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Was it loved denied or love expressed?
I sent you away whom I loved.  I acted.
Perhaps had I waited but I didn't.  Acted
When I did not know.   And now like a
Musical note resonating Still I do not know
Was it for the best.  It was not some trivial
Matter  but a question about love.  What it
Is?  Whether it was in me guiding me? Or
Was I a selfish fool traveling a long lonely
Road  never to know which way love is
Unto silence the tone fades and then it is
Reborn. Without a Knowing: how repent?

As the North posits the South  look Away
Look Away Dixie Land where the past has not
Even passed  Aye there is a Paradox A Paradox the
Molecule from which the Universe is built Look
Away Dixie Land and I shall forget your sins and
You shall rebuild and not know your paradoxes.
Thus speaketh the Lord who is ever merciful

Remembering Casey
If  all the people the Catholic Church
Kicked out The Pope would be left a
Lone idiot raging against the moon
I know I have done so- but kind hands
Saved me. Fallen Catholics most likely
As the man once said there are:  known
Knowns; the known unknowns and the
Unknown Unknowns.  A simple trinity
Would we see our Lord face to face
Like Abraham must we be willing to
Give up our only son-the faith of our
Fathers and become one of rejected for
Not measuring up,  one of the unknown
Unknowns who meet God face to face
Alone yet for a time till our redeemer
Comes in darkness still I will await him
As Abraham we do not  know the end ...

A beautiful thing can in twinkling of an
Eye change  everything  |Praise God!|

For Kelsey
Am  i more or less
There is a less that is more
Than I will ever know and
A more that is less than all
i am...So be of Good Cheer
With nothing to fear that will
Not wait till next year that is
Only a thought of  mind walking
Upon a lonely shore thinking of
You again and again. Once more

For Lissa
The warriors of the day fight against the
Dying of the the light turning into ghosts
Of remembrance and nothing more. Yet a
A remnant remains .  The warriors of the
Darkness they to must yield to the coming
Morn but a remnant of all remains in our
Memory to foreshadows the knowing that
Nothing is more constant than change and.
All enmity is futile because all that we can-
Will remember wii be the treasures that are
Stored in heaven; and when we clearly see
The tales told by an idiot we will laugh like
The lover who watches his children play and
Would see them playon forever in his sight.r days
So at the end of our days we shall see God  even
As He now sees us.  With Love in all our ways
For the one who has guessed I do not know
Know who I am   Who am I.He asks me and
Reads into my writing the answer-Discovers
The Truth that is found only by the One
The One that knows not the answer to the
Question :Who Am I.  May we be alike
Sepia is that burnt orange color of old
Postcards;  Of things remembered and
Still treasures of memories fading and
Almost forgotten that once were in a
Now exhuberant, that could not imagine
That it was was passing.passing before
Our eyes.  Even nowing into darkness
Where all of our treasures are buried
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