Feb 2013 · 646
The problem and the cure

You like seeing me sweat,
You're a bitch who get's wet off seeing me fret,
You're power over me a prominent threat.

You're the bitch who likes mind games,
Constant fear and pains,
You're constantly on the prowl for possible gains.

You're the reason I live,
Constantly willing to give,
Forever willing to forgive.

Feb 2013 · 697

Demons banished in September,
Friends lost in January,
An Angel found in February.  

Fate may be more than a dream,
Karma more than a wish,
Hope may have its place still.

I was living life on a fibre of a rope,
But you gave me hope,
You cut my rope and gave me a place on yours.

Feb 2013 · 781
My First Love

Didn't have a clue until I met you,
I used to feel so alone and blue,
I didn't know what love was until I met you.

This feeling is new to me,
This feeling of happiness and glee,
So happy you chose me.

This may seem Cheesy,
Maybe A little Corny,
But It's because I love you and you do this to me!

Thank you my gel
I awake to your kiss
Your words in my ear
Telling me its time

Thank you my love
For taking in a broken man
Redeeming his heart
With your sweet touch

A fairytale day shall ensue
Every time I'm close too you
We are each others Fix
Our love is of hope and lust to make the perfect mix

Jan 2013 · 449
The Cold Nights Embrace.

As the snow begins to fall,
As the hope begins to grow.
Our embrace grows tighter,
You finally realise a snuggle wasn't all that hard.
You've began to trust me,
This love is now coming true.
Maybe it will flourish,
A rare mountain flower that comes to be in the cold embrace.
Where is the passion they scream,
We look back and laugh.
I realise that what we share is more than could be told,
I realise that my heart was never cold.
Just on standby,
waiting for you.

Jan 2013 · 338
Not taking her time

I don't know what to say,
Or even what to do,
All I know is that,
I think I'm in love with you.
But how?
How did you do it?
How did you fill the void in my heart in so little time?
When did you decide it was me all along,
You were waiting to find?

Jan 2013 · 428
Looking Up

Her Name Is Laura,
Hair So Fine And Brown,
Eyes Like A Walnut.
Her Energy Is Something To Admire,
Her Strength Never Seems To Expire.
She's A Little Crazy,
Yet She's Mine.
Maybe Everything That's Happened Has Truly Happened For A Reason,
I'll Never Know How This Happened,
I'll Never Pretend.
But Today You've Made Me The Happiest Man Alive

Jan 2013 · 245

I'm drowning in a pool of self loathing,
Had everything I needed...
Destroyed it with my greed and foolishness.
My rock and my love,
The thing that made my life worth it,
The person who made me feel like I mattered.
I've gained a girlfriend yet the void is still there,
I now realise that the love I felt for you will never be shown again.
Why is this so hard...
Why did I have to think with my ego and my dick!

Jan 2013 · 201

I Try To Be Happy...
But Depression Is Now My Best Friend.
My Only Friend.

Jan 2013 · 241

You know that feeling you get when you're empty and drained all out,
you have no one,
you constantly feel worthless and useless,
you don't know how to make anyone happy,
or how to make them proud,
so the only way to feel something else is through the pain you cut.

Jan 2013 · 348
My final lullaby

I never knew what life meant,
Never knew where it would take me or what I would do.
Know I know that one persons opinion of you can end it,
Who'd have thought that your words would be the thing that made me realise.
You've been my final release,
you were the dozer that destroyed the walls of deception.
All I know is there was a box of pills and a few cans of cider,
they are the only friends that I have to accompany me on this lonely and cold night.
It's time to sleep now,
My lullaby is over and my head is dropping.
I may have destroyed you for which I am sorry,
But know now that you shall never have to suffer me again.

Dec 2012 · 356
Cheese Wire Love

Not sure where this track is taking me,
My life was set but my train's been derailed.
You were supposed to ease the pain but without just cause you caused more than necessary,
You were supposed to be my safety net but you were more like electrified cheese wire.

Oct 2012 · 293

Like water
I'm evaporating
After the rains

Oct 2012 · 457
So Lonely.

I'm so lonely,
All I want is a hand to hold,
A heart not so cold.
I'm standing here in the mist,
Looking for a light,
Nothing in sight.
I need a hug,
A reason to live.
As the blade draws deeper,
As the rope grows tighter,
I ask myself,
Will anyone notice?
I've been left,
I've been forgotten,
I'm no longer a friend just a mere acquaintance.

Oct 2012 · 285
Bring Back The Music

The Music Has Stopped,
The Mist Starts To Settle,
It's Becoming A Thick Fog,
I'm Trapped,
Trapped In The Back Of My Very Own Mind,
I've Been Trapped In The State Of Thought.
I Can't See A Thing,
My Gaze Starts To Settle On A Vague Shadow,
I Move To Grab It But It's To Far,
My Feet Are Still But I Will Them On,
They Are Stuck In What Feels Like A Bed Of Tar.
This Is It,
This Is My Breakdown,
You Stopped The Music,
You Took My Sight,
You Took My Strength.
All I'm Left With Is Thought.

After People Constantly Harassing Me About Wearing My Headphones All The Time And Having The Constant Need For Music I Decided It Was Time To Tell The World My Truth. I Can't Live Without It, I Suffer From Manic Depression Which Was Controlled By Meds But I Found Music Which Seems To Have Suppressed It, There Are A Few People Out There That Have The Gift To Suppress My Thoughts As Well But Not Many, Thank You So Much For Listening To My Story.

Just so happened that a full moon happened to be,
A full moon happened to me,
That peachy beauty powered me all night.

I'm happy,
Happy that we could,
Happy that you realised we should.

We've gotta show the world how it's done,
Show the world the true meaning of happiness,
Show them what true love can be.

From the first touch you could tell,
We set the atmosphere on fire,
What was cold came to life.

We are destined to be,
You and me,
We are what everybody else wants to be.

This is my story,
Protecting you from the dark,
Loving you until the end.

This is my happily ever after,
While it lasts,
A contradiction I know to well.

Sep 2012 · 515
Here we go again

A love thought lost was rekindled today,
It was a beautiful thing,
An electric like atmosphere surrounded us.
I don't know what I've done,
This was done and gone,
We were leaving each other alone to get on with our own lives.
But seeing you tonight,
It reminded me of the past,
the tender moments we shared.
What have we done,
What has this become?
I am so confused,
My feeling for you seem true but can they really be,
I don't want to be burnt again.
I've said my good-byes already,
this isn't fair.
But I still love you cheeks,
That figure so divine,
Your nature more than kind,
Your beautiful eyes,
Beautiful accent.
I don't think there is a part of you that I don't love,
Even down to that cute little mole on your bottom that you hate,
This has to be the most beautiful accident I have ever experienced.
I have a feeling it won't last,
But I shall cherish it while it does,
You shall without a doubt occupy my mind every waking moment,
And I will hold you in my heart for what time you choose to remain.

Aug 2012 · 537
The Star.

There are beautiful girls everywhere,
Some are stupid, and won't care,
Some are there just for a day,
Some are easy, some are game,
When you reach a mature age,
You will meet one that is wise,
A girl that is fun and true,
Will not give in, will be hard to rule,
She's not looking for a night,
She's looking for a brave true knight,
Shell refuse to play your game,
With all the players she does the same,
She knows what you're after,
But she'll want forever after,
She will scold you and test you and outwit your play,
If you're looking for easy then expect a delay,
Maybe you should walk away...Hot Shot!
She is pretty, and has a brain,
She will beat you at your own game,
Not only can her beauty captivate,
She has something special, it's called class,
She knows what she wants,
She's a perfect catch,
She is rare and born of the sun,
She will burn you with her rays,
If you catch one hold on tight,
She's a star born of daylight,
Shell be the one to light your night,
But be aware, stars like these are sought by many,
Like pink argyle diamonds, worth every penny,
Their value increases, with time,
So hold on with all your might,
You're in for the ride of your life!
True love that never dies, is the sparkle in her eyes,
She is the one, and will love you for the rest of her life.

So Vicious,
So Vindictive.
This Whole Time You Have Been Conspiring Against Me,
Plotting My Demise With Her,
I Thought You A Friend,
Trusted You Like A Brother.
I Told You My Weakness As A Sign Of Trust Now You Wield It Against Me,
What Have I Done,
I've Created My Very Own Judas.
My Heart Play's Me Fool Once Again,
Trust Is My Biggest Fault,
Now You Shall Use This Gift Bestowed On You To Take What I Loved,
I Gave You Everything You Asked For,
I Shared What No Other Would And That Just Wasn't Enough,
Like A Child Once I Gave You An Inch You Took A Mile.
It Destroys Me That Someone I Loved Could Do This To Me,
What Has The World Come To When You Can Trust The Ones You Loved,
The Ones That You Thought Loved You Back.
You Play Me Like A Fool,
Now You Wish For Conflict,
This Is Unwise For Sure You Know,
There Shall Be No Challenge In What You Try To Present.
I Have Bested You Before,
I Have Fought With And For You,
So Why Question My Capabilities When You Are One Of Few Friends To Have Witnessed Them,
I Am Not Proud Of What I Can Do,
I Just Accept It And Apply My When Needed.
I Do Not Enjoy This,
I Just Do What Is Necessary,
For Soon You Will Rue,
Rue The Day You Opened That Mouth,
Had To Brag About Your Plan For My Demise,
You Would Have Been Better Off If I Had Not Known,
I Wouldn't Have Suspected And You Would Have Gotten Away With It.
Now Though,
You Are Mine,
You Are Forsaken To Damnation,
Now You Shall Water The Ground With Your Tears Of Blood,
You Shall Scream My Name And Beg For Mercy,
But I Have Been Gifted,
Or Cursed Of Which I Am Never Sure,
I Have No Remorse,
I Shall Not Regret My Actions,
You Shall Not Bear Witness To The Privilege Of Mercy,
Only The Weak Show Such Things When In A True Moment Of Power,
I Shall Dominate You,
No Hope Shall Remain,
I Shall Take Everything You Ever Had,
I Shall Show You Everything You Could Of Had.
Then I Will Destroy It All,
I Will Make You Understand,
These Material Things,
They Mean Nothing.
It's Things Such As Friendship And Loyalty That I Cherish,
The Things I Cherish Cannot Be Given Or Taken,
They Can Only Be Earned.
This You Will Learn,
I Shall Dismantle Your Life Around You,
Piece By Piece,
Making Sure You Are Ever Aware Of My Presence,
Of My Work.
You Shall Wished You Had Never Alienated Me,
You Shall Realise I Am The Sort Of Person You Wish Not To Hurt,
The Sort Of Person That You Don't Try And Take For An Idiot.
I Am Very Cruel,
I Am Very Precise,
I Am Vindictive,
I Am The Worst,
I Show No Signs Of Remorse.
I Am The One Who Will Enjoy,
I Am The Sick, Twisted Sadistic Person Who Should Never Have Come To Be.
But Here I Am,
And Here You Are,
Your Times Is Up So Lets Meet Up.
The Game Is Just Beginning,
So Let Me Show You The Ending.

Jul 2012 · 609
Wasted Love?

I've Finally Done It,
I've Finally Fallen Madly, Deeply And Passionately In Love With Someone...
Someone I Can't Have,
No Matter How Hard I Try There Is No Possibility Of Anything.
I've Been Betrayed By My Own Heart,
My Brain Can't Even Help Me Out This Time Seeing As Its To Clogged Up With Thoughts Of You.
This Feeling So Intense,
I Miss You Every Second, Of Every Waking Moment.
You're Smile Is The Ultimate Endorphin Catalyst,
My Heart Rushes When You're Near.
I Have Purpose With You,
It All Makes Sense.
We Have So Much In Common,
We Share The Same Sick Sense Of Humour,
The Same Music That Most People Don't Understand Or Like.
I've Actually Been Asked If We Were Together,
I Had To Force Myself To Mutter The Unfortunate Answer That Was No,
Then I Get The Even More Bewildering Question, Why Not?
Well The Answer Is Very Simple,
But I Shall Not Say.
It Is Not My Place And If I Did And You Happened To Stumble Upon This It Would Be Up,
There Would Be Awkwardness In The Friendship Leading To It's Demise,
And As Much As It Destroys Me To Only Have You As A Friend I Would Rather Have That Than Nothing At All.
I Just Wish There Could Be A Way To Express My Feeling To You Without Fear,
Without Fear That It Might Back Fire And I Might Lose You Permanently.
The Thought Of Your Love Is Making Me Itch,
Even As I Write These Lines You Haunt And Pollute My Mind,
Never leaving
Always Near And Never Far,
Not One Thought To Be Forgotten.
I Think I Shall Just Have To Wait This One Out,
See Where Your Heart Will Come To Rest And What I Can Do To Assure You I'm The Right Person.
It Seem's Like A Wasted Love I Know,
But It's Not,
I'd Rather Be Like This Than In A Relationship And Unhappy While Thinking Of You.
It's Time To Go Now,
Not That You Will Be Going Anywhere Soon,
I Have A Feeling You Will Be With Me Until The End Of Time.

Jun 2012 · 991
The Blue Oyster Dress

You Wore That Dress,
It Took My Breath,
It Hugged You,
So Tight.
That Beautiful Iridescent Shine,
Such A Complement To Your Figure,
To Your Eye's.
Your Lips So Full,
Eye So Blue,
You Lit Up The Room.
I Miss You,
It Was Cruel,
But I'm Glad You Are Happy.
You Deserved Better And He Is The Best.
I Still Remember The Time We Danced In The Rain,
The Way That Little Dress Stuck To Your Leg's,
The Way It Went See Through,
I Could See Your Underwear,
What Little It You Were Wearing,
I Miss Those Time's,
You Can't Say We Didn't Have A Good Time.
The Time We Just Lay In Bed Together,
We Didn't Speak,
We Didn't Have To,
The Connection So Intense.
All I Can Think Of Is You,
But I Can't Speak When You Are Near,
You Still Make My Heart Leap Into My Throat.
I Wish I Could See Those Dresses Once More Though,
To Be Blessed By The Sight Of Such Beauty Is Rare,
That Beautiful Two Tone Dress.
I Miss You But This You Shall Never Know,
It Is Time For Goodbye,
To Say Goodbye To My Friends,
My Job,
And That Little Ball Of Fuzz Maya.
It Feel's So Final,
It's Like The End Of A Chapter,
So Let's Write A New Script.

Jun 2012 · 680
Spontaneous Abortion

I Loved The Thought Of Being A Father,
I Wasn't Sure If I Was Ready To Make That Step But My Name Was Called,
I Felt Sure I Was Ready Then,
Cherishing The Thought.
Now I've Been Told,
Been Told That We Had A Abortion.
I Was So Confused,
How Could She Do This To Me Without Consultation.
That's When The Doctor Told Me,
Your Baby Is Dead.
I Swear In That Fraction Of A Second My World Crashed Down,
My Heart Withered And All Signs Of Hope Had Wilted.
I Didn't Realise That It's Not A Miscarriage Any More,
"We Changed The Name".
Could Have Fooled Me.
Now I'm Left,
Left Here On My Own,
She's Gone,
My Child Gone,
Love, Hope, Gone.
What Am I Left With Now.
I Feel Empty And Incomplete,
What Is This Feeling.
I Never Knew My Child,
So Why Do I Feel This Way,
I've Been Told I Would Make A Great Father And I Thought That Now Was My Chance.
How Wrong I Was.
I Want My Chance,
It's Not Fair.
All You Ever Hear Of Is Drugged Up Teen's Getting Pregnant,
And Here I Am Working,
Paying My Taxes,
Doing My Bit For The Community And Trying To Help.
But I Am The One Who Has My Child Taken Away,
In What World Does That Make Sense,
How Is This Fair.
That Child Would Have Been Loved And Cared For,
I Would Have Done Everything Possible To Provide What That Child Wanted And Needed,
Now They Have Taken Him Away.
I Hope That Wherever That Sweet Little Soul has Gone Is Better Than This Place,
No Worry Of Money,
I Pray To The Heaven's To Look After My Child,
If Not There Shall Be No Hell That You Could Imagine Worse Than The One I Will Make You Experience.
So On This Sombre Note,
I Leave You,
That Out There Is My Child,
Most Likely Living A Better Life Than I Could Have Provided.
Now I Know What Pain Mean's.

May 2012 · 606
Could I Be A Dad?

I Have Loved The Idea Of Being A Father,
I Couldn't Wait For My Chance.
Now It's Here I Am Scared,
I'm Worried I Can't Live Up To It,
Hold The Name And Claim My Place.
The Reality Of This Choice Scares Me,
I Hold A Life In My Hand's,
Is It Really Mine To Play With,
It It Really Mine At All?
I'm Scared Of The Reality,
These Choices Shouldn't Be Mine For Year's Yet,
Certainly Not Now.
I'm To Young,
To Weak Willed,
To Irresponsable.
What If I Make The Wrong Choice,
I Can't Support A Child And Wife,
But What Other Option Do I Have.
I Can't Just Simply Ignore The Problem,
I Can't Stick My Head In The Sand Any More.
That Awful Word The One I'm Loathed To Say,
That "Abortion" Word,
Well That's Just Not An Option.
The Only Logical Option Left Is Adoption,
But I'm Not Sure I Could Do That,
Sending My Own Child Away,
To Live With Total Stranger's.
These Choice's,
So Hard To Make,
Which One's Correct.
I Can't,
I Shouldn't Have To,
But I Do,
I Have To Make My Choice Now,
So What Will It Be.
My Mind Is Lost And My Heart Has Run.
I Must Go,
Go And Make My Choice's,
Playing With A Life...

May 2012 · 612
Because I Could

I Was The Warrior,
You're Protector,
The Justifier.

I Was A Mere Puppet,
A Side Piece To Your Show,
I Was Nothing.

You Showed Me Everything,
But Only The Thing's I Needed To Know,
So Misinformed.

I Was Easy,
You Knew Which Button's To Press,
I Feel So Cheated.

I Asked You Why,
Why Did You Do This To Me,
Why Would You Do This To Me?

Your Response,
So Cool,
So Easy,
Because I Could.....

Apr 2012 · 514
My Realisation

I've Been Promising To Protect You,
I Said I'd Give Everything To Save You.
Then It Hit's Me I'm The One Causing This Pain,
What Do You Do When You Realise You're The One Causing The Pain,
Causing The Pain You Promised To Protect Against.
I Love You Cheeks But I Can't Do This,
I Promised To Protect You From Everything,
I Didn't Realise That One Day That Would Mean Me,
So Now I'll Do It,
I'll Give My Heart For You.
I Hoped That You Would Be My Heart,
That I Could Be Our Armour,
But I'm Suffocating You,
This Armour Wasn't Made For You.
I Loved You More Than Word's Can Tell,
I Still Do And I Have A Feeling That These Feelings Wont Dwindle Any Time Soon,
But That's The Reason I Have To Go,
I'm Going To Protect You,
Going To Protect You From Myself,
Here's My Heart,
Here's My Final Speech,
Please Don't Forget Me,
What We Shared Had Been Dreamt Of Through The Age's,
But Every Fairytale Has To End Somewhere And I Guess It's Our Time.
So Goodbye Cheek's,
The Last Few Months Have Been The Best Of My Life,
I Hope You Enjoy The Rest Of Your's.

Apr 2012 · 785

I am so angry
This hate is so pure
I feel like you are doing something wrong
But I don't know for sure

It's screaming at me to hurt them too
Maybe they are in the right
But I don't know
To stop the tears all I can do is fight

My lungs burn
Because you have this hurt and anger inside
They just don't see it
They are blind

I wish they could feel my pain
But I wish for them never to ask
Because they don't know me
I just keep concealing my feelings under a happy mask

Some days I think I don't care
I'm sick of hiding this fear
How would they understand anyway
I can't even see myself clear

Why bother then
Why even try
I hurt so badly
At night all I can do is cry

It makes me so angry
So mad
I am able to hide my hurting
But they tell the world when they're sad

Can't they do what everyone else does
Pretend their feelings aren't there
For the world to see
For the world to bear
Like me!
Urg! This just isn't fair

Apr 2012 · 461
Time To Lay To Rest

My heart more scarred than my wrist,
I'm ready to give up now,
I got my answer and it's not the one that I wanted.
How am I going to do it this time,
Drink myself to death or take a swim,
Maybe I could just go to sleep and never wake up.
I already bleed,
Painting my wall's with crimson,
What will it take this time,
I feel cold,
I feel weak,
Maybe this is it.
This could be my last goodbye.
I don't know what to say,
I love you I always will and will be with you every step you take.
I have to go now I'm going cover up and go down the pub,
sit in that weaved sofa we both loved,
The one we both loved in.
Seem's fitting to lay to rest with a bottle of rum in our favourite spot,
Maybe you will realise then,
realise that everything I ever did was for you.

Apr 2012 · 491
Miluji te

I always dream of having you
i cant take away the thoughts of you
you make me feel troubled always
that drives me through this uneasiness

a smile of yours touches my heart
that makes me restless at night
i cant take away in my imagination
feels like un unfinished mission

how could i overcome?
if this heart calls you to be my someone
how could i tell you?
do you mind if i love you?

i dont know where it start
i just miss you everytime we part
each day we talk, each time we smile
i always give myself a try

to tell you what this heart feels
takes a lot of time for me to rehearse
how could i tell you?
this heart longs for you?

Apr 2012 · 362
I'm Looking

I’m falling down
Down down I go.
When will it stop,
I want to know!

Into the darkness
And into depression
I hate my love life
But it's my obsession

When it comes to love
I’m obsessed
When it comes to emotions
I’m possessed

Why can’t i find
The right one for me?
Where on earth
Can they be?

I’m looking for someone
Who will treat me right.
I’m looking for someone
Who will hold me tight
Every day
And every night

Mar 2012 · 491
Those Smiling Eye's

Blue eyes so full of life
A wonder all of their own
So beautiful and precious
Oh to see those eyes smile
Such a beautiful sight
How I love to look into those eyes
When I look into them
A kind of peace comes over me
Beautiful blue eyes
Always haunting me
...teasing me
Reminding me of what I want...can't have
Why do they haunt me so
When will I be free of them
Constantly held captive by those blue eyes
Beautiful blue eyes
Always there
A reminder of what I want...can't have
Such beautiful blue eyes
Beautiful blue eyes...

Mar 2012 · 1.9k
Blue Eye's

Beautiful blue eyes full of life
Always a smile even when
there is a lot of pain
I don't know if anyone
has ever seen the fire and passion
thundering right behind those eyes
Blue eyed thunder that's what you are
So full of passion and life
beyond anyone's imagination
Those blue eyes are so captivating
I can't help but to stare into them
Passion for life burning in those eyes
a fire for a love good and true
All stemming from the life you live
Blue eyed thunder how can it be
that your eyes can hold in such a
Always alive with passion and love
Always and forever my blue eyed thunder

Mar 2012 · 770
The Dog's Side

Why Is It When I'm Doing What Dogs Do,
What Dogs Are Designed To Do,
Then I'm A Bad Dog?

Why Is It When I'm Not Doing What Dogs Do,
Denying My Very Nature,
Then I'm A Good Dog?

Sniffing Strangers' Asses; Humping Auntie's Leg;
Pissing To Say 'I Woz 'Ere' - That's What We Were Made For!
Sitting Still And Silent, Make No noise Or Smell,
Wearing Dainty Waistcoats - Just An Evil Joke!

Good Dog, Bad Dog - Why Can't We Decide,
Join Your Debate On The Meaning Of 'Good'?
We Dogs Can Emote And Intuit, Be Logical And Positive!
Philosophical Dogs, Unite!
You Have Nothing To Lose But Your...
Oh, Yes, You've Lost Them Already. Damn.

Mar 2012 · 576
Happy Oh So Happy

I'm So Happy, Oh So Happy.
Life's Looking Up And Going My Way.
It Wont Last Long But I'm So Happy,
This Feeling Of Euphoria In Every Breath.
The Smile On My Face With Unusual Contortions.
But It Doesn't Matter Because I'm Happy.
Oh So Happy.
This Feeling Is Easily Related To A Child On A Sugar High,
It's Great Just Sitting Here Giggling Uncontrollably,
Because Life Is Great And I Am Living,
Living A Life For Once Not Just An Excuse.
All I Need Is One More Thing And Then This High Will Last Forever,
I Need Her,
Blue Eye's,
Beautiful Flowing Blonde Lock's,
Sumptuous Lip's ,
Curvaceous Body.
Amazing Personality,
So Fun,
So Caring,
So Kind.
What Could Anybody Else Wish For.
This Is My Happy Love Story.
And I Am Oh So Happy

Mar 2012 · 376
No More Fear

You Hurt Her,
Your Hurt My Girl.
I'm Going To Kill You,
Rip You Limb From Limb.
What Had She Done,
She Loved You,
She Care's For You.
I'm Not Standing For This,
You Have Just Made Your Last Mistake.
She Still Protect's You,
But That's Not Enough,
I'm Going To Find You,
I'm Going To End You.
She's Mine Now And There's Nothing You Can Do.
She Wont Have To Fear Again,
Nothing Can Touch Her Now,
No One Can Harm Her Again.
I Will Protect Her Till My Last Breath.
She Is All I Have Ever Wanted.
More Than I Ever Needed.
But You Tried To Ruin It,
You Tried To Ruin Her,
Now I'm Going To Ruin You,
I'm Going To Destroy Every Fibre Of Your Being.
No More Fear,
No More Hate,
No More Resentment.
I Am Complete,
She Is Safe,
And We Are Both Happy.

Mar 2012 · 391
No More Fear

You Hurt Her,
Your Hurt My Girl.
I'm Going To Kill You,
Rip You Limb From Limb.
What Had She Done,
She Loved You,
She Care's For You.
I'm Not Standing For This,
You Have Just Made Your Last Mistake.
She Still Protect's You,
But That's Not Enough,
I'm Going To Find You,
I'm Going To End You.
She's Mine Now And There's Nothing You Can Do.
She Wont Have To Fear Again,
Nothing Can Touch Her Now,
No One Can Harm Her Again.
I Will Protect Her Till My Last Breath.
She Is All I Have Ever Wanted.
More Than I Ever Needed.
But You Tried To Ruin It,
You Tried To Ruin Her,
Now I'm Going To Ruin You,
I'm Going To Destroy Every Fibre Of Your Being.
No More Fear,
No More Hate,
No More Resentment.
I Am Complete,
She Is Safe,
And We Are Both Happy.

Mar 2012 · 456
I'm Happy

There's nothing wrong with me
...I'm happy

I live life to wake each day
...And be happy

I want to enjoy it in each and every way
...And be happy

I feel content to be here now
...I'm very happy

To be depressed I wouldn't know how
...Because I'm happy

I walk each day with a smile on my face
...Yep, because I'm happy

I don't like to cry or be sad
...Because my life is happy

I think being miserable, is what makes people lives bad
...So, you guessed it, I'm happy

Mar 2012 · 457
Love's Me, Love's Me Not

She loves me, she loves me not
Is it false, is it true
Cold as ice, warm as sun
Didnt know, once I knew

Then she's calm, then she's wild
Words of love, words of hate
Smiling face, saddened frown
Early love, much too late

Does she love me, does she not
Enemy, or maybe friend
Painful words, soothing kiss
Forgotten not, it's her I miss

Mar 2012 · 403
Because I Love You

You feel sad and lonely, you say everything is your fault, that everything is wrong.
But I will always be by your side,
Help you cross difficult obstacles because I love you a lot.
I'll make your sorrows disappear,
Bring joy to your life.
You will forget all the sadness,
Loneliness you went threw.
You will only have joyful thoughts.
I will always be there for you on your times.
And I will always love you.

Mar 2012 · 527

If I Close My Eyes Really Tight
I See Her Face
If I Look A Little Closer I See Her Smiling
Her Big Blue Eyes I Love To Gaze Into
If I Lie In Silence I Hear Her Heart Beating
The Warmth Of Her Breath On My Neck
Wondering If She Can Heal My Aching Heart
Resting My Heavy Body
Feeling Like A Ton Of Bricks
Wanting Her To Come Back To Me
Feeling Like Sleeping Beauty
I Don't Want To Wake Until You Come Back To Kiss Me
Want You To Hold Me Close
I Know One Day You Will Be Back To Love Me
It Wont Just Be A Daydream

Mar 2012 · 533

I Need To Make Some Change's,
This Person I'm Becoming Is Just A Mere Reflection Of The Person I Once Was.
Soon Enough People Will Recognise The Fact That I'm A Fake,
That All I Want Is Approval.
Desperate For Attention,
Physical Or Emotional,
Becoming That Every Person Hates,
Taking Advantage Of Many,
Truly Loving The Few.
I'm So Angry,
Angry All The Time.
I Struggle Not To Lose It Sometimes,
I Don't Want You To See That.
That's Who I Used To Be,
But I'm Losing Who I Am,
And The Only Thing To Fill That Void Is Me,
The Old Me.
No One Liked The Old Me,
I Was Trouble,
I Can't Go Back To That,
Fighting Everyday,
Trying To Justify Everything I Did With Lies.

I Think It's Her,
She Has A Effect On Me,
She Aggravates My Very Inner Being,
She's Like My Full Moon.
I Can't Trust Myself Any More,
I Have To End This,
But I Don't Know How,
The Answer's Are Lost On Me.
I'm Scared,
The Thought Of The Old Me Scares Me,
All My Friends Having To Meet What I Once Was,
They Don't Deserve That,
I Must End This,
But How?

Mar 2012 · 440
Good Night

So Drained,

I Need A Break,
Is There A Half Time In This Game Called Life.

I Can't Think Any More,
Everything Is Becoming A Blur.

I Can't Move Any More,
To Tired To Even Subject Myself To My Bed.

I Thought I Felt Something Today,
I Realised It Was Just Heart Burn From A Dodgy Onion.

I'm So Tired,
Tired Of Everything,
Just Give Me A Break,
A Quick Breather.

I'm So Tired I Can't Even Sleep,
Wearing Me To My Very Soul.

I Just Want To Sleep,
To Sleep Forever.

The Thought Of Going To Sleep Tonight And Never Waking Up,
So Inviting And Promising.

I Finally Made It To The Bed,
My Time Is Up And I'm Ready To Go,
Go Away Forever In A Peaceful Slumber,
Where No-one Can Bother Me,
Ask Me To Help Them When They Can See I Am Struggling Myself .

Goodnight Little World,
I Shall See You Soon,
Sooner Than I Wish.

Mar 2012 · 278
We Share This Feeling

I See You
I Know That Face
That Face Of Sadness
When You've Been Hurt

He's Hurting You So Much
Still You Can't See Me

From You
I've Learned A Lot
You're Looking For Something
A Fire That's Not Hot

What I Hear
It Isn't True
I Know It Isn't True
How Could It Be?
You Wouldn't Do Those Things
Would You?

I Feel Your Pain
I feel The Very Same

It Still Keeps Coming And Going
A Never Ending Game

Your Eyes Are Like Clouds
They Hold A Lot Of Rain
Cry To Show Your Pain

Some Have Too Much Blissfulness
To Really Care For This

I'd Really Love For You To Love Me
Love Me Like The Way I Love You
But I'm Hoping For Something That Will Never Be
Friendship At Most Will Have To Do

I Really Saw It Coming
I Really Feel You Crying
Seeing Him Hurt You Was Like A Knife
Now I Feel Like I'm Dying
I'm losing All Hope In This Life

You Were Hurt
And So Was I
To Prove What You're Worth
Now, We Can't Help But Cry

Mar 2012 · 1.1k
Happy Birthday Mum

Happy Birthday to You
I Give All Of My Love To You
With Many Wishes For You
I Hope Happiness Finds You
And May All Of Your Birthday Wishes Come True

Happy Birthday Mum
You Are The Bomb

I'm Caught In The Fast Lane,
My Only Companion Your Ice Cold Touch.
So Afraid To Be Who You Really Are You Stay Shut Off And Cold,
Now You Have Me Trapped.
Stuck By Your Side,
Skipping Through Life At A Incredible Rate.
The Only Thing That Can Hurt Us Now Is You,
Your Ice Cold Touch.

Be Confident,
Be True,
Be Yourself.
I Shall Not Judge,
It's Not My Place To Criticize You,
And Even If It Was,
There Is Nothing To Judge,
You Are Pure Perfection.

I Will Be By Your Side Until We Reach The End,
The End Of This Motorway Known As Life.
All I Can Hope For Is That You Leave The Fast Lane,
Take A Slip Road And Adventure,
Take Some Time,
Otherwise Life Will Be Over Before We Can Even Enjoy It.

My Heaven Is Being Here With You,
So I Will Be With You No Matter What,
But Slow Down,
I Can't Enjoy This Time With You When You Are Just Skipping Through.
All I Want Is You,
You And More Time,
These Have Been The Most Amazing Few Month's Of My Life,
But They Have Felt Like Mere Day's,
Before We Know It Our Time Will Be Up And It Will Be Time To Say Goodbye,
And I'm Just Not Ready For That,
That Word Just Does Not Exist In My Vocabulary When I'm With You.
Don't Make Me Say Goodbye,
Not Yet,
Not Ever.

Mar 2012 · 468
For A Lot Less

I Have Fought For A Lot Less,
So Why Wouldn't I Fight For You,
One Of The Most Treasured People I Have Come To Know,
I Will Stand By You Until The End Of Time.

I Will Be Here Through Good And Bad,
Heaven And Hell Shall Not Separate Me From You.
I Will Fight Until The End.

I Would Give Anything,
All You Need Do Is Ask.
Nothing Is To Precious That I Wouldn't Give It For You.

Your My Little Cheeky Czech,
That Funny Accent,
Those Beautiful Eye's.
So Inviting And Mischievous.

I Couldn't Ask For Much More,
But I Have To Get You First.
Just Waiting For You To Realise I Am Waiting,
Waiting To Fight For You,
To Love You,
To Be With You Until The End Of Time.

Mar 2012 · 2.9k
I'm Here

When It Hurt's I'll Hold You.
When It Feel's Like You Can't Go On,
I'll Be There To Make It Worth It.

When You Hurt I've Got Your Back,
We Will Play This Game Called Life,
It Will Never Forget Us.

When It Hurt's, I've Got You.
When It Hurt's,
Call Me And I Will Listen

When It Hurt's Come To Me,
I'll Be Here For You.
I'll Be Your Shoulder Day Or Night.

Mar 2012 · 1.3k
A Used Nintendo 64

I've Put So Much Into This,
I'm Not Going To Give Up Now.
Your Happy To Fuck Me,
To Show Me Your Deepest Passion.
But You Wont Let Me In,
What's Your Problem,
Your Afraid Of Being Used,
But Happy To Use Me.
I Knew From The Second That I Set Eye's On You You Were Trouble,
But Being Arrogant I Went On,
Now I Am Sitting Here,
Wondering What Happened.
Why Am I The One With These Feeling's?
What Did I Do Wrong?
You Were My Blue Eyed, Blond Hair Girl,
Most People Would Call You The Perfect Trophy.
I Now Know You To Be The Perfect Bitch.
Building Me Up Like That Every Time,
So You Could Just Walk Away And Watch Me Tumble Down.
But I Still Can't Give You Up,
You Are My Worst Habit,
That Hook That Got Me Good,
I Need My Fix,
But You Deny It.
Why Do This,
Is It A Game To You?
Because I Feel Like A Used Nintendo 64,
Just Sitting In The Corner Covered In Dust,
Just Waiting For Your New Play Station To Quit On You.
Is That What I Am To You?
Just A Fall Back?
Am I That Thing You Don't Really Want But Just Keep In Case?
Or Do You Want More From Me?
I Don't Know,
This Is Starting To Kill Me Now,
These Question's Hurt More Than The Scrutinising Look We Have Shared On More Than One Occasion.
I Want More,
I Need More,
I Need You.
I'm Not Ready To Be Your Little Bit On The Side Or Back Up Any More,
I Deserve More,
No One Deserves This.
Please Be Humane,
Put Me Out Of My Misery!

Mar 2012 · 371

I Was Once Told That I Had No Choice,
My Life Was On A Set Track.
I Didn't Believe This At The Time,
I Got Told The Same Thing Again Today,
I Still Don't Believe It.
For I Have The Very Powerful Word's Of A Very Talented Person,
They Are Almost Part Of Me And I Live By Them Day By Day.
Once I Accepted These Word's,
Accepted That My Life Will Be What I Want It To Be,
I New My Life Was Worth Living.

Now I Have Accepted The Fact That Nothing Is Impossible,
I Can Now Live My Life,
The Way It Should Be,
The Way I Want
After All It Is Not About How Hard You Can Get Hit,
It's About How Hard You Can Get Hit And Keep Moving Forward.

If You Let Someone Change You,
You Are Never Going To Win,
You Are Never Going To Get Anywhere In Life,
Because Let's Face It,
Life Isn't Fair.
So If One Person Can Change You,
Then Life Is Going To Get You On Your Knee's Begging.

Your Fate Is What You Make It,
So Don't Be Scared,
Never Back Down,
Never Change.

Feb 2012 · 427
The Pain

The Pain I Have Grown To Know,
Grown To Love.

I Always Look Forward To This Pain,
It Tell's Me I Feel,
That I'm Real.

This Pain Bring's Me Closer To You,
You Don't Know,
I Wish I Could Tell You,
But You Wouldn't Understand.

See I Only Feel This Pain Around You.

It's Those Deep Blue Eye's,
That Beautiful Flowing Hair,
Your Amazing Figure,
Your Amazing Voice,
So Soothing And Evoking,
Your Personality,
So Cool And Caring,
Yet Fun And Provocative

Your Everything Any Mortal Being Could Ever Ask For,
But So Understated,
Your Smile Lighten's A Room,
But You All way's Seem Worried.

I Wish I Could Tell You The Way I Feel,
But It Is Not My Place,
I Shall Just Play The Waiting Game,
Maybe You Will Notice Me.

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