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Damien Riley Sep 2011
Whispering in the shadows all my hidden desires
Wishing things could be different as the love I feel keeps growing
Hoping one day it can be different and we can be together
And all while this is happening all I ever want is to be with her every chance I get.

Sadness creeps inside me each and every day
From all the nightmares I have of ever losing our friendship
It means the world to me and is the only thing I have
Except for my family that surround me.

Whispering in the shadows all my hidden desires
Knowing what faces my each and every single day
I know one day I will be strong enough to do one single thing
And that will be to take the biggest risk of all.
Damien Riley May 2011
I keep my eyes on you from a distance to make sure you’re safe
Worry about every thing you do without you in my eyesight
Fight each and everyday with the love I feel for you
Knowing you don’t even know me and have walked past me many times.
My blood boils with fury knowing who your heart has fallen for
Knowing all the girls he has hurt with his uncontrollable temper
Each word of love that leaves his mouth brings him closer to hitting you
Which brings me closer to you to protect you from the monster inside him.
Each time I see you with him my heart jumps into my heart with distress
And brings the hidden darkness and monster to the surface
I wish I could get close enough to tell you to get away from him
But I cannot bring myself to show myself and put u in the cross hairs of death.
Damien Riley May 2011
Have you ever wondered what they really think of you?
Do they really love you? Or just using you as a second lover.
Have you ever thought of why they are always out longer than they say?
Do you believe it is their work keeping them back? Or them just drinking at a pub.
Would you ever think of beating them till their face is black and blue?
Do you think they would come back after that? Or would you end up in jail.
Would you ever think of killing yourself and leaving your loved one?
Do you think they would be able to cope? Or **** themselves just like you.
Could you ever life your life without ever thinking of including them?
Do you believe that they will trust you? Or just think of all the bad things.
Could you ever say you never want children when your partner wants them?
Do you think this is just your choice? Or just wish you could change your mind.
Damien Riley Mar 2011
I’ve lived my life inside my own walls
Burying all my deep dark secrets and desires inside me
Wishing things would be different than they are
And wanting someone to love me for who I am.
I have all different sides some good and some that are very dangerous
Once lived my life that was filled with blood, sweat and tears
Now my life is filled with all the heartache in this very universe
Because I want the one that I just can’t have.
The walls I build around me now are darkness and black
So I can keep myself hidden from the world
Scars and memories haunt my both day and night
And now my mind is thinking of very dark things happening to myself.
Damien Riley Mar 2011
I wish my life was normal instead of just a mess
Hopelessness and sickness keeps bringing me down
Thoughts of suicide and self harm keep filling my mind
Which leaves me sitting in my room with just a gutless frown.
I would trade my soul to the devil just to live a normal life
So I could give myself the chance to do everything everyone else can do
Instead of just laying on bed thinking and watching countless movies a day
And wishing before I go to sleep this is all just a dream too.
No one is every going to love me for who I am
Because I expect no one to worry or care about the problems in my life
I will live my life loving and caring about others while alive
But I know inside that all I want to do is end my life with a knife.
Damien Riley Mar 2011
I sit upon on this cliff just thinking about my world
Wishing I could have the one thing that would keep my heart beating
I have no idea what that one this is and I’ve searched for it for years
I have given up all the searching and waiting and sit upon this loose seating.
Each scar that is showing my arm is from all the people I hurt
This was all caused because of all the suicidal thoughts I have ever made
I have shed no more tears because no girl is worth my tears anymore
I’m sick of being hurt by all the rejections which makes me carry this blade.
Jumping from this cliff is all that is on my thinking mind
This is all because I have never had anything in my life to call my own
It was that final rejections that forced my mind to think of committing suicide
So now I will be found in the water or washed up on a beach dead from crushed bones.
Damien Riley Mar 2011
Each day I sit around and see you in my head
Each night I lay in my head and you’re still in my head
Each time I dream it is only ever going to be about you
Each morning I wake up and wish it was beside you.
My mind no longer seems to think about anything else
My life just wants to be apart of your life
My arms just want to wrap you up and hold you every day
My lips will only ever by yours to ever kiss.
Everyday will always be the same till the day I die
Everyday I think of if I will every be the you want
Everyday seems to blend as it is all just about you
Everyday is going to be like this till we are together.
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