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Damion Hamilton Nov 2018
I wanna sit down

and be quite and get to know myself

in silence,

it's hard to do that

i've sat on park benches and tried to understand others, by observing them,

movements, strides, clothing, shapes, skin color and all

but not myself, that's a lot easier to do, and still impossible



to know myself, that takes time and silence

and I'm addicted to alllll this stuff,

sights, sound and noise coming at me

and work... those 40 hours...that paycheck

if I was brave I would quit it alllll

and go towards the isolation road

but I don't

the world has me in her clutches

and rides me as she pleases

and I forget it all, like a lap dance
Damion Hamilton Feb 2016
You are by yourself

People are arriving and departing

This thing rolls on

People say they are your friends

People say they are lovers

But it's all *******

People pretend to know things

Yet they do not

It doesn't matter if you do

Or if you Don't

People take this life thing too serious

In this ring, your friends watch while you get your head knocked off

You are fighting for yourself against the liars, manipulators and schemers and hustlers.

All of them cowards

Death before dishonor

They don't believe in
that ****

In this ring
Damion Hamilton Jan 2016
So many cool things to do

so many fun, and interesting things to do

so many intoxicating things to stimulate the senses

which, are always on march and parade


I stay chasing the next exciting thing

the spectacle, the stimulation, music, promise

but mostly I work my life away

and then I drink, after

Then the internet stimulates me:  Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

Goodreads, Reddit

the next fix,

always the next fix

not where I want to be

you can only be in one place

I think my mind wants to be, in all places at once

then, you get bored

******* bored

that's there again

Then minutes, moments, seconds move fast

out of your life

Alan Watts said, "thoughts are addictive," I know what he means

he's not speaking in riddles

A lot of times, it's just best not to think

Somewhere in complete isolation

with no one talking to you, or speaking to you

eventually the voices and thoughts go away

and you can cleanse yourself

Damion Hamilton Jan 2016
They will take over

and perhaps, the world

will be better,

they will drive our cars, pilot the planes

be better surgeons, cook better

the robots are coming, and they will be able to do

everything better

even be better soldiers,

Humans love their wars so much, and their scars

and these machines will out do us at even

sad sad sad

Heard they will even be better *** workers

Oh, they will do everything better!

perhaps, none of us will ever have do any

****** work,  and perhaps that will be a good

******* thing, we can eat and just lay around and play

Heavens’ knows the curse of work has destroyed the

human race,

ask all those old and in pain?
Damion Hamilton Jan 2016
When i close my eyes

I see the faces of the dead

I hear their voices

The things they said, their laughter

The ones i thought would live forever!!

Something got them though: the ones who lived fast

It was a drug, some bullets, a disease

I thought they would live forever!!

Those crazy *** dudes and girls
How urgent they were

But they didn't

Something got them,

Just as sure as it will get me

It's not always about the young dying recklessly

I think of some old man or woman living a slow life:maybe washing a car or cooking a dinner, watching a baseball game on tv

Gone forever.

They are so real to me when i close my eyes

More powerful than any living being every could be to me

The living live cowardly as they smile and laugh to me

But this death thing is real

Very real

I drive highways alone at night

Remembering a dead girl riding shotgun. Who died a couple of years ago beside me.

The things she said and her laughter haunts me.

More powerful than anything living

What lies she told me

More powerful than anything living

This crumpled memory of mine.

Damion Hamilton
Damion Hamilton Dec 2015
Oh, it’s pain, it’s struggle

you move through light and sound

you are sensitive and indoctrinated

and take in everything like a sponge,
when you are a young

you are confused and desperate and

humiliated,  very little makes sense

everyone has a story and this is true,

we are so different, even though we are

a lot alike,  we figure out reasons to segregate each

we try to figure out each other, form tribes and hierarchies

a lot of people want power and influence and when you become a teenager you want ***

and that becomes so important

and people want to be considered smart, good looking

a great athlete,  make great decisions,

make someone proud, make themselves proud

yet, there is something always trying to **** you,

something trying to ****** you, something always

to be ashamed of, you know

and then there are people who think or pretend to KNOW

but they do not KNOW, nobody really KNOWS

we play games with each other, sometimes funny and nice

but quite often very cruel games: like fights, and war

one tribe against another tribe,  a battle to death

some of us are very complex, and others’ not so

and this is what makes us human,

yet we all feel,  some more or less than the others

some of us search meaning, and others are fine with meaningless.

Until the hearts stop beating, and the blood stops flowing

— The End —