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Damaged Jun 2014
It's you.
It's always been you.
From the very beginning
All the way back to when we were little kids without a clue.
Running aroud the school yard in our uniforms.
It started as a cute little kid crush
Then we grew and feelings did too.
Middle school came and you made my heart skip beats when you looked at me in the hallways.
Then I was really sad cause you went onto highschool and we grew apart and I thought
owell it wasn't meant to be
But here we are again all these years later and somehow we've found each other again
And as I look back through old yearbooks and I find your pictures circled or with hearts around them I realize it's always been
No matter what no matter how I always ******* come back to you because it's you.
It's always ******* been you.
Damaged Jun 2014
I scroll through Instagram and Facebook and there's even stuff on snapchat of all these people that are so happy and celebrating their dads and it's not fair. Because all I have is pictures to stare at and wish he was here but no matter how much I stare and scream and beg God... He's not gonna come back. No matter how much I miss how. How much I need him. How much I want him he's gona. And I'm never gonna be able to accept that. And it's 9:30 at night in summer and I should be out with friends but I'm not because I'm too sad so I'm just laying here in bed curled in a ball crying so hard I can't breathe writing this stupid ******* paragraph because he's never coming back... And I can't cope with that...
Damaged Jun 2014
but every midnight poem is about him
Damaged May 2014
Seriously where the **** are you. I need you now more than ever and I don't know where you are. You've stood by my side since my freshmen year, please don't leave me now. Please. I need you. My rock my anchor my semicolon. Where the **** are you....
Damaged May 2014
Don't be around me if I'm.



or tired

And if you're dying to see a disaster happen

Don't be around me when I'm high and sad...

...and it's late...

And if you really want me to fall apart

**Tell me you're in love with me.
Say it from your heart
Damaged May 2014
There's just something about you.
The way you walk
The way you talk
The way I get lost in your eyes.
The way every time your name lights up my phone I get butterflies
And everytime you smile at me my heart stops.
You make me giddiy like a little ******* Christmas
And every ounce of me is falling in love with you
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