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dani Jul 2019
The sun is setting for me while it is rising for you.
My day is coming to an end as yours has just begun.
My love for you arose months ago, and it will stay for years on end.
dani Jun 2019
Doubts will creep into our mind
Constantly reminding us of the distance
The ocean between us, separates land
But it will never separate our souls
In the end
Love conquers all
dani Jun 2019
The right person can give you such an overload of serotonin,
A feeling that medication could never suffice
dani Jun 2019
You need to have your heart ripped out of your chest so viciously
To the point where you question if love still exists...
Until you find the 'one'
They will reveal every little element that was lacked
They will show you what 'love' truly is
dani Jun 2019
Love varies from each individual
No one will ever interpret 'love'
In the same manner
Quite frankly,
Love cannot be described
It is an indescribable feeling.
If you are lucky enough,
You will feel it for yourself when the time comes around
You will know exactly the crazy things love can do to you
dani Jun 2019
The way that you say my name is the sweetest sound to my ears
The echo of your soul soothes me in unimaginable ways
dani Jun 2019
I see home in your eyes and I am violently homesick
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