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Old Alarm Old Alarm
You woke me up at 6am on my old farm
To feed the animals everyday
Although you woke me up in a sunday or saturday
And i turned you of and said no way

But sorry old alarm i don’t need you anymore
Because now we have phones that doesn’t wake us up in the hour 24
It is easier to work with them and not with you

But i will always remember you because i don’t know how
You woke me up before my house burned down.
Success is your goals your achievements
Success is not the mess
Insted it is like getting a dress
Yea the thing you work hard towards
But when you fail just keep moving forward

People think of life is as slow as a snail
But when your choices are bad, mean, and ungrateful, that is what causes you to fail
And will cause you to go to jail

So be grateful and succeed on your life
Instead of ending it with a knife

If you fall keep moving forward
If you don’t reach your goals keep moving forward
Work hard because you need to succeed to achieve
Have that mistake change with a good solution and a good conclusion
Succeed on your dreams don’t let them be just an illusion

Like my dad once said if you fall once it doesn’t mean you have to give up
It is all about moving forward
Don’t be lame
Success is not a game
Instead of saying I give up
replace give with go and say

“I go up”

And when you are the best don’t stay the same and go over your self  

Don’t sit down like that plant on the shelf
Move show your talent and help others believe
Protect others like a greave and after all of that you will know the true meaning of

life is a success
there are mistakes that make opportunities
and opportunities that makes mistakes
there are sad moments that are followed happiness
but don't take it to far because you can make a mess
don't stress

Life is a success
life is like a beautiful dress
it's a fancy purple vest

So create your life as good as you can like a nest
be good and the best
life is not a game
it is a dangerous test
don't be that person that tries to be the same
as other people, they even change your name

That is not how you get to the hall of fame
You are perfect with your unique frame

You're a success

If you ignore what other people think of you,
you are unique
and that is the best thing that you can be
I go outside in a snowy day
Throwing snowballs at the end of May
It starts getting sunny but it might rain
They throw a snowball at me now I’m in pain
Now it’s all dark but then I see a light
Then I get closer it might be heaven, am I right?
Then I see Jesus and he says are you fine
I stay there for a little and he gave me wine
And he says to me rise up you have so much to live
Smiles laughs and presents to give
Then says to me again are you ok, and I wake up
Then I see my friends and the white snow, they give me a
Chocolate cup
Oh oh snow
I will remember you forever
That calm wind that blows and blows
Because I saw Jesus now I Know
That I have to live
And smiles, presents and so much to give
Oh thanfks white snow you made me see
That beautiful light that shines upon me
Now only me but everyone on this world
Thank God oh mighty this world swirled

— The End —