
my eyes to rest.
She made a quest

toward her bowl of rich cat food,
I knew she would.
And then to creep
to bed for sleep.
David Bremner Mar 2017
Stepping out the back door
in the quiet of the evening
To that place in summer where
the wild rose and honeysuckle would grow

I caught the blackbirds song
carried 'cross the gardens
As daylight seeped away
ending this individual day

That had been spent with you
and now...ever would be
Left to dilute itself within
the long tapestry of life

And then later when
my head married the pillow
I remembered the blackbirds song
and in dream spoke to you.
David Bremner Jun 2016
The words seemed to dance
freely within the script
So much so that it seemed difficult
to determine what pattern
they might eventually take.

Yet as I rose early
in order to watch
Coventry awake
The silence morphed into noise
and I prayed that the summer
would reveal its truth.
David Bremner Feb 2019
Travelled light of time.
Arcturus risen
over the gentle, waveless ocean.
Its light moving with steady purpose
since the time of her birth.
To shine
on her fresh-kissed lips.
David Bremner Feb 2015
Does your heart reach out?
With empty longing inside
Searching a soul-mate

Let me make you understand
My love could fill up that void.
David Bremner Jan 2017
If a snowflake does not fall
Here on Christmas Day
Then a Christmas card from you
Will come, I hope, my way

And even if it snows
I'll hold your card - still dear
So send your Christmas card
With all your Christmas cheer.
David Bremner Mar 2015
I do not know you
Yet - I dream
At night I see your face
In the pale moon

As I walk the streets
The town feels cold
I feel your hand
Give warmth to mine

By the Manchester Ship Canal
I picture our meeting
The smile on your lips
Lust in my eyes

A kiss below the streetlamp
A ***** in the underpass
You look at the bridge
I look at your face

The train pulls in
I wake from my daydream
You alight at the station
I drown in my guilt.
David Bremner Dec 2016
Do YOU depict this scene?
For teenage Lovers
On an October night
Behind the supermarket walls

Here there are no rock pools
Left by an ebbing tide
Rather puddles in potholes
Polluted with diesel and oil

And what of music?
I hear no string quartet
Just tyres screeching rudely
And in the distance a siren wails

No moonlight either?
To fall on ivory skin
Just harsh neon
Man made glow against spray-on tan

Yet despite the shortcomings
This scene presents
This October night
There is passion, there is desire, there is love.
David Bremner May 2017
Amongst the ruins red I watch
Felicity pick her way
A scene of strength and gentleness
Upon an April day

Before the sun had rose this morn
Man had cause to shiver
A bomb laid waste another place
Far from Eamont River

I stood in peace, enjoyed the sun
Aubretia in bloom
Despite the castles sweet decay
I could not sense the doom

These battlements once built for war
Now were nought but lovely
And love I felt for that sweet place
And for she who loved me

Therein the strength enduring all
To me that day was found
And not in some satanic bomb
So far from England's ground.
After a visit to Brougham Castle the day after President Trump's 'Mother of all Bombs' was dropped.
David Bremner Dec 2016
Through scent of frankincence
heady as she
I see her move
with Eritrean grace

Ebony skin I feel
moves my senses
Her jebena
shall ever hold my heart.
David Bremner Dec 2016
This girl
of dark hair and sturdy calves
Has the spherical *** appeal
of the Fast Reactor

So, one day
When it's all gone
and I'm too old
I might just tell her

Until then it exists
within this poem
That you've just read
my own confessor.
David Bremner Jun 2016
Pretty girls go by
With feral eyes
Yet none compare
To Felicity

Who sits with me
At Le Select
On the Boulevard Montparnasse
As evening falls

Felicity with whom
I made love
Last night
On the Rue Troyon

As darkness falls
We'll make love
With Paris
From atop the tower

Where a feminine city
Shines like jewels
On a sea of love
True love - ours.
David Bremner Oct 2017
The leaf. Held on,
despite its withered,
colour-changed state.

Remembering. As autumn
stored away summer's memories
like the squirrels in the gardens.

Grenfell. Westminster Bridge,
Finsbury Park and Borough Market
had tried to steal its greenness.

Then it fell. It fluttered,
on a barely perceivable breeze,
down between some tourists.

I saw it. Settle there,
on the Square's grass, unnoticed,
ready for decay

and the renewal of life.
David Bremner Oct 2016
The tide abates
As the storm rages on
Slowly the shore reveals itself
Assaulted by the waves

Twenty years ago
Here I would sit
Upon this rocky outcrop
Watching the ancestors of these waves

The rocks and shingle roar
Growl to me from below
Why don't I jump in and save them
From their steady,slow erosion

A long, piece of driftwood
Is flung airborn by a wave
Part of a long-lost craft
Only now finding landfall

The light begins to touch me
Through the tangy, salt-sea air
I retrace my steps once more
Leaving home behind me.
David Bremner Nov 2016
Ethereal light shines down
On modern Londinium
As we sit by the lake
Near St Giles-without-Cripplegate

Felicity leans forward
Her head slightly bowed
As if in silent prayer
Me – her confessor

Abruptly she stands
Taller than Shakespeare Tower
Why do you always come here?
It’s the antithesis of home

She adjusts her skirt
Last night it seemed too long
A duck lifts its tail feathers
***** on the concrete

Felicity is a rainbow
Most clearly seen during rain
Her moods still move me
Psychedelia made real

Your strange – she says
Your beautiful – my reply
She smiles – her face like coloured glass
The window of a great Cathedral

I see God in your face
I thought you followed Sartre
I did….I do…
This place suits both

I caught you last night
Eyeing that girl
Near Blackfriars bridge
Keep your eyes on the prize

Yes – you did
Now she’s my confessor
But she hadn’t your colour
Your pattern or form

Felicity kisses me
I squeeze her tight
By evening we’ll make love
Leave the ducks to the Barbican.
David Bremner Nov 2016
Felicity of the colours appears
In the still city air
I check that her coat is warm
For Edinburgh is cold

Absent-mindedly she chats
Past Hepworth and Moore
Toying with the hair that falls
As the leaves part the trees

The Riley exhibition proves
Too much for her eyes
Those beautiful eyes
That will live on from the day.
David Bremner Aug 2015
They gather
To the sound
Of the pipes ringing
Across the village

They gather
To see
The strong men
Hurl the hammer

They gather
As the dancers
Lilt and lift
Above the swords

They gather
In their tartan
Both young and old
As the saltire flies

They gather
In spite
Of rain
And midgies

They gather
As so many years past
They gather
For The Games

Written after the Helmsdale Highland Games Sat 15th August 2015.
David Bremner Nov 2017
Green to gold lie leaves wind strewn
Trod beneath the city's feet
After falling on the benches
Where the office workers meet

The tree itself in spring held bloom
Its boughs so rich with flower
Bursting brightly upon the Square
A peaceful form of power

Unlike the dark metallic bomb
Science built to split the air
Atomic sickness, pain and death
Trees of hope burned with despair

So stand your ground in all seasons
Stand for those who stand for care
And if someone in you sees peace
Then let them stop, stand and stare.
David Bremner Oct 2015
In a flight of fancy
Felicity pronunces
Her admiration for Henry Moore
As we stroll in the sunshine

For my part however
I'm preoccupied
For I have a date tonight
With the 'Green Fairy'

She waxes lyrical
As together we admire
'Reclining Figure - 1951'
In the Tuileries Garden

And I have to say
It breaks my reverie
Returning my main vice
The female form.
David Bremner Aug 2015
At Warehouse I wander
As light seeps from the sky
Among the cold, grey tombs
Of the ancient dead

In this timeless landscape
So remote and lonely
Forgotten tongues whisper
With the wind through the heather

A harvest moon
Not yet quite full
Is the only witness
To the truth of these stones

My spine tingles
The mind races
I smell the smoke
Of my forebears cremations

And as I leave
The moon a guardian
Over these distant graves
I sense communion

Written after visiting the Warehouse Chambered Cairns on 26th August 2015.
David Bremner Aug 2015
Autumn called
Us in
To the cruel clutches
Of tomorrow

I cried that day
When Felicity played
Richard Harris' ' MacArthur Park'
On a 33

My tears flowed
From her eyes
Splashing down
On the revolving disc

Then we took
Each others hand
Remembering the Barbican
Felicity in red

Tonight we slip
Through love
To a thousand summers
We triumph over autumn
David Bremner Apr 2015
Sky of deepest blue
Free from rain cloud blemishes
Flawless as your face.
David Bremner Mar 2015
Little black mini
Six inch high heels
Pink lipstick, perfume
Spray-on fake tan

Yet behind the lovely vision
The person I plainly see
Made in God's image
To love and be loved by me.
David Bremner Mar 2017
This morning
the blackbird sang
Her low guttural notes
made me long to stay in bed

But I rose for work
and thought of you
Doing the same
as daylight slowly seeped in

And I knew
behind yesterdays harsh indifference
That your heart was human
as the blackbird sang.
David Bremner Oct 2018
She entered the canteen
With her coffee cup balanced
On a book.

It wasn't so much of a cup
I suppose
One of those shiny metal Thermos things
That don't break if you drop them
I'm rambling, prevaricating.

The book I loaned her
Two days after we met
And beyond eyes and ***
**** and cute turned-up nose
My eyes watched the book

Which she read
Day after day
Across the room.

I'd read it a dozen times
Knew it all by heart
No hurry I'll get it back when your done
I'm off for two weeks on Monday you might have to wait

What is this? Love? Infatuation?
Emotional adultery?
My story inscribing upon her heart?

Or just the slow progression
Of pages turned in the canteen
By her fingertips

Like days
Which I have to endure
To know the ending.

If you can give an answer please comment!!
David Bremner Nov 2016
Dizzy colours flash
Alive with childrens laughter
Heartbeat of the fair.
David Bremner Dec 2016
And so my love
You've slipped away
As if caught by the tide
That now has begun to ebb

And leaves me here
Alone once more
Left upon the shoreline
With only the rocks around

The rocks on which
My hopes are dashed
Like shipwrecks in a storm
In which all dreams are perished

But think of you
I often will
And when I do I'll smile
For you remain so special

Perhaps the tide
Again shall flow
And love can reach this place
So the rocks will turn to sand

And then the sun
Will shine once more
Beat down upon this beach
And warm my heart with loving.
David Bremner Dec 2016
You are like:

Cherry Blossom petals
in spring
The long days
of summer
The rich colours given
by autumn
And Christmas
in winter.
David Bremner Jun 2015
Circular girl, I search
For your presence
In the stars and moon
Of mental distortion

It's 'Ashes to Ashes'
With you and I
Drink drives my mind
Expanding to fill your void

Circular Girl explore
With me 1965
The Responsive Eye
In tonights darkness
David Bremner Oct 2016
With your finger
You twirl your hair
Smile across the table
And in shyness look away

I just look down
Smile to myself
Think how lucky I am
That you are here with me

This room is full
Of other folk
But they are merely given
Supporting roles in this play

My misplaced foot
Touches your leg
Quickly I say 'sorry'
But we both know that I'm not

I'd take you now
Up close to me
I'd hold you here so tight
And I'd never let you go

But this cafe
Is not the place
For two to boldly love
Each other for all to see

Except like this
Quiet and subtle
Yet ever more sincere
Over both our coffee cups

The world goes by
But not for us
We're wrapped in this our game
For we're only starting out

But we both know
We've reached the point
The point of no return
Darling we've begun to Love.

An early piece from some years back!
David Bremner Jun 2015
Darkness cradles the soul
In a night of black
Minds fly in fancy
Teenage loves renewed

I see you naked
Bathed in yellow light
Multi-coloured hand maid
In an orange sea

Purple, blue, crimson, green
******* the life
From a future - not ours
Yet theirs - the colours

I sense you near
Reach for your hand
We edge toward the precipice
Together we fly.
David Bremner Dec 2018
Suburban streets soaked with rain
Self-same journey once again
Along the backs of terraced homes
Council schemes, steeples, domes

This London rush. What's it for?
Another day just like before
Nothing like you likely planned
Then there is the tiny hand

That reaches up to hold on you
Too young to question what we do
If it's madness. If it's sane
Life gone on commuter trains

For her it's simple, not a muddle
She does not step around the puddle
That can and does reflect her face
That in its turn reflects your grace

Suburban streets soaked with rain
Self-same journey once again.
David Bremner Sep 2017
In Whitby I noticed the teenage girls
who lined the long, Bank Holiday quayside.
Amongst the noise, their young faces serene,
they stood with siblings, step dads, always mam.
The sun shone from their hair - some dark, some blonde,
they wore makeup they did not need.
For the eye is always drawn towards youth.
I noticed too a kind of uniform,
skinny jeans, leggings, flesh revealing tops.
Though it was the lines they held that caught me.

The orange lines that ran from their young hands.
Bright, twisted twine that vanished in the depths
of the inky harbour waters that lay
before them like a still, unlived future.
Crabbing at Whitby, their faces were set
in concentration and female patience.
The patience their grandmothers had needed
when the glass fell and the wind rose at night.
Today though they tended their baited lines,
silent, awaiting the unseen quarry.

Quarry they'd keep in water-filled buckets
of brightly coloured, cheap, cheerful plastic.
To me the whole thing seemed somewhat pointless
competing to see who could catch the most,
catch the biggest of these vicious creatures.
Who'd attack them at every given chance
drawing the blood from their innocent hearts.
Until the metaphor revealed itself.
The girls' lives were now turning like the tide,
the boys like ***** were circling the bait.
David Bremner Feb 2015
Dark forms against sky
Cut the air with their black wings
Breaking my silence

They fly above the river
That in days gone by brought hope.
David Bremner Jan 2017
In the final hour
Of the day
They fell

Deep in to
Each others arms
Deep in to
Each others heart
And deep in to
Each others love

And from that depth
A depth known only
To them - Not others
They vowed

They would never rise.
David Bremner Feb 2015
Shadow cast up
Upon the wall
A gift from the moonlight
Made precious through your loving

Dead of the night
The silent time
A gift from the darkness
Made special through your presence

Dawn breaking through
New day begun
A gift from the daylight
Made together in our dream.
David Bremner Oct 2017
Harbour, headland, open sea.
Tide turning. Spindrift carried
on whipping wind. Force Eight
approaching. Darkness falls.

Beatrice Apha flare
blazing. Crabbers ride
to doubled ropes. Lighthouse
watching, winter waiting.

Salted blood. Gull grey wing
dipping. Lobsters caught and
memory flooded. Homeward
pointing, homeward pointing.
David Bremner Jan 2016
A war memorial stands
Keeping guard at the end
Of an ancient High Street
Alone on a roundabout

From this historic spine
Of Flooring Centre and Bugdens
Run ribs of semis
With their suburban wives

I watch as my feet
Stamp down cracked pavements
Teenage schoolgirls
Giggle at a phone

At the village hall noticeboard
I read Parish Council minutes
Wondering at the secrets
Of the good who serve

Whilst against it all
The background hum
Of M3 traffic
Racing towards death.
David Bremner Mar 2015
Felicity has eyes
Of every hue
One is amber
The other blue

I call her mine
Perhaps she is
Mine once more
No longer his

Felicity is my day-dream
One and every girl
I watch her of an evening
Pirouette and twirl

She reaches to the stars
Exists within my galaxy
Planetary girl
Born in deep down fantasy

Tonight my mind abstracts
All that's real is lost
Felicity takes my hand
The void comes at a cost

As we drift in space
We two drift as one
Turn our back on earth
Yielding to the sun.
David Bremner Sep 2015
Felicity smiles
whilst placing
'Iron in the Soul'
On the pillow

She's turning French
Once more
Two weeks from now
We'll be in Montparnasse

She stopped me once
Asked for a light
In a little side street
Near Euralille

This ****** girl
Who smokes
For my pleasure
David Bremner Oct 2016
Where in fact could you tell me
lies this girl Felicity
The name I myself did give
to a perfect model of love

Is she the teenage girl at work
who flirts and shakes her ****
Asks me to touch her fleshy stomach
Everyone thinks we're having an affair

Is she the twenty something student
who texts me now and then
So we meet for illicit dates
and never anything else

Or is she the woman now past thirty
who feeds me every night
Wears high heels in bed
while loving me with all her heart

Which of these can you tell me
Is Felicity among the Felicities
Surely it is not you
I couldn't deal with anymore.
David Bremner Oct 2016
As I sit in the sun
surrounded by summers last flowers
in terracotta pots, my mind
fails to share the peace that surrounds it

Restlessness sits like a cloud
immovable in a changing sky
Where lies truth?
Amongst the shadows of this garden

This morning brought the first frost
like a warm blanket it lay
on the grass, on my soul
Is it so stupid to think

That at thirty five years
This chemistry with a teenager
Could indeed be real
and give birth to Felicity

Or does dark delusion
creep over lawn and rockery
To plant its own black seed
in a fertile heart.
David Bremner Apr 2018
Field trips
are the reflections
of puddles in the night sky.
Frogs croaking,
along the boundary hedgerows,
as Sirius extinguishes
across the western fields.
David Bremner Oct 2017
Dat by day the grey clouds hung
Round bails in wetness rolled
Hedgerows stood wind-harvested
The fields of colour bleached

Even the sea seemed heavy
Thick with slate
I doubted that life it held
As it fought against the dark cliffs

In town: Oily puddles formed
Empty cans clattered through Poundstretcher carpark
Cold wind Wick River whipped up
The swallows had left

I darkened....... Until

Robin flashed his red in conifer green
Felicity's rain-soaked hair clung to her face as she laughed
And the geese shared Heaven with the Milky Way
So that I,
                Could raise my spirit to the approaching storm.
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