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mel Jun 2020
I know who I love
I don't care that you don't approve
I know who I want to be
I don't care what you think
I know who I am
I don't care about you
I know I'm stable
I don't care if you try to change me
Good luck
I don't know what has compelled me to start writing again but I hope you enjoy, or not, I really don't care if you don't like my writing.
mel Jun 2020
Broken glass
Broken me
Open bottle
Open me
Watching monsters
Watching me
Looking glass
Looking me
Solid mask
Solid me
Wishing star
Wishing me
Calling out
Calling me
Waiting patiently
Waiting me
Closing eyes
Closing me
Dreaming big
Dreaming me
Inside pain
Inside me
Sleeping dark
Sleeping me
Holding you
Holding me
Loving me
Loving you
As someone with ADHD writing is a bit difficult, and this might not make sense to you but up here *taps head* it makes perfect sense
mel Jun 2020
Muddled dreams of chaos and oblivion
Wake up, feel the breeze from the window
Open the bottle, swallow your feelings
Drown the colour in grey
Put on a smile, put on your mask
Go to the table and eat
The motions of the day go by
I’m still typing onto a blank slate
With a blank stare
Empty heart
I can feel my mask breaking
Keep up the act
Smile and push on
Swallow your feelings
Put the plates into their places
In the sanctuary the mask falls
The smile is gone
Time for another trivial day of life
Haphazardly put on the mask
I'm just tired
I'm fine
Don't worry please
Clean and walk
The melody drifts into my ears
At last, a true smile
Through the door, the chains are off
The boundless energy is out and gone
Open the bottle
Swallow your feelings
The darkness is an empty void
I fear this loneliness
Me and the dark aren't so different
Rest eludes me
Does even my sleep hate me
Smile and cry
Consumed by exhaustion
Collapse into nothingness
Swallow the pills, they keep you normal
Swallow your feelings
Until you can't eat any more
Until you break again
Until this hell is over
So put on a mask
Swallow the pills
Smile and laugh
Until we repeat it all again tomorrow
I hope that nobody worries about me, I'm fine and poetry is one of the best ways to get it out.
mel Feb 2019
Love is fake
Romance is a lie
I will be alone
Until the day I die
I'm always going to be alone.
mel Jan 2019
It follows me through the shadows
Out of the corner of my eye
An unseen monster
I can't escape it

Well **** it was just my cat nvm
mel Jan 2019
When I close my eyes
Sometimes I dream

When Mom wasn't alone
When she was happy
Where I wasn't alone
When I was happy

When she said yes instead of no
Where I wouldn't be alone anymore

But that's just a dream

The heartache isn't

It hurts so much

Why didn't she choose me?
mel Jan 2019
The mask is off
That's what you gave me
You treat me like glass
I'm not broken

The mask is on
That's what you are
You talk to me without sadness
I'm not broken

I don't need your pity
It's what pushed me over the edge
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