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Is there even such a thing
To which I touch my sweet tooth
A last everlasting hope
Of a heaven once seen in great stories

A shivery wine
Tastes of which grant satisfaction
Flowing over and beyond
To which cleanses and renews

Creating new and opportune
A strong ******* overture
Filled with warmth and love
Allowing life I meaning unseen

Perceiving a view from halfway down
After ongoing trials and challenges
A last burning failure, a pain, a meaninglessness
From the palette of the Grim's tongue purify
When you arrive in hell
And seem confused
Come find me
I'll remind you why you there
And what's waiting for you

In a field you'll find yourself
Never ending gardens ahead
Animals all around
No hate, no violence, no inequality
But paradise
A place to be free
A new life ongoing, for eternity
An afterlife worth all the pain of life past
And so you'll live, in a beautiful peace
Until a wounded fox walks to your feet
From then decay sets in
The gardens will burn
The animals will perish
The green grass will turn to thorns
Everything will die
Non stoping for eternity
Happening again and again
Escape brings more life to die
And there I'll be watching as you helplessly
I'll offer no kindness or comfort
I'll simply stand there
Beating me to death will cause two more to appear
The hydra of your hell
And at the end of eternity
All there'll be a death and a field full of me standing there
Going on and on...
Drag me to my peers
In my own chains
Virgins blood covers my hands
My fangs dripping
Peasants dare stare at me
Their loved ones decorate my walls

'To them I was God,
The devil,
And evil incarnate.'
How sweet thou baths were
Blood keeping my beauty
Imperfect filth creating Eden

Blood refilling me like water
Flesh feeding my soul and mind
My eyes fixed on my degenerate judge
Like a tiger held by a chain
Ready to stick, straight for the jugular
A rainfall of blood cleansing my sins

Held accountable for being human
Acting on human nature, pure instinct
A predator going for prey
The strong eating the weak
Nature herself at work,
Cruelty and pain being my determination

An unintelligible society condemns me to a cell
To afraid to take my head as theirs,
Or my body as their *****
Status carries on through horrific circumstance
Men too afraid by my hands
Woman too cowardice to reclaim their daughters

Their bodies now feed the flowers by my castle
Six hundred plus as compost and wolf ****
All my play things, my toys
As I rot in a cell, they rot in hell
One name haunting them still,
'The Blood Countess'
If I appeared before you in flames
Would you put them out?
Or would you feed your soul
With my burning skin
As it falls from my bones.

You'd kiss me and tell me
"I love you"
Before abandoning me alone in the dark
Left alone to be eaten by the demons you left behind
Watching it happen from your moral high ground

You are a predator playing the prey
A creature feeding on souls to feed your empty one
A horror of Lovecraftian scale,
Bringing any person to their knees in tears
Breaking them down and taking pleasure from each second

You magnetic personality drawing people in
Like lambs to the slaughter
Me a fool among many
Slowly being grinded away inch by inch
Your smile illuminating my last moments

And after being broken piece by piece
My soul pouring out of me,
Like blood from my throat
You'd cup your hands
And drink from my pain to refill your heart
The records on are the only thing that tell my story.
I kept dancing to them to the end.
Had them on at the end.
Alone with nothing but failure and satisfaction.

My decisions others said I'd regret
But I laughed with blowing smoke their faces.
Twenty eight my last year,
Enough suffering for a lifetime.

Love all but a story I told to myself.
Moments I'll never have again.
But **** them.
Burn them.

So many people watching me,
Breathing less, Moving less,
Dying more and more inside
The shell of a man, from hell.

All of them nothing but empty seats.
Fading away as I leave
**** them, they can burn.
And I'll light the fuse

I'll play favourite tune,
Blow a puff from my mouth
While them burn around me
Screaming for help.

A lone wolf from the grave
Not human, a creature
From the grave to birth.
Never to die once death.

No seats at my funeral
But fire lit by me alone
With sweet melodies all around
And no ***** given.
Tomorrow it arrives
A gift to make this life worth it
To many a joyful bliss
To me a souless disease
Clinging to me like a *****
To survival and health
The thunders of reality hit me
And tomorrow is my last
Egmont tonight, only tonight
The world be rid of me then
eins, a face I'd recognise whenever, wherever
Presently, a reflection of myself in a deep
Shade of red on the tiled floor.
zwei, a father's father's head looks back at me
A torso sat behind it, as souless as ever before
A false god
drei, a last kiss
Shared between two, both adrift
One literally, one physically
I kiss the spirit
Sunshine splitting my vision
This it already, what fun awaits
The purple layer of madness around me
The source of Blue opened infront of me
I sip and sigh
A triumph
A calmness takes me
A monster given a heroes reward
My head leaned back,
A smile shared
And returned
Fear now shattered
Victory won
Overture now done.
In the comfort of darkness
I see not my life
Nor my sins
Red flags hidden by
The blood coming from me
The way I've always wanted
A maze of thorntrees
I now stand it
With everything I want
But nothing I need
Hatred my last friend
Regret my remaining love
Art my punishment
A grim reminder
Of a life no longer in reach
Ink of permanence
Telling me I'll forever be alone
Destined for self annihilation
On my way to what I deserve
Theft my crime
Stealing what I could never use
Yet others thrive on
Vision blurring out
As the cool water becomes dark
Dark with my payment
As darkness encloses me
The shadows lift
I am free forever
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