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Jan 2022
Was it loved denied or love expressed?
I sent you away whom I loved.  I acted.
Perhaps had I waited but I didn't.  Acted
When I did not know.   And now like a
Musical note resonating Still I do not know
Was it for the best.  It was not some trivial
Matter  but a question about love.  What it
Is?  Whether it was in me guiding me? Or
Was I a selfish fool traveling a long lonely
Road  never to know which way love is
Unto silence the tone fades and then it is
Reborn. Without a Knowing: how repent?

As the North posits the South  look Away
Look Away Dixie Land where the past has not
Even passed  Aye there is a Paradox A Paradox the
Molecule from which the Universe is built Look
Away Dixie Land and I shall forget your sins and
You shall rebuild and not know your paradoxes.
Thus speaketh the Lord who is ever merciful

Remembering Casey
Written by
David Bernard Scully  75/M/South Florida
(75/M/South Florida)   
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